"If it is your desire to understand how we are manipulated into believing the things we do -- watch this film. Every American should see it...for the sake of our future."
- Timothy Gatto, fmr Chairman, Liberal Party of America


I'm pleased to present the first feature in my documentary series, entitled Psywar ("The real battlefield is the mind"). It premiered on Global Research and should be appearing on some other alternative news websites in the coming days.

The film explores the evolution of propaganda and public relations in the United States, with an emphasis on the “elitist theory of democracy” and the relationship between war, propaganda and class.

This is not a high budget affair, but was financed via a blue collar job, and is being released online for free. The interviews contained within are original and were conducted by proxy.

Some quotes in support of the film by figures such as William Blum are available on the Acclaim page of the website. A few also appear in the trailer:

Here is the full feature:

Although Psywar does not explore 911 or false flag operations, it is certainly relevant to these issues, as 911 was perhaps the greatest exercise in psychological warfare ever conceived. I intend to deal with the 911 and the war on terror in subsequent entries. A few notable 911 truth scholars do appear discussing related subjects, including Peter Phillips and Graeme MacQueen.

This film is designed both as an introduction to the concept of psychological warfare by governments against their citizens, and as an exploration of certain dominant themes in American propaganda. Significant time is also devoted to different conceptions of "democracy" as theorized by figures like Walter Lippmann, Edward Bernays and ultimately the founding fathers of the United States itself.

The next entry, Human Resources, will be online in about two months.

Feedback appreciated!

Looks good Scott

I am looking forward to watching it, when I get a moment to myself :)

Hope things have been well.

Thanks Bill

Your input is always welcome :)

using XR

i found that if i searched on XR for psywar i didnt find it but searching under S DN worked fine (the user name)
keep spreading truth to friends and relatives everyone!

Thanks Danse.

Really enjoyed it. Seems to get at the root problems we are facing today which is always nice. Looking forward to the next ones too.

I posted it under Reddit documentaries. We'll see. Thanks.

Thanks O.

Video's only been up for a few hours and has 5,000 views and climbing, so here's hoping.

I think many readers of this site will find it interesting and provocative on a number of levels. For one, it takes the position that Native Americans had a superior form of (self) governance that what emerged in its place, and that the anti-Federalists were correct in opposing the Constitutional Convention (while arguing for participatory democracy and decentralization). This is not necessarily a left or right issue, but cuts to the core of the entire edifice of modern government.

It is the philosophy of elitism -- the idea that a small group of rich people has the right to make all of the important decisions, most notably in the economic realm -- that defines our most important institutions, and which perpetuates the relentless cycle of ever-more-sophisticated propaganda directed at us.

Good action on it here...

8547 views as of 6:am 25th

People are hungry for TRUTH.

17,000+ Views as of Thursday 4:30 pm

WOW! I am Impressed.

What a masterful use of music, stills, B&W. Great voice for narration, Great subject.

Why not for Distribution?

Put up a torrent that we may download and burn to DVD.

Hey Joe

Good call on the Torrent. I'll try and set that up in the next while. If I'm not mistaken there's actually an option to download the original file from Exposure Room, so you may want to try that in the meantime.

Re: VO. The narrator is Mikela Jay, a musical artist; she previously narrated Mark Achbar's "The Corporation". I agree she has an angelic voice.

Arie made his "Between_the_Lies" simple to burn


ARIE: Easy: 1) Download this file


1) Download this file (large file, will take some time)

2) Use your DVD burning software (Nero or similar) to burn the image to a disk. A free program that can do this is imgburn, which can be downloaded here:

3) Done. Put it in your DVD player and watch.
Submitted by arie on Sat, 08/29/2009 - 7:52am.


Thanks Orang and Joe:

Looks like some people are having issues with the video player on ER. I'll take your advice and see if I can get an upload to


I found a bittorrent for it at . It downloaded pretty quickly, and, at 480x360 resolution, is the same resolution as the larger megavideo flv file. Looking forward to watching it. Thanks for making it.

This is really good! Thanks!

This took some work on the edit floor. Excellent job and fantastic information!

Thanks TomT

`really glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, the Editing's a bitch, especially when you're dealing with about 20 different videographers hired off Craiglist. :)


Great work Scott!

Really well done and such an important topic.

I just shared it on facebook.

Chomsky is anti-truth isn't he?

I like this video but isn't Chomsky doing his own psyop against us in the truth movement?

In short: yes

I'm surprised you're the first to bring it up. I'm of the opinion that he has valuable things to say on topics other than 911, so I interviewed him. Doesn't excuse his dismissal of the 911 truth movement, but I don't consider him an evil person. Hopefully that will conclude the Chomsky portion of this discussion as I'm sick to death of the issue and would rather the thread not be derailed. However if people have criticisms of the film's content or opinions expressed therein I'd be happy to debate them.

Great job

Danse, thank you, it must have been hard work. It clearly paid off. I, for one, think it's awesome you got Chomsky to contribute. His comments about Madison piqued my interest.

Great job Scott - Ist class!

I really enjoyed and will watch it again...

I will also send it out around the traps in a few days and lets hope millions watch it in the end!

Kind regards John


Love this film. This is one of the best documentaries I have ever viewed. Thanks for using your talents to enlighten others.


Thanks again for the kind words. It's very much appreciated.

Great job

Very impressive, Scott. I'm looking forward to the next part.

Here is the Webpage

25,000+ VIEWS!!!!

39,000 as of Saturday morning

49,000 Saturday night

61,000 Sunday noon

That's really amazing

Congrats, Scott!

79,000 Tuesday 5pm

79,000 Tuesday 5pm

Found on Reddit Documentaries...

Well done!

You did excellent work to blend history as a rational explanation leading to the present. I promoted your film on my "pro-am" article site:

This movie is...

An excellent example of all the Chomsky and Zinn disinformation about U.S. history that I used to believe in and caused me to be such a misanthrope. Chomsky is useful in understanding the current U.S empire but the assertions made in this film that are standard Chomsky, namely that the U.S has always been this way, could not be further from the truth.

Watch this movie at the above link to really get a good understanding of U.S. history and the origins of the U.S empire. The U.S used to be the leading force against imperialism in the world, that is why it used to be the most beloved nation on earth, not the most hated. This movie completely changed my life in that in showed me how wrong my view on U.S history was.

LOVE your documentary

I absolutely love your documentary and was watching it for the third time. But suddenly, the link to Exposure Room leads to their welcome page and a search for psywar gives no result. Maybe you already know about it, but I wanted to signal this sudden disappearance.

Let us know when you will have a new link, because I've sent the previous one to a few friends and I will update it as soon as I have one.

Keep up the good work! This documentary is dense with crucial information and needs to be spread around because it is so well done.

Psywar on Mac

I would love to watch movie, which I found on Information Clearing House (ICH), but I found quickly that doing so was not easy on Mac...I discovered of course that it is a Flash based movie and even though I am using latest software on a Mac Pro (OS 10.6.4, 2.66, 4-core) it just wouldn't run well...buffering doesn't seem to work...
Anyone been in a similar situation and found a solution...?
Everybody seems to be giving the documentary very high scores...

QuickTime...I wished they would have used well for all, afaik...


It's Gone?

It's Gone?

Pull it

Video has been pulled from EXR after receiving 80,000 views in 6 days. I received an email explaining that I engaged in one or more of twenty some odd possible infractions. In other words they didn't give me a single cause, caus' they didn't have one.

I'm guessing it's bandwith and related costs; Gareth, who helped with "The Elephant in the Room", said the same thing happened with that film when it became viral.

I'm currently working on uploading the video to a new site (in fact several sites), so it will not go offline again.

Visit and there should be new links up in the next few days....

I'll make a blog post when it's complete.

Thanks everyone for the support.

Where can I obtain

"The Elephant in the Room" these days? The site is dead..

Another torrent going strong now

Hey based on this thread I added another torrent, it is doing pretty well with 16 seeds & 56 leechers right now.
etc. I could not get it to load on onebigtorrent because it has a bad tracker url it doesnt like :-/
Let me recommend making sure that all these new 9-11 evidence torrents need to be tagged with a lot of trackers in order to get them out there. Really nice stuff, glad to help get it out there.
I will have a video up from the new IWW Jimmy John's campaign, I loved how this movie highlighted the key role of neutralizing Wobblies in early Public Relations!

Still viewable online

The film seems to have been pulled from Is it still viewable online anywhere?


...checked it may not be "difficult" and it's suggested it's almost "trivial"...but if an explanation includes undefined concepts...then it's a full stop right there...the talk about "client" is of course trivial if it's something you are involved in every day, but if not...
Unfortunately for Mac users, we have to get a "client" to use I have CyberDuck...and it was ANYTHING but "intuitive"...and I hate it...but I know how to use it...this "client" (is needed) to use a "torrent"...and I still don't know if what i would download is a Flash file (which I assume) was the Flash type file that was the problem in the first was that, that got me to this place...I was "hoping" I might find a QuickTime version...
Thanks for the advise...I'll just "wait"...and watch Lady GaGa doing Alejandro in the meantime...

Software (Simple lightweight media player, in widespread use, plays almost everything, including FLV/Flash Video, codecs built in, this is the Mac version) (Simple lightweight torrent client, in widespread use, I would call it 'intuitive', this is the Mac version)


Hi Scott,

Great film and I would like to help you get Psywar screened in Colorado. Please email me at timcboyle @ Thank you.

Awesome Documentary.

See Danse's other documentary in this series. Described and listed here: