The very first 9-11 skeptics'post to hit the Internet.......a FLASHBACK

Wednesday, August 18, 2010
The very first 9-11 skeptics' post to hit the Internet, written as events transpired and posted on September 12, 2001

As we head into the 9th anniversary of 9/11, let's flashback to what Dave McGowan posted on 9/12/01. As he states, it may have been the first skeptics' article on the 'tubes' to question the beginnings of the official story but it certainly didn't end there.

excerpts ..."Welcome to the New and Improved Police State"

Excuse my cynicism here, but have we Americans completely lost our ability to think? Are we now so thoroughly brain-dead that we are completely reliant on our media outlets, with their endless supply of 'experts,' to make sense of events in the world? Are we really that stupid -- or do our leaders just think that we are?

The actions taken on the morning of September 11 were crimes – horrendous crimes against humanity, to be sure, but in the final analysis not so very different from any other crimes.

The first step in solving any crime is to look at who had a motive and who had the means and opportunity to commit the crime.

As for motive, we are being asked to believe that a band of Islamic terrorists are the most likely suspects. But is that the case? Was it a state-sponsored terrorist group that had the most to gain by launching such an assault? Or was it our own political, corporate and military leaders?

Perhaps the most obvious question raised by the attacks, and one that officials have feebly attempted to answer, is how the planning for such an operation could have escaped the attention of the country's intelligence services. Whenever such an event occurs, the intelligence agencies rather predictably hang their heads, slump their shoulders and sheepishly grin as they explain their powerlessness to predict such things: "We did the best we could," they explain, "but our resources are limited, our adversaries formidable, and our sources not infallible."

That's a real nice story, but the reality is that the CIA - along with the FBI, ONI, DIA, NSC, NSA, DEA, and virtually every other three-letter acronym you could think of - constitutes the largest and most insidious intelligence network the world has ever seen.

Perhaps the most disturbing question raised by the attacks is what exactly caused the twin towers of the WTC to collapse. The impact of the planes affected only the upper floors of the towers; their foundations were unaffected.

What was it then that created the secondary explosions that appear to have occurred? These secondary blasts were acknowledged early in the day by an NBC newsman. The correspondent stated on the air that he had just talked with the fire department's public safety commissioner who verified that large secondary explosions precipitated the collapse of the towers.

A radio broadcaster on WLS in Chicago (according to a correspondent), whose former colleague* is a CBS journalist who was on the scene at the towers, said on the air that this colleague had witnessed an enormous fireball emanating from beneath one of the towers immediately before it came crashing down. What are we to make of these scattered reports, none of which received any follow-up coverage amidst the non-stop blizzard of media attention?

Perhaps the most important question to be asked is: who stands to gain the most in the bleak aftermath? It is certainly not the American people, or any resistance movement within these borders. It's definitely not the still-to-be identified target(s) of the nation's wrath (which will likely include Iraq). That would seem to limit the remaining choices. {Read the rest here}


Dave's initial thoughts were very close and have been expanded upon and reinforced by countless others.

Today we see the same media and government push to yet more war but this time a much greater number of informed folks are not buying the lies. The question is whether we can do any more to stop it now than we did in the aftermath of 9/11.

Playing the Never Again Card, Again
The phony intelligence used to induce our March 2003 invasion of Iraq has been dusted off. This time it’s being deployed to take us into Iran.

Same scam. Same storyline. Same fraud—even featuring some of the same players.

Except that this time around their deception lacks the broader context required to gain traction for their phony content. That key difference makes today’s perpetrators far more transparent—for those willing to look.
Those foisting on us this latest fraud also face another challenge: Americans now realize it was Israel and its advocates who fixed that false intelligence around a Zionist agenda.

That realization adds combustibility to the facts now fueling Israel’s fast-fading legitimacy.

Each week brings new insights that undermine generally accepted truths about 911 and our response to that mass murder on U.S. soil. As the costs continue to rise in both blood and treasure, the credibility of those who sold us this “Clash” continues its steady decline.

One key player in this long-running fraud remains unfazed: mainstream media.
{more - Jeff Gates}

AJ 09/11/2001 Broadcast

Wow! ...on 9/11/01 he nails a lot of profound points.

AJ talks about the Towers coming down demolition style, he talks about the "official story speak" coming out as the day's events unfolded.

Very Good find!!

One must admit...

Alex was right on top of it from the git go. He was not fooled. I was fooled, initially, and for a few years after that. Actually Michael Moore's Farenheit 911 opened me up to the strong possibility, then Loose Change, and specifically WTC 7 video convinced me that I had been fooled.

I also understand that Alex actually predicted it which is even more impressive.

Listening to that program from the day of the tragedy strengthened my resolve.

Thanks for posting it jkeogh and for the original post pfgetty.

I had never heard this either

and AJ is just amazing on 9/11/01. It took most of us years to catch up.