The Ninth Anniversary: What will be going on in NYC at Ground Zero for 9/11 Truth?

Just wondering if there is much in the way of organized events in NYC on this September 11, the ninth anniversary of the attacks. I haven't seen much mentioned, but it seems like a golden opportunity to present to the public what we know and represent.
Washington DC is always a great place to get the word out, particularly to our policy makers and the news media there.
But I think for the actual anniversaries of 9/11, Ground Zero is the place where rallies should be held, and even meetings and talks, etc.
Time in nearing, and I haven't heard of plans.

and what's happening in Paris this year for 911 truth ?

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
am trying to find out what will be happening in Paris this 11th of September 2010. For the moment found nothing on (reopen France ).
or the internet (Google with 11 Sept 2010 Paris 2001 attentats, etc )

Last year did a flyer distribution to the journalists of France 2 national television
like the British do every year in front of the BBC.

Could do the same thing this year if there was others who could join me ( ).



I'm sort of astounded.........

that I haven't heard of any rallies, meetings, symposiums, etc, at the most important site in the world for 9/11 truth, during the ninth anniversary of the tragedy.
I'm not complaining, or criticizing, as I don't have the time or knowledge base to bring off a big organized event. How can I throw stones?
But I see many events organized, in Australia, Denmark, etc, and wondering why ground zero isn't a worldwide destination for 9/11 truthers on this anniversary.