Kurt Sonnenfeld report on Press TV, Aug 27, 2010


"The US is attempting to extradite a 9/11 FEMA Videographer who says that the September 11 bombings of the Twin Towers (9/11) are an inside job. Detailed report."

If you are unfamiliar with his story, these are among many links to info:

I would be very happy to look

at the videographic data acquired by Kurt Sonnenfeld along with a team of scientists, engineers and architects -- and I encourage the release of these data. I also encourage the Argentine government to resist extradition of Mr. Sonnenfeld into the hands of US authorities unless these US authorities can demonstrate that their charge of murder by him is valid, and that they are not simply trying to destroy this man's videographic data -- as they destroyed over 99.5% of the WTC steel from this crime scene, over the objections of scientists and engineers.

It is time for the cover-up to stop. Free the data!

I 2nd the motion

What has he been waiting on? If the evidence is that convincing, release it. The pictures he released earlier were great quality pictures but are more known for what they are not showing. i.e desks, filing cabinets, computers, etc. But that etc also includes molten materials in the pile.

In all honesty however, if the videos of the obvious demolition of the towers (and the more one watches them, the more obvious it becomes), the proof and admission of WTC 7's freefall, the molten material pouring out of the 2nd tower just prior to its demise, and the incredulity of the "collapse" times is enough to convince people, I fear I doubt anything Mr Sonnenfeld purports to have will do anything either.

In fact, I would bet that a high percentage of people wouldn't believe the truth even if Cheney himself admitted it on his deathbed with the plan's documentation clutched in his hands.

Nonetheless, my undying gratitude goes out to you Dr Jones for your bravery to speak out. I look foward with great anticipation to the "Hypothesis" movie.

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What's not there

is floor trusses. There are a few photographed in the various government reports, but they are noticeably missing.

I would think that this is front page news.

Here is mention of the "vault under World Trade Center 6 having been emptied" prior to the collapse of the Towers.
He also brings up the odd aspect that FEMA was summoned to the World Trade Center Towers within minutes after the FIRST plane hit (and he compares it to FEMA's response with Katrina).
There is footage of Building 7 in the interview.