German ZDF special on 9/11 2010-08-24

Yesterday germany's second state televison ZDF aired the first part of "Der 11. September 2001- die wahre Geschichte" (9/11- the true story)
at 8.15 pm. Produced by ZDF History Guido Knopp, directed by Florian Huber and Marc Brasse.

Their annoncements in german language:,1872,8093601,00.html,1872,8093607,00.html

It's a new and by their own produced "soft-docu" with actors, playing John O'Neill, Mohammed Atta and Ziad Jarrah, it's style reminds me to "Countdown to Ground Zero" from History Channel...

It was kind of propaganda, factless spinning the official conspiracy theory with "human touch stories", interviews with Attas professor and Jarrahs landlady, with major omissions on Osama bin Laden, his real role in the afgan war, and in the 90's, on John O'Neills switch to the WTC (they forgot to mention it was Jerry Hauer who organized him the job) and his opinion on bin Laden (they forgot his "the main obstacles role played by Saudi-Arabia and US oil corporates"), solely concentrating on his infight with Michael Scheuer, their fight was shown as main reason, why Osama could proceed...and O'Neills character was harrased as reason why he failed.


BUT: I was able to produce a heavy fact loaded critic in german language on that docu just in time: here it is:
It's 94 pages with sources.

BTW: For short time, I think these two links will work (all german):
Stream link (whole)

Stream link (First part)
left box, middle by now.

(First part)

German news magazine "Hintergrund"

a 9/11 truth friendly page, does it, too.

I hope someone can translate it!