Free Music from the Truth Gathering

My Friends,

Before I head upstate to prepare, I want you to know, that I have worked very hard to put together one super cool, revolutionary, communal, gathering of peace and love and truth. It’s next weekend. You have to come.

It’s the Truth Gathering. It will be one of the peak experiences of your life. Http://

As a free gift to you tonight, to promote the Gathering, I am releasing two songs I recorded with Rebel Moon. One song is all about the struggle for Truth in this day and age, it’s called “No Conspiracy Theory” the other is “The Waltz for Rachel Corrie.”

Also, check out the report I did on Kenneth Feinberg, for 9/11 Blogger. There’s also an overview of what the 9/11 Truth Movement has been going through lately:

This week, I was allowed to interview one of our presenters from the Truth Gathering, on my blog on Huffington Post.

However, I was NOT allowed to link to the Truth Gathering, or to describe myself in my bio as the Founder of the Truth Party. I feel this is weird, and not what the Free Press was designed to be. This is on par for how our society deals with war, peace, and truth issues.

More info on the Three Guiding Principles of the Truth Party:

Also, we aim to have some fun, as well, this weekend. I have brewed a case of beer. It is described here:

See you in the Catskills this weekend!

Sander Hicks
Truth Party