"The New American Century" A Film by Massimo Mazzucco.

Review by John Bursill

If you really want to know who "did" 9/11, this film "The New American Century" by Massimo Mazzucco does a great job at setting out both who called for it and who befitted from it!

While this production is successful in confronting deeply disturbing recent American and world history, its greatest achievement is that it presents the real and clear message that the American Neo-Cons are in control of our world at war today. It makes the case indirectly that their control will continue to be a reality until the real history of the events on September 11th, 2001 are confronted by the American public.


See: New American Century ; scroll down to watch a low quality version on Google video.

I would dispute the validity of the makers of this film speculation on the Pentagon attack regarding flight 77 hitting the building. But as they do not make any claims as to what happened I feel this film is fine for a wide distribution. In general it's solid, well made and hard evidence based! Unfortunately the creator of this film has promoted less well researched material and is seen by many as a classic "conspiracy theorist"; never the less this is a good film.

"The New American Century" reminds me why I am a 9/11 Truth Advocate and it steels my resolve to continue to fight for truth and justice until the end of the Neo-Con era.

More on "The New American Century" here at 911blogger

A Great Film, one of my favorites to use to deprogram the somnambulistas.

Massimo Mazzucco's NEW AMERICAN CENTURY Now Available on DVD

Massimo Mazzucco, author of "The New American Century," interviewed by Christine Blosdale on KPFK

Massimo Mazzucco's Films and Order Page

This is not a new film,

we screened it at last year's Northern California 9/11 Film Festival and it was fairly well received. There is some graphic imagery in it which was a turn off to many.

This year's NorCal 9/11Film Festival will be held at three venues over four days (9/9 - 9/12). More on this very soon.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Hello leftWright

Yes as you say it was released in 2009.

The reason for posting was that it is now available on Google video, I believe this is only recent?

The film also was not well promoted from memory?

As you know the film maker has been heavily criticized for errors in earlier productions, and it appears to me that he tried hard to be very careful with this film.

Kind regards John

PS - Both Carol and Ken contacted me to let me know they showed it at the film festival:)

I'm excited about this film.

I'm excited about this film. But as regards to the Pentagon strike, it seems that year after year many 9/11 truth seekers fail to realize that the debate over what hit the Pentagon is utterly irrelevant, and even worse, a topic of distraction. Yet time after time, this pathetic debate continues. With regard to the PentaGRAM, the only thing we need to concentrate on is the fact that ANYTHING at all was allowed to hit the most protected building on planet Earth (alongside the Vatican) and nobody was held accountable for negligence. I remember mentioning this on blogger several years ago and my post was voted up to about 12 I think. And yet, all these years later, the discussion about WHAT it is that hit the Pentagon survives...to the point of causing derision and division amongst the most revolutionary movement on Earth, much to the delight of the Satanic perpetrators of 9/11. Speaking of the slow-goings of the 9/11 truth movement, check out this article I found today: http://www.infowars.com/911-truth-truth/

What's your point

in linking to Hirschborn? Who in turn links to Scholars for 9/11 Truth, I.E. Fetzer's lair of misinformation and outright nonsense? He says, shamelessly:

"Thirdly, I urge people to use the Scholars for 9/11 Truth website xxx911scholarsxxxorg/ because it also offers useful, reliable information." (URL edited so as not to give that site anymore hits)

Hirschborn is a exactly the sort of person destroying 9/11 truth by his very activities. Every once in a while, he writes an article intended to crush morale, by planting several seeds of misinformation. Reminding us how utterly "pointless" and "fruitless" our labor is.

And what are these constant, nonsensical references to Satanism? And you dare accuse me of "thinking [..] as someone who has never even heard of the 9/11 truth movement."? For your information: I've been researching 9/11 since 2004. A commercial airplane crashed at the Pentagon. This simple fact is corroborated by hundreds of witnesses. We know what hit the Pentagon. The question of why the Pentagon was hit certainly need not be taken up by misinformationists such as Hirschborn, who sneakily tries to associate himself with the more valuable 9/11 truth initiatives, such as NYCCAN.

Here is a good tip for Hirschborn: if you want to do the cause of 9/11 truth any good, then sit down and shut up. Stop poisoning the well. And here is another clue for you: the 9/11 families, survivors and first responders don't give a crap about "satanism".

I'm sorry, I've often gotten

I'm sorry, I've often gotten mixed up between Scholars for 9/11 truth and Scholars for 9/11 truth and justice (the latter of which is supported by David Ray Griffin if I'm not mistaken).
As for you telling me to "shut up", my response to that is "eat me". As for people not "giving a crap" about Satanism...uh well, that's not my issue, is it? As for your comment of it being "non-sensical"...that is merely your OPINION, and I would guess that it's a very uneducated one. Get it? See how much you have in common with non-truthers? There are many 9/11 truthers who I've met who DISAGREE with you on the issue of Satanism. Understand? Oh, you don't care you say? Well, I don't care that you don't care, and nor do they I suspect. Plus, if they knew that this global conspiracy was indeed Satanic in nature, I'm quite sure they WOULD indeed care, as 9/11 was a Satanic ritual sacrifice by the global elite, among other things. I'm sorry you're not intuitive enough to sense that. Oh, and...I didn't mention it "constantly". That was only my 2nd time on here. Great embellishment, though.
Anywho, I didn't mean to poison any well. I'm fallible like YOU are buddy, and I'm always ready to admit when I've been had or mislead. I'm always willing to learn being that I don't know everything. And yes, I maintain that whatever it was that hit the Pentagram is irrelevent and an issue of distraction and division. You've been researching 9/11 since 2004? I've been researching it since 2001. Unlike you (probably), I suspected 9/11 of being an inside job on...9/11/01.
But thank you for teaching me to not automatically trust Hirschborn, I should have known better. See? Amidst your arrogance, you're actually a very good teacher! Thank you for that, truly.

I told Hirschborn the misinformationist

to sit down and shut up, not you. That would be rude. Honestly I'm trying very, very hard not to be rude. What I told you, is that the 9/11 families, survivors and first responders don't give a crap about satanism. I have made my own mistakes. I regret them. But in 2010, you will, never, ever, ever hear me say "9/11 was a Satanic ritual sacrifice by the global elite, among other things." In fact, not even in 2004. Or 2001. Imagine saying that, with a straight face, to any of these people. No offense intended. I'm just calling a spade a spade here. I take 9/11 research very, very seriously.

I take it seriously too. And

I take it seriously too. But I also take spirituality very seriously (not religion, mind you).
And I respect you for being a member of this movement. I'm sure that if you and I sat down together face to face for 2 hours we would probably become friends, which is harder to do online.

But you're right about over 6 billion people not caring about Satanism (or thinking it's nothing to take seriously). But the reason they don't care is because THEY DON'T KNOW ABOUT IT. I don't care about intelligent life forms from distant galaxies because I don't know about them. I mean, c'mon now! The reason I say this to you people is because you're already in-the-know about what 9/11 was NOT. But my intincts tell me, from the bottom of my heart and soul that 9/11 was enacted by the global elite, which would mean that 9/11 was an inside AND an outside job (most or all of the planners being caucasion, obviously). And I have much cause to suspect that they are "Satanists" for lack of a better label. I have no idea what they call themselves, but I know that they worship "the dark side". To me, that couldn't be any more apparent. Why else has this conspiracy been (mostly) a success? (they're almost finished, ya know....they are about 10 years from reaching the beginnings of their end goal). The rabbit hole goes so friggin deep that it's terrifying (and for me, fascinating). But the signs of this conspiracy being "Satanic" is increasingly becoming more blatant. They WANT us to know about it (to an extent). It's not only because of 9/11 that I believe this. But 9/11 was truly their ultimate "holiday". They chose 2001 because it was the official opening year of the new millennium and the 9/11 ritual was their way of claiming the new millennium for themselves. It's almost pathetic in its simplicity. All they want to do is rule the world and make us suffer as much as they possibly can, all in the name of blaspheming "God" and Creation. Yes, that is pathetic, and evil. We are dealing with ultimate evil, not simply "bad guys". They view their primary enemy as....Goodness itself. Now THAT is scary.

And as for people voting my

And as for people voting my posts down, not only is the entire voting system meaningless (in every venue on the planet), but there's never any telling of what the motivation behind it is. Our world is quickly turning into the Twilight Zone. Truth IS stranger than fiction and I am only a messanger of what I view is the obvious truth. I understand that many (or even most) of you are pure secularists, but I contend that our reality is far more metaphysical than you're able and willing to accept and I follow no religious order and never will. There is more to reality than meets the eye. If you're a genuine 9/11 truth seeker, half your battle is already over because 9/11 truth (and black-ops in general) is the "secular key". It's the 2nd half, the spiritual half, that is the most difficult, as my conversations here so clearly illustrate. But suffice to say, someday Judgement Day will arrive, in some form, and all the truths will be revealed in their stark ugliness and their stark beauty. I proudly proclaim myself here and now as a spiritual voice of the 9/11 truth movement, along with Dr. Griffin, warrior of the Light who believes in spirit, "God", "Goddess", and LOVE. Please vote me down, I beg of you. I need my resolve strengthened as much as possible, in any WAY possible. I throw LOVE back into your hate, until you melt in spiritual bliss. If that's the last thing I ever say to the 9/11 truth movement, I'd be more than satisfied. There is more to this than physicality. And I don't mean reptilian inter-dimensional greys as spoken of by a certain ambiguous fellow named David Icke, although I have no proof of even that. Do you?

This world...is the Twilight Zone and we are living in the days of the final Light...struggling as never before to sustain itself against the creeping Darkness. Wake the fuck up to your own Divinity. Notice how I didn't quote any fansiful biblical passages either, nor would I. But again, please...vote this post down. NOW. Unless you are awake to spirit.

No problem, won't vote you down

But this made my day:

"Wake the fuck up to your own Divinity"

Thank you!

smiles and hugs to you and

smiles and hugs to you and everyone else here, including the ones paid to be here.

Wow, this is interesting. My

Wow, this is interesting. My posts were voted up to about 3 or so. Now they are voted down to 0 which is perfectly fine by me. What I find interesting is the fact that SnowCrash's last post to me, which is highly supportive, remains at 3. 9/11 Joe's, which is not only supportive, but in agreement with me, is voted up to 6. I'd like to say it's counter-intuitive, but I know what it really is: a popularity contest. Oh, I can smell the highschool-esque egos right from behind my screen here. ;) Many of you are not included in that, of course. But I can totally picture myself sitting all alone at my own table reading a book. I haven't a problem with that. I dealt with it in grammar school for nearly 9 years, so I've developed a pretty thick skin in the face of those who say "you have no friends". lol
Still, you're all cool in my book....especially for those who seek resolution rather than simply one-ups-man-ship.
Anyway, I've introduced some topics here only because most everyone here SEEMS to be terrified of anything that exists beyond the 5 physical senses, not to distract from 9/11 and false-flag research. I look at most of you people as front-line soldiers, and playing that part, I suppose, requires a certain degree of callous emotionlessness that must be channeled toward achieving our goal of thwarting the "new world order's" agenda. I say...whatever it takes!

About the question of "who is I and who is you"...I just don't see the importance of the question. "I" represents those who choose love, and "you" represents those who choose hatred. Any other analyses of my every chosen word? Or are we ready to focus on the "meat and bones" of what I (or anyone else) has said?

Ok, back to your posts, people. Big brother, or rather...the "pedophile uncle" is watching us watch them.

Over and out...until the need arises again to remind everyone here that the primary thing that matters about the Pentagon is that only 4/5s of the building were completely secured on 9/11. And the need WILL arise again...and again.


"I throw LOVE back into your hate"

Who is the "I?" and who is the "you?"

utterly irrelevant

How right you are TruthandJustice. I don't give a rats ass what hit the Pentagon. A bird couldn't shit on it unless Rummy or Cheney or some other big shot gave the OK. You deserve all the up votes you can get.

Thanks man, I appreciate that

Thanks man, I appreciate that a lot. The Pentagon issue is highly contentious because of this reason alone, I think.
About the other controversial topic, I understand that talking about the Satanic nature of 9/11 (which is all too real I'm afraid) isn't the greatest idea when talking to non-truthers about 9/11. I only mention it here, for one, to get it off my chest, but also because I realize most truthers (not all) have an open mind about the unseen. Not to mention all the reports of elite Satanic activity from many researchers, whistleblowers, and VICTIMS.

about the unseen

Right again TruthandJustice. 9/11 did have a Satanic nature. These sick guys worship Lucifer. Check out the Alex Jones video about the Bohemian Grove sometime. David Icke calls them Reptilians. Same thing in my mind. This 9/11 rabbit hole goes mighty deep. If you keep an open mind and go to the bottom of the rabbit hole what you find isn't pretty at all.


I forgot. The mere mention of David Icke is a no, no on this page.


have feelings too.

Good reply SnowCrash

I guess they do have feelings. I like that. I think we all better lighten up a bit. After all laughter is good medicine.

Unless it's a rare derision

Unless it's a rare derision of him, as though he talks ONLY about the "unseen".

By the way, I would avoid calling them "luciferians" or even "satanists" (as I'm now learning) because we don't know what they truly think of themselves as. From now on, I will not refer to it as a "satanic" conspiracy. I will simply call it "demonic". I don't think they worship "the devil" because I don't believe in the Christianized concept. But I DO believe in demons and angels (and arch-demons and arch-angels) and I believe that the High Priests of the elite work alongside these arch-demons using the "black arts" in order to consolidate evil in the hopes of someday being able to storm the gates of Heaven and overthrow or destroy "God" and transform the entire universe into an eternal dystopia for ALL innocents. THAT is how deep the "rabbit hole" goes and I will never ever mention it on a 9/11 truth site again because it IS a distraction to the anti-blackops movement, EVEN THOUGH it is true that ruling planet Earth is NOT their end-goal, but only a major step along the way. Again I repeat: their target is Goodness itself. Why else would the "tazer" exist? Bye!

One last thing (I promise):

One last thing (I promise): the one single remaining metaphysical question to ask about this metaphysically-minded elite is this: In terms of the spiritual, what are they in the process of RIGHT NOW as we speak? The answer to that is that they are literally, in their own minds for certain, centralizing evil in a way that they believe will (or can) be effective enough to take on the Arch-Angels. IF the ancient story of Arch-angel Michael is true (casting Satan out of Heaven) then he (Michael) is their primary target of revenge. If they defeat him (and his Legion)...which they will not and CAN not, then they will go after the Most High, or try to. I believe they cannot win this war and they only think they can because they are rabid-drunk, sorta speak, and because they've mastered the physical dimension. They are putridly intoxicated, rubbing children's blood all over their naked bodies...metaphorically speaking and possibly in the physical-literal sense as well. You people don't understand evil AT ALL. It's not just about greed, it's about a fundamentalist worship of perversion and wickedness...FOR THE SAKE OF ITSELF. It's about persecuting the innocent....for being innocent. Punishing the good-hearted....for being good-hearted. Get it? It took me years to wrap my head around this surprisingly simple concept.

They are mad-drunk with hate-lust. I know them better than they know themselves. They contain the seed of their own destruction (God's "failsafe"). They know that. They've always known it, and they are trying...with all their might, to circumvent this "seed" (law) in any way plausible. They are headed for a dead-end in this game of spiritual Chess. Despite their many consecutive successes, they can't even solve their own labyrinth because they are too drunk with power to construct it properly (that's an analogy). Yet because it looks beautiful to them, they're still trying to "make it work" by force. Force. Force. That's what it's all about to them. FORCING us to succumb to their desire to torture us forever. They will be defeated by the Arch-Angels...their ultimate fear.


Spiritual Chess

I love it! Thanks pal. I understand exactaly what you are saying. Keep up the good work!

Excellent film John,

Thanks for the link

Short Interview with Mazzucco from last year


Excellent Film.

Catches the emotion of what has been going on really well. Great historical stuff. I didn't think the Pentagon issue was a problem at all or detracted from the film, he barely focused on it at all, which was fine by me. Another in a long list of strong films that have been the backbone of this movement's outreach to the public in my opinion. Much appreciated and worth spreading.

Google Video Link:

Just finished a good book

... by Kathryn S. Olmstead, called Challenging the Secret Government. It's about the 1975 congressional investigations into the crimes of the CIA and FBI (e.g. secret wars and murders, spying on Americans, COINTELPRO). The Cheney/Rumsfeld/Kissinger defeat of those inquiries was critical to the success of the crimes that have occurred since.

When Cheney and Rumsfeld got in trouble with the Pike Committee, and the secret government was experiencing a real risk of exposure, it was Kissinger that came to the rescue. Kissinger and his media contacts quickly turned the tide of public opinion against the investigation (a complete 180) and the report was never even published.

The old claim that Rumsfeld and Kissinger were adversaries does not stand up in light of these facts. Kissinger saved them all at the exact same time that he was supposedly "demoted."

Cheney/Rumsfeld/Kissinger ... I did not know about this.

Sometimes my ears get really red, because High School and college history classes ignore important aspects like this. And because it is not conventionally taught, the topic becomes marginalized into a "conspiracy theory".

"...For the first time in the Agency's history, CIA officials faced hostile Congressional committees (Church Committee, Pike Committee, etc.)...."
(ha!...but this is written by a CIA guy)

Great film!

This is an excellent dissemination piece.

Has this film ever played on a PBS station?

The BBC used to show

The BBC used to show hard-hitting documentaries like this occasionally... until the Director General was hounded out of office because a BBC journalist challenged the Blair government's "Sexed-up Dossier". With it's "Iraq could deploy chemical weapons in 45 minutes" lie, it was key in generating a semblance of British public support for the invasion.

I am haunted by the Dodgy Dossier: My PhD was lifted to justify the Iraq war. Was I right? And who apologised?. The Times, January 13, 2010

I've been awaiting the release of the English version of this film for a long time and it does not disappoint.
Presumably there wasn't time to cover this other bitter irony: How the CIA found and groomed Saddam Hussein. Indo-Asian News Service, April 16, 2003

People writing here should be

People writing here should be aware that you are representing the truth community with the things you post. People should not write things that will discredit the movement like talking about satanism or other outlandish ideas about what caused 911. All that is known for certain is that the buildings were destoyed in controlled demolitions, the rest must wait on a credible international investigation with subpoena power to be certain. More damage is done to the movement than you realize when controvsersial theories of 911 are presnted uncritically as facts. We need to always hold eachother accountable for the quality of our arguments and assertions if we want to grow the movement and become credible to those who are not initially persuaded by the things we assert.

Thanks for that....

Food for thought!

Regards John


We all need to drop the link of this film in some website, all of us. As many as you can, with a well considered paragraph preceding it.. Stir the pot somewhere among internet cliques. Challenge them. Even if all that read there won't admit it, if they catch your links, they have to be going through some heavy static in their head, if they continue to ignore you. You may very well piss them off, as you continue to drop information into the site, some will have no choice, but to acknowledge the reality, whether admitted to or not. Probably, less said while presenting this, the better. Choose words well.

This film is magnificently presented.


The gentleman above writing

The gentleman above writing that 911 was a satanic sacrifice is doing his little part to discredit this good website and the 911 truth movement in general. To any casual observer a comment such as this would reinforce every unfair stereotype there is about the truth movement, that we are led to believe that the official story of 911 is false because we are delusional and obsessed with the notion of a grand conspiracy, not because we have rationally evaluated the relevant video evidence of the attacks themselves. There is a scientific basis for the 911 truth movement, and it must be respected in order for us to have a lasting impact. Even if the bizarre notion that the occult motivated the perpetrators to act were true it would be irrelevant to speculate because such a claim cannot be proved scientifically in the same way that controlled demolition can, and to remain credible we have to focus on spreading good scientific arguments to establish consensus around the obvious incontestable facts. Talk of motive is premature, and in this case poorly analyzed. Just because there are secret societies in the world doesn't mean that they are occult in nature. The evidence provided for such claims is weak and probably based on fear of the occult. I think the motive of securing endless war profits for the ultra rich is sufficient secular motive, but then again speculating on motives is not what our movement should be all about. It should be about the modest goal of getting people in the general public to recognize that the official story cannot be true and that we need a new investigation with subpoena power.

link doesnt work

try this (or read the fake looking WWF style spat running thru the comments....decisions, decisions...)

Is it evil or aberrant behavior ?

To fly planes into buildings with planted explosives or for that matter to fly planes over buildings dropping bombs on them. My guess is it doesn't really matter if you happen to be in those buildings. War is hell with or without a Satan. Some day we may very well realize we create the world we live in, we are the ones responsible. I do like to believe however that there exists a universal law and your personal actions will determine your dimensional access, and some souls will sit inside a boulder for a couple of million years.

A cool, poetic phrasing

"...I do like to believe however that there exists a universal law and your personal actions will determine your dimensional access, and some souls will sit inside a boulder for a couple of million years...."

link doesnt work

try this


It is here too, along with EVERYTHING else!


I just learned of this today/ Cancer: The Forbidden Cures


Cancer: The Forbidden Cures

A documentary by Massimo Mazzucco

Cancer is the only disease that has been defeated dozens of times without anyone knowing it. In the last 100 years, doctors, scientists, and researchers have developed diverse and effective solutions against cancer only to be thwarted by the political and propaganda power of the drug-dominated medical profession. This is the story of Essiac, Hoxsey, Laetrile, Shark Cartilage, Mistletoe, and Bicarbonate of Soda all put together in a stunning overview that leaves no doubt that inexpensive cures for cancer do exist but are systematically blocked by Big Pharma because they come from nature and cannot be patented. Highly informative. DVD, 93 minutes.


The graphic scenes in this movie are what make it truly

valid as a documentary. Without them it would just be a bunch of words and pictures that could be debunked or marginalized. If every american could see this picture perhaps our society could significantly mature overnight. Perhaps enough of us could band together for change and justice in this world. Those who would criticize the violent and graphic scenes I submit are the same as those who close their eyes to deny the truth. The film shows clearly that we live in a bad man's world.