Teaching Aid For 9/11 Peace Activists Loops WTC-7 Collapse

This video is intended as a "Teaching Loop" for 9/11 activists.

.Using the convenience of a laptop, PDA and Wi-Fi, the 9/11 and anti-war activists can show this video loop of the WTC-7 collapse to individual viewers and mini-audiences in places of casual and spontaneous opportunity.
This could be a fast way to break the ice on the topic of 9/11.

Answers from the viewers also provide a fast way to evaluate the sophistication of your audience and their degree of awareness and acceptance to the topic.
Provide hand-outs following the encounter to provide a comprehensive overview of the issue. No larger than one letter-size page is a good idea. Be sure to provide a large link to AE911Truth.org with a summary of the vast resources that can countinue to enlighten their curiosity and civic involvement.

Good Idea for a stationary laptop presentation for passersby.

I discussed with ROBinDallas the Idea of a WTC7 SCREENSAVER!

I like the idea

But I don't like the audio.


Turn off the audio. I put it in there to confirm there was no audio worth missing.

Great idea..

However...I do find the sound track very distracting....I would love to see something like this that included before and after comparison shots of the Mandarin Hotel Fire http://firefightersfor911truth.org/?cat=4

I posted this at a blog that

I posted this at a blog that routinely calls me nuts for my 911 Truth activism, which has come to nil for those idiots, but I still try. This is what I posted last with the link in it. I bet some of them check my material out, despite the derision I get. Check this out...

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I also put it on Facebook.