Aidan Monaghan on The Corbett Report

Aidan Monaghan of joins The Corbett Report to discuss his tireless efforts to uncover government documents about 9/11 via FOIA requests. We discuss some of the information he has uncovered and how others can follow in this fruitful area of research.

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Thanks Aidan and James

Your contributions to TRUTH are appreciated.


Aidan knows how to pull the string which leads to...

Aidan can pull the thread which leads to the string which leads to the rope which leads to the chain which leads to !@*!!

Turner Construction and the Mayor of Dallas (Tom Leppert) is mentioned in this Corbett Report interview. This aspect was brought up in "Loose Change: An American Coup."

You can see the evolution as Aidan started some great investigative research here...

Aidan later has other blogger posts about Turner construction.
Comment sections point to links showing the Mayor Tom Leppert's house, Bush's home, etc.

A photo of Mayor Tom Leppert and Bush is at this TruthAction Thread.

OSHA samples from Ground Zero -...?

Air and bulk samples taken by OSHA at the site...3,600 (includes metals, asbestos, silica, and other volatile organic compounds).
From this OSHA website at 'World Trade Center Response'.

Has anyone ever done a FOIA for any of this OSHA research?



Great interview!

Interesting to hear the voice behind all the fine work. You are an excellent communicator. Thanks to you and James and to Corbettreport.

OSHA documents should be public record ?