Ils vont bruler le coran ce 11 septembre 2010

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
in looking for the future actions the next 11 September 2010, I fell on the video below "Ils vont bruler le coran ce 11 septembre 2010".

I am expecting counter intelligence agencies to do their maximum so that the 911 truth message does not get out that day.

Could this be one of their operations ? How can we react so that this message does not make our message inaudible ?



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Nowis time for Muslims toclear their name for hideous 9/11 crime

Now is the time for Muslims to clear their name for the hideous 9/11 crime.

Yesterday ( 07 September 2010) the French television, at last, informed the French of the call of Terry Jones to burn the Koran. For the last weeks we have had a massive propaganda against the Islam thanks to the campaign of Bernard-Henri Lévy (BHL) against the stoning of Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani in Iran accused of adultery and the participation in the killing of her husband. Dieudonné a French humerist, known for his acts provocateur, has asked BHL to go with him to Iran to save this mother of two children. The propaganda has had a blowback because tonight we are told that Sakineh will not be stoned.

The French are however shocked for the call to burn the Koran and I think that it is now the moment for the Muslims, not bought up by the American dollars, to ask for an international independent investigation into the 9/11 attacks. And that, at last, the real commanditaires are punished for their mass murder and the Islam has it's name cleared of this hideous crime.



Muslims stand up, ask by millions real investigation of 911crime


Today this 09 September 2010, my colleagues explain that the campaign against the Islam is a campaign against the muslim Obama.

I do not know if Obama is muslim and I do not care.

Howerver I am waiting for each free Muslim, not bought up by the dollars, to stand up and ask for an independant international inquiry to investigate the 9/11 attacks and to put before the justice the real criminels behind the 9/11 crime. The 9/11 truth will bring world peace.