9/11 Health Bill; John Stewart gives up

Many of us remember how John Stewart took on the financial industry after a not so well thought out burst of opinion by CNBC's Rick Santelli on the floor of the CME. It lead to many discussions around the water cooler and the MSM elite had to send out a veteran cronie in Jim Cramer to try and smooth things out before some real truths about our financial system surfaced to the public conscienceness. With any luck, John Stewart's amdonishment of our pathetic and spineless congress in not passing the Zigroda 9/11 First Responder Health Care Bill will have the same effect. Here it is in case you missed it.

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I Give Up - 9/11 Responders Bill
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Peace all
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“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
- Albert Einstein

Supposed Rebels

Colbert and Stewart ,still pretending Muslim terrorists who hate us for our freedoms were responsible for 9/11 have been reduced along with Olbermann to clown status.

I agree Flicker

Sure he knows 9/11 was an inside job. They all do but they haven't the cubes to come out and tell the truth. They would loose their jobs. If it were me I would let it all hang out to hell with my job. Time is running short. THE TRUTH MUST GET OUT!!!!! The future of this entire planet depends on it. 9/11 truth would blow the lid off the NWO and their plans for world domination. Don't these people realize this? Probably not. They are still asleep living in a fairy tale dreamland state.

I agree with you all on this.

I agree with you all on this. But 9-11 Joe, I think what you laid out here is the best possible case scenario and I hope you're right about it. From the way I see it, if I knew for a fact that 9/11 was a false flag operation I couldn't live with myself year after year making sophomoric jokes about relatively insignificant issues. I would AT LEAST introduce the idea of "black ops" to my audience in some subtle way. But either way it's an irrelevent topic for me since I've decided to abandon television since no one is to be completely trusted in our "Parnassian" world.

No TV?

Right-on and I mean right-on!!! No wonder it's called the "Boob Tube". I have not watched TV in years except the sports and weather. Actually I don't even watch the weather anymore. I get a better report on my computer. Even sports is getting to be a pain in the ass. Most athletes are over-paid and moral degenerates. Look at Tiger Woods. Almost all programs are garbage and a pack of lies. Then they blast you with insane commercials. Well that is just my opinion. I guess in a "Free Society" like we live in we have freedom of speech. Seriously without computers I don't know what I would do and even on the net you have to be careful. What a world we live in. My God help us. We sure need it.

No TV 2.0

@ Joe

Couldn't agree more, man. It's just a load of crap. The "news" is populated by nothing but "pretty, vapid" faces.

My God - have you listened to that piece of crap on CNN - Rich Sanchez? Wow, does he really talk like that? His whole voice and persona, are a put-on.

I know up here in Canada, our main network, the CBC, its principal anchor, Peter Mansbridge, went to the Bilderberg meeting in Spain, this year and he never bothered telling his audience. Why? He's a "newsman", why didn't he report it? If he said...well, it wasn't really important or "news worthy", then why did he go? If it is, then why did you "omit" telling your audience? There are a lot of big movers and shakers there, discussisng....(?)....wouldn't he think that is something that his audience might be interested in? If not, how does he know they wouldn't be interested? I"d be interested. My whole family would be interested.

Instead, as you have done - we've just turned the "news' and the TV off; don't get the paper anymore, either. The only reason to turn it on and follow any of it, is to simply know what "they" are up to.

Try this sometime - turn on the news and whenever they talk about terrorism and terrorists, just swap in the word(s)...our government, the American government, the British and Israeli governments, the CIA, the FBI, the RCMP, The New World Order, The Masons, The Bilderbergers, The Bohemian Grovers...

...and then it will all make sense. Then it actually will be news; rather then lies and precognitive training.

@ Supposed Rebels

...here, here.

They cast pebbles, when they could throw boulders.

911 Was "Another" Inside Job!

Both the Democratic and Republican parties are contemptible

Disgraceful and contemptible. They both need to be reformed, or abandoned.

Political Football

John Stewart is a low life on par with Beck or Hannity. The James Zagroda 9/11 Health and Compensation Act is being used to divide us and provide distraction politics as the Titanic (USA: economy, war) sinks. In typical Republican/Democratic Establishment fashion, there's a supposed struggle against each other, i.e. Weiner yelling. However, the struggle is akin to wolves on a carcass as they fight and bark at each other for their share of the tax revenue. They're all from the same pack. This was not a straight forward bill for the First Responders. It was entangled with partisanship. The Dems changed the voting procedure to a simple majority which requires cutting more deals making it impossible to pass the bill. Thye Dems knew this, yet they proceed to send out Weiner to scream at no one. Dems could have not changed the vote procedure and it would have passed. John Stewart knows this, as does his staff of IVY league writers. John Stewart can rot with the rest of them.

Court Jesters

It is apropos in this respect that the early court jesters were assigned the role of protecting the king against the chaotic and uncontrolled forces in the universe. The jesters were considered to be qualified for such a role because their foolish strangeness and deviance intimated they were in contact with, and could potentially influence, analogous outlandish phenomena. Paradoxically, even as the funny ones soothe and protect, they also provoke. They go out of their way to conjure up images of threatening, forbidden stuff (variously relating to sex, death, anality, and hypocrisy). But each provocation is bathed in humor and the reassurance that there is nothing to fear from the threatening theme because it is, after all, only one more example of something ridiculous and absurd.