Condoleezza Rice/Aretha Franklin Concert Protested by 9/11 Truthers

Condoleezza Rice/Aretha Franklin Concert Protested by 9/11 Truthers

Published July 28, 2010 by:
Mark Whittington

While Condoleezza Rice and Aretha Franklin made beautiful music inside the Mann Music Center at Fairmount Park in Philadelphia, two or three 9/11 truthers gathered outside to protest. The only thing I can say is, cool sound track, crazy people with too much time on their hands.


Dr. Rice

Now that it’s clear “success” is measured by the amount one rebels against Christ, I understand the importance of recognizing the Spirit of Poverty.

what a snide remark

about Christ, it seems to be dripping with contempt.


Robert Rice- My comment was not meant to be snide but exceedingly pro-Christ.

That's how I took it

A swipe at the hypocrisy of falsely pious political figures.

Did you say..?

crazy people with too much time on their hands..?

I don't think so.

I see sane people taking courageous action, while utilizing their prescious time for a worthy cause and a noble historical pursuit.

I didn't care to read that comment although I suppose you were just trying to be a little sarcastic and humorous.

Looks like you guys did some good there.

Thanks for your efforts. And I must say I still love ACDC.

This is the way forward

It looks to me that they were very successful in distributing information. I also like their demeanor, very respectful and relaxed with the public. This I feel is far more productive than noisy, chaotic and disruptive protest. Nice job fellas.

good job

You guys are some real truthers!


The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin sharing the stage with war criminal, Condoleeza Rice? What a sell-out (and I don't mean tickets). All my RESPECT is reserved for Marcus and Nick for a job well done!

Hell yea!

Dont forget Jon who organized the protest, made the signs and uploaded the vid! Take care Randy :)

Protesting Condoleezza

Great Job Guys... I haven't given up faith that justice will come... thank you for all you do... the truth will come out and those responsible will see their day in court....
bobby winn