More proof of molten metal - Safe Deposit Box

Eric Bolling recovered his safe deposit box from ground zero. The contents included metal coins melted together.

Story with video

Bolling talks about the heat...

At around the 1:25 mark of this video, Eric Bolling talks about the heat: "...if you remember, it was still burning - for years - they were putting water on it...."

The above videos might be hard to access

i'm confused

as to how this safe deposit box proves molten metal. It just looks very burned. How did you connect this to proof of molten metal?


Could someone help me with the names of the people in this clip?

So far I have, clockwise:

  • ?
  • Steve Doocy
  • Eric Bolling
  • Curtis Sliwa
  • ? (Not Alysin Camerota, that's the woman in the link, which leads to a different clip than the one embedded)

By the way, TomT, the videos you embed are set to 'private', so I can't view them here.