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This September, the most important print item in the history of AE911Truth will make its debut. The “911 Investigator,” the first annual edition of our informative new color broadsheet newspaper, is now available for early order in our online store, and you’ll be able to get 100 copies shipped at low bulk prices and distribute them proudly in your local community.9/11 Investigator

The “911 Investigator” goes where no mainstream newspaper has dared by detailing the witness testimony and scientific forensic evidence behind the destruction of the 3 World Trade Center high-rises on 9/11. This handy publication presents the compelling case for explosive controlled demolition in a graphically oriented easy-to-read format, while maintaining the scientific integrity that is honored by technical professionals around the globe.

“The new broadsheet newspaper is a compact, fact-filled source for people on the run. They will find the essential info all in one place, making it easy to learn more and to educate others,” said Richard Gage, AIA, founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. “We’re very excited to get this versatile tool out to the 9/11 Truth community and especially into the hands of those who are still sitting on the sidelines,” he added.

Here is a preview of some of the articles that are featured in this premier edition:

“Incendiary Forensics Fires up Architects and Engineers”

How did AE911Truth come into existence? What events led Richard Gage, AIA, and other architects and engineers to question the official story of the WTC building destructions and demand a new investigation? You’ll get the inside scoop in our newspaper.

“WTC Building 7 Implosion: The ‘Smoking Gun’ ”

On 9/11 almost every American saw TV coverage of the Twin Towers falling, but most of them do not know about Building 7, the 47-story skyscraper in the WTC complex that was destroyed on the very same day. Why is this event so shrouded in secrecy, and yet so vital to exposing the truth? What evidence is there that some first responders and media sources knew that Building 7 was going to come down before it happened? You’ll find out in our comprehensive report.

“Nullifying Newton: Official Story Violates Laws of Physics”

What is most striking about video footage of the WTC high-rise destructions is the rapid rate at which they fell. We diagram how the free-fall acceleration shows that the official explanation is physically impossible.

“Red Hot Evidence Melts the Official Story”

When people think of a molten substance that looks “like lava,” a New York City skyscraper is probably the last thing that comes to mind.  However, recovery workers at the WTC site gave numerous accounts of molten metal found in the rubble in the weeks following 9/11. We’ll sift through the scorching evidence reported at Ground Zero to analyze this unusual discovery.

“Finding Truth under the Microscope”

The most compelling chemical evidence for controlled demolition was discovered in samples of WTC dust examined by physicist Dr. Steven Jones.You’ll read about how he found iron microspheres and chips of un-ignited nano-thermite in the dust samples, and what his tests of the material revealed.

“Gross Negligence: DeNISTifying the Destruction of the WTC Skyscrapers”

This newspaper wouldn’t be complete without directly addressing the culprits of the scientific cover-up – the NIST team. Our exposé dismantles the many fallacies of the NIST Reports and lays the case for why this agency – under the direction of the Department of Commerce itself needs to be investigated.

You can expect copies of the “9/11 Investigator” to come hot off the press at the end of August and be ready to ship by September 1st, just in time for the 9th anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks. In addition, it will be available on our website in PDF format, and the Rock Creek Free Press will be including a copy of it in every newspaper they sell to help increase its exposure. Wholesale prices are so low that you can get a bundle of 100 copies for $20 plus shipping, at a per copy price at half the cost of a stamp. The “911 Investigator” also provides a fundraising opportunity for the 9/11 Truth groups in your area because the retail price is more than double that.

Once it’s in your possession, this landmark newspaper has the potential to awaken the minds of perfect strangers, and the effectiveness to enlighten those who may not be willing to take the time to watch our groundbreaking DVDs.  Preorder this premiere edition today, so that when people in your neighborhood remember the events that shook America to its core, they can do so with a true understanding of what we lost on that tragic day – and be inspired to take positive action to get a real investigation.


Our group may have been the first to order. We have 1,000 copies

Our group may have been the first to order. We have 1,000 copies coming.
North Texans for 911 Truth

This is an important dissemination piece in many ways...

This is a broadsheet which means it is newspaper size.
There are many advantages to a broadsheet...

...A broadsheet has "altitude" or credibility compared to regular flyers. Public tend to view a professional broadsheet like a newspaper...it contains a degree of believability just by virtue of its format.

...This broadsheet is "color"!!! It has pictures and graphics! People like pictures.

...It contains lots of valuable information. This is something that a person on the bus, train, or during lunch or break would easily read.
People read these and are impacted by them.

...Broadsheets are an excellent method of getting people to actually LOOK. A big dilemma is just getting people to LOOK at information...and this solves it.

...Broadsheets make dissemination simple. "Here...take one." There is no arguing nor debate.

...Buying broadsheets helps to support AE911Truth. Everyone wins. This supports our AE911Truth organization, and facilitates our local group dissemination efforts, and delivers 9/11 Truth to the public.
It is a win win win.
What a great way to support AE911Truth.

And I also want to say: "I am glad to see this 'We Wrote it All Down in a Classy Little Newspaper' message reposted. It repeats the message."
AE911Truth knows how to market.
A marketing strategy is to repeat the message.
Repeat the message.
Repeat the message.
As 9/11 Truthers, that is our winning strategy with the public....We repeat the 9/11 Truth message to the public. The more we repeat the message, the more it will take hold.

Coke repeats the message. Pepsi repeats the message.

"Coke repeats the message. Pepsi repeats the message."


Let's all get out there with broadsheets, DVDs, flyers, info cards, banners and break their resistance.

Let's all get out there with broadsheets, DVDs, flyers, info cards, banners and break their resistance.

Let's all get out there with broadsheets, DVDs, flyers, info cards, banners and break their resistance.

Required Reading

for every H.S. Sr. in a Science Class & all College Engineers & aspiring Architects.

Thanks AE911.

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I check AE911Truth website daily at the very bottom of the main page is a counter.

I am amazed at how many visitors are there at all times of day or night.

THANK YOU Architects & Engineers, Richard, all involved in alerting the world.