AE911TRUTH ACTION ALERT August 7, 2010

Join our 1,000 A/E’s
Washington DC Actions this September

Dear fellow AE911Truth supporters,

We have a number of important activities in Washington DC this Fall that need your attention. We will be alerting you in 6 different Action Alerts in 6 days – starting with this one. Pick one that you want to make happen – and pass the others on to your friends.

Today’s Alert – Day 1 - We are asking some of our AE911Truth supporters to travel to DC, along with our AE911Truth staff, to meet with your congress members. See details below

Next Alert – Day 2 - We will hold a major press conference and debate/discussion panel at the National Press Club on September 9 while you, once again, hold a concurrent press conference at a government location such as outside your legislator's office in your state. Stay tuned for details…

Next Alert – Day 3 - We are asking all of our AE911Truth supporters to meet with your Congressional Reps in your community – their home turf – by early October. Stay tuned for details…

Next Alert – Day 4 - Help us on Capitol Hill to deliver the AE911Truth petition, with all 1,000 A/E names, our brochure, and our DVD, 9/11: Blueprint for Truth, into the offices of all congressional reps on Sept 7 and 8. Stay tuned for details.

Next Alert – Day 5 - Reach 1,000’s in your community by putting “9/11: Blueprint for Truth” on the air with your local Public Access TV.

Next Alert – Day 6 - Roll-out of AE911Truth Action Groups. Join one or start your own. We already have several in the SF Bay Area. Help the AE911Truth mission succeed in your local area. Stay Tuned for Details…

Today’s Action Alert – Day 1

Let’s meet together with your congress member in Washington DC:

We feel that it is essential that we present the simple scientific evidence of the destruction of the 3 WTC skyscrapers to every congress member and Senator – and maximize our presence in Washington DC this year. We must place 9/11 accountability onto Congress. So, our overall goal this fall is to generate closer relationships with science-qualified advisors. This way we are in a position to move forward if and when a “standard bearer” comes forward.

The AE911Truth staff and I will be joining you with your congress member and/or his/her science advisor on September 7 or 8. Are you willing and able to make an appointment with the office of your congress member or senator in Washington DC on those dates? We will visit them with you and give the presentation for you. Maybe you are within driving distance of Washington DC – or would like to fly in to meet with us and your representative. Last year we met with 20 staffers and one congressmen and it was very productive. Congressman Jim Himes of Connecticut actually wrote NIST a letter asking them “What about the nano-thermite?”

Here are the simple steps to take:

1. Call and ask for 20 minute appointment with your representative in Washington DC on either September 7 or 8. Ask for an appointment (at the top of the hour if possible) with a technically qualified advisor or with the representative directly, if possible.
2. Email us at and let us know the congress member’s name, the appointment date and time, office building name, and room number. Also give us all of your contact and other important information – especially your mobile phone number. We must coordinate so that we don’t have several meetings for the same time or office.
3. Show up, dressed for success, 30 minutes early, outside of the office of the legislator. We’ll meet you there and review the agenda.
4. We will then proceed to their office and present live the 15 minute slideshow of evidence for WTC 7, and request appropriate follow-up. We will also invite them to the major AE911Truth press conference and debate at the National Press Club on September 9.

Thank you for considering coming to DC with us. We do hope to have another 20 appointments this year. Every step we take forward in our capital is another dent in the wall of official denial. While we don’t expect immediate results from them we must establish for the record that we have fully informed them. We will indeed keep an accurate record of the reactions all members of congress who have been visited and/or have been provided the explosive evidence in “9/11: Blueprint for Truth”.

Let us know if you would like to participate.


Richard Gage, AIA

The grateful staff and volunteers at AE911Truth


Please bring video playing over and over of the towers descending for all to see as you are moving through the halls of Congress. Seriously, let's make sure everyone can see the towers in their unnatural descent. A large screen.

When the day of the attack occurred, all were in shock and abandoned all of one's own objectivity in favor of government "explanations", but this late along the way, observing the events, without the shock, may trigger objective awareness, when seeing it happen. Laws of physics may be recalled now, and the contrast of the government's "explanations" to laws of physics. Please make it a valuable trip with a screen in place, for all to see both coming and going into offices.

Last Year's AE911Truth DC Blitz a Huge Success