Report Calls for “Infiltration” of 9/11 Sites

Source: 9/11 Truth News

A new report released by a think tank called Demos warns of the hazardous effects of conspiracy theories on society and recommends strategies for governments to mitigate these effects, including the infiltration of websites.

The report, called The Power of Unreason: Conspiracy Theories, Extremism and Counterterrorism, says "most notoriously and influentially, the ‘9/11 truth movement’ has questioned the official accounts of 9/11 and has become a large and growing political force."

The report notes that the 9/11 truth movement is "peaceful", but makes no distinction between the legitimate questioning of the official account of 9/11 and any number of unrelated, and often racist, conspiracy theories.

The report acknowledges that "some conspiracies have turned out to be true. Our institutions and governments have deceived the population to advance hidden and unstated interests", and goes on to cite Operations Northwoods, the Joint Chief of Staff's unimplemented plan to stage a false flag Cuban terror attack in 1963, as well as the CIA's involvement in the Chilean coup of 1973.

But the report is only concerned with limiting the effects of conspiracy theories on operations of the state, not with justice or the accuracy of the historical record. It states:

More broadly, conspiracy theories drive a wedge of distrust between governments and particular communities. Conspiracy theories - such as those that claim 7/7 or 9/11 were ‘inside jobs’ - demolish the mutuality and trust that people have in institutions of government, with social and political ramifications that we still don't fully understand. This can especially hinder community-level efforts to fight violent extremism.

The report cites the writings of Cass Sunstein, an Obama appointee who recently called for the "cognitive infiltration" of 9/11 truth groups. The Demos paper in turn calls for government agents to "openly infiltrate" websites and chatrooms in order offer "alternative information" and "plant seeds of doubt".

Demos makes a number of recommendations for governments to combat conspiracy theories, including a call for more government openness.

The Demos report can be downloaded here.

9/11 Truth News

Just goes to show we can still win this info war!

Play it straight, clean and honest and we can't lose.

Speculation and pushing our favourite pet theory is what will see us fail!

Regards John

Forensic Evidence of Foul Play and Unproven Official Allegations

The best evidence of potential foul play should be addressed along with the unproven aspects of the official story. Plausible alternative evidence is the strongest asset of the Truth cause. (this would obviously not include "TV fakery", "DEWs" and "mini-nukes" junk) A prime example of a similar situation would be the strong forensic and eyewitness evidence for the presence of second gunman during the RFK assassination.

A security officer inches behind RFK, who owned the same type of firearm used by Sirhan Sirhan, who lied about later selling it, who reportedly drew and fired this weapon as RFK was shot, who admittedly despised RFK, who immediately fled the scene after the shooting and later left the country to live overseas, was in fact present.

Parts 4, 5 and 6 closely examine eyewitness, physical and coroner's evidence for this second gunman.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Here is the rub... 9/11 Truthers have infiltrated the government

Here is the rub.
So many people now know the truth about 9/11, that they are in all facets of government and the media. Who can the dark side trust?

9/11 Truth has actually infiltrated the dark side.


They must be revvin' up their engines, because NPR had a segment on the Obama conspiracy theory that he is a Muslim. No judgment based on what is true or not, but rather, what will threaten the stablity of the government.

It looks

to me that we have got them running scared. 9/11 was an inside job and they know it therefore we have conspiracy facts not a conspiracy theory. The so-called "Official Report" is nothing more than a conspiracy theory. Nothing they say is backed up by facts. Lets face it, it's all a pack of lies. The American people are beginning to catch on and it's got them scared to death. Run PNAC run!!!

Heaven Forbid!...

...America and the world discovering their elected leaders, free press, and altruistic Defense Dept perpetuating a myth and hiding the TRUTH for their own diabolical ulterior motives.

"most notoriously and influentially, the ‘9/11 truth movement’ has questioned the official accounts of 9/11 and has become a large and growing political force."

Can you imagine these "thinkers" sitting discussing the proposal, while playing dumb.

Who paid for this "report'?

This "report' was authored by Jamie Bartlett and Carl Miller. I am not sure who Carl Miller is yet, but Jamie Bartlett's bio is posted here:

"Prior to working for Demos, Jamie was a research associate at the international humanitarian agency Islamic Relief and conducted field research in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Jamie holds Masters Degrees from the London School of Economics and the University of Oxford. Jamie speaks fluent French and good classical Arabic."

Hmm.... lots of potential connections to intelligence agencies.

Now, who pays for these lies?:

A few names stand right out:

Britsh High Commission
Cabinet Office
Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism
Ove Arup (heavily involved in the proposed "Freedom Tower" development for Ground Zero, among other things)


I am sure missed plenty, but this (Demos) clearly goes beyond mere foundation funded left-wing cover in terms of a "think tank" propaganda operation.

Nice post, downloaded and

Nice post, downloaded and saved the .pdf

Stick strictly to the facts.

The moment we speculate on any area of the story they got us.

We Have Truth and Reason On Our Side

As long as we remain dedicated to truth and reason, they can not defeat us. We will eventually win.

Credit where credit is due..

Unless 9/11 Truth News editors picked up this story from The Independent themselves, it would have been helpful to reveal the original sources:

Gareth Newnham at Truth Action, who, in turn, sources The Independent.

This is meant as constructive criticism, good luck and keep up the good work!


This is an original article. I noticed the story from the Independent this morning when Gareth posted it to facebook. I actually downloaded the report and wrote this article for 9/11 Truth News, before I noticed his post on the Truth Action forum - but he still tipped me off! I I think it's better than the Independent article. There's also this, which I only just found: Demos fears government terror strategy 'fuels mistrust'.

Thanks to Gareth of London Truth Action for the tip!

One of the really good things

about 9/11 Truth News is the hit piece section, because it's important that the 9/11 truth movement shows that it's prepared to deal with the persistent stream of attacks it receives, and very quickly. This tactic turns hit pieces to our advantage. It exposes patterns in these mainstream psychological attacks and simultaneously shows we are aware of them. (Know your enemy.)

I like this comment by Truebeleaguer: "By advocating infiltration, the official anti-conspiracists are forcing a split in the movement-- making it easy for the loonies to label responsible truthers as government infiltrators.". (Although I think his attack on Richard Gage is unfair, because Richard Gage, per ae911truth policy, tries to avoid speculation, and thereby avoids the no planes/no hijackers/no passengers booby traps.)

So, we need to remember that these Sunstein-esque 'academic' analyses have a specific psychological attack built in: sowing division and distrust among 9/11 truthers. If you can get truthers to accuse each other of being "agents" and "infiltrators", attention shifts from the message over to the messenger, and the perceived worth of 9/11 research will then rest upon how far it diverges from the official account, not upon the accuracy, diligence and verifiability of the research.

In short: these reports lend credence to crazy theories, because they'll seem less likely to be "compromised" by "infiltrators" in the eyes of the naive. Allegedly, these infiltrators are supposed to make their identities and affiliations known, but given the public nature of these papers and the open advocacy of infiltration, these tactics seem entirely unfeasible to execute. I think it's reasonable to suspect that at least one of the main purposes of these "papers" is to encourage snitchjacketing.

The norm should remain diligence in research.

"This tactic turns hit pieces to our advantage."

YES, exactly! That is the purpose of the Hit Pieces section and I'm excited about it.

"So, we need to remember that these Sunstein-esque 'academic' analyses have a specific psychological attack built in: sowing division and distrust among 9/11 truthers. If you can get truthers to accuse each other of being "agents" and "infiltrators", attention shifts from the message over to the messenger, and the perceived worth of 9/11 research will then rest upon how far it diverges from the official account, not upon the accuracy, diligence and verifiability of the research."

Everyone needs to read that 50 times.

A damning admission

The 9/11 Truth Movement, saith this report, "has become a large and growing political force."

You may have noticed that whenever an article or blog entry on the Truth Movement is posted online, and where comments are permitted, invariably some trolls come along and regurgitate certain stock-n-trade lines. The most frequent seems to be that, whereas at one time our claims were attracting attention, people now know better and the 9/11 Truth Movement has been steadily declining.

Just a cheap way of trying to dissuade newcomers from looking further into 9/11 Truth.

Then we see reports like this, ringing the alarm that the Truthers are in fact increasing in numbers and gaining political strength!

This is a very positive sign. I hope we have more of this.

With the tenth year after 9/11 coming up this September, I am hoping that a significant increase in stories like this is seen in the press.
I had worried recently that the 9/11 truth movement was becoming completely hidden in the press, but this gives me hope.
We need to watch how we conduct ourselves. We need to be honest, and keep to what we know for sure. We need to be polite. We have the facts and evidence. We will win.

I love you guys

for caring about our country! Yes, let's stick tight to what we KNOW is true, and avoid guessing, and then I agree, we can't fail to win!

Flashback: Dangerous conspiracy theories

Dangerous conspiracy theories

by Peter Chamberlin, Online Journal, 5 August 2010

How could a bunch of “lone wolf” researchers be considered dangerous to the United States? The official explanation given is that we confuse those who hear or read what we have to say, undermining the national unity and trust in government which is necessary to wage war. That is as good an excuse as any to explain why the American people have not rallied around this war of terror. The national unity that politicians whine about was achieved only once in the beginning of this war, before the politicians and the corporations revealed the war for what it has always been -- a war to control oil and gas.

The great danger posed by conspiracy theorists is that we will finally wake the people up to the fact that we have been deceived, in order to trick us into allowing the armed forces of the United States to be used as a mercenary force, an army of conquest, to rob the people of Asia of their God-given natural resources. The danger of the “conspiracy theorist” is that he will awaken the people from their trance-like slumber which binds them, trapped somewhere between the waking world and the dream state. In this state, most of us meekly “support the troops” as they mercilessly clear the ground of resisters to the great conspiracy. The danger is that we will shock them and turn their thoughts toward this ugly reality of the waking world.

The “conspiracy theorist” is discredited because he or she dares to look for alternatives to the idiotic official excuses given for key events like the 911 and London subway bombings, or for historic, pivotal political assassinations. Researchers who dare to look beyond explanations which are obviously lies automatically become delegated to the lunatic fringe. With the Internet becoming the researchers’ primary source of information, it has became possible for national security organizations to control nearly all critical information, thus insuring that no one would find any hidden proof of the crimes of the past. This federal oversight meant that it became necessary for theorists to switch tactics and shift our focus from looking for evidence of government crimes in the past (which have had time to be covered-up), to rooting-out proof of ongoing crimes and criminal plans for the future. In today’s environment of massive social and political discontent, hard proof of either ongoing war crimes or of criminal conspiracies to commit future crimes, could very likely prove to be the spark that lights the “prairie fires” of a grass roots revolution. This is the real danger of uncontrolled research.

The sudden and widespread popular reactions to the WikiLeaks story which contains proof of US and NATO war crimes, demonstrates the potential powder keg to be tapped by the right torch bearer. Government leaders undoubtedly understood the great potential danger risked by allowing the release of the Wiki documents, but, being the practitioners of Nazi mind-science that they are, they fully understood the potential rewards to be reaped by the correct handling of the leaks and Western reporting on them. Popular emphasis upon the Pakistani angle of Wiki revelations could help create a national consensus for attacking Taliban bases in Pakistan.

The WikiLeaks were a document dump, intended to overwhelm researchers and to preoccupy they, studying the Empire’s past moves, in order to distract us from our new focus upon the present, looking towards the future. Look for the release of an even greater document dump from WikiLeaks in the near future, as they dump their Iraq files onto the Internet. Another effect of the Wiki document dump is that it has flooded search engines with countless new variations on the search for “American war crimes,” or info on important key battles or screw-ups, making it even more impossible to find information on Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, or anything covered in the leaks. This will muddy the waters for us even more and make it even less likely in the future that we will stumble across important evidence of ongoing criminal activity.

The nature of our conspiracy research is searching to find preventative answers, evidence to reveal overlooked evidence which could possibly preempt ongoing conspiracy plans. My focus for several years now has been to find preventive evidence of America’s true intentions in Pakistan. I have chosen Pakistan because I figured it to be the primary focus of the whole ongoing criminal American conspiracy (which involves many foreign co-conspirators), the critical component to the entire pipeline scheme. No matter how far into Central Asia the evidence has gone, it always relates back to Pakistan, certainly as the port for the pipeline plans, but also, just as important, to the thirty-year old scheme to create an army of “Islamists,” created to serve the Empire builders’ plans. Without Pakistan, none of the current plans for Empire would have even been possible.

For this unshakeable loyalty, if nothing else, we owe Pakistan a great debt. But Pakistan has gone far beyond mere loyalty in serving American interests, risking everything to serve as America’s secret sword. Pakistan risked its very existence in this capacity, standing alone on the lofty Himalayan peaks, toe-to-toe against the intimidating Soviet Union. They exposed their entire population to thermonuclear blackmail or potential elimination, to serve as the American stand-in for the historic confrontation which brought the Communist empire to its knees. Pakistan has given and risked so much for us that our leaders have decided to sacrifice the nation on the altar of self-aggrandizement. The greatest service we could do to them and to ourselves today would be to throw a monkey wrench into their plans for our Pakistani friends.

Sadly, the ongoing insidious criminal plans of the Empire extend far beyond Pakistan, reaching into every country on the earth, extending its tentacles like some great octopus, grasping to control every life within its reach. In the past, many researchers who got too close to the “Octopus” were eliminated, usually in an unconventional manner, usually in bizarre “suicides” . Now, our numbers have grown so great that it has altered the equation a bit, there are too many of us to kill today. The idea of using anti-Empire activists, such as myself, to help advance their plans and to agitate the public into a frenzy, has been a risky one. When the time comes to flip right-wing and left-wing activists towards the Empire’s preferred “consensus” there has always been a great inherent danger that the activists would not follow the trail of breadcrumbs leading us into new American police state.

That is the great weakness in the Empire’s plan -- by continually operating in a Hegelian manner (always manipulating both left and right, to force a consensus), every argument put forth by politicians or behaviorists, seeking to confine us within a narrow political spectrum, reaches a flipping point, where both synthesis and antithesis change direction, heading towards, instead of away from each other. It is at this flipping, or tipping point, where the original argument fizzles-out, losing its steam and forward momentum, and the threat we represent becomes the greatest. The greatest danger in allowing us to access inconvenient or incriminating evidence from the Internet comes just at the point of flipping. This is why the Internet has not yet been pulled out from under us.

This is why the WikiLeaks leaks are like a two-edged sword, they could just as easily cut the legs out from under us as they could undercut the criminal war for resources. Instead of following the game plan and jumping on the national bandwagon of a “patriotic” war on Pakistan, we must find the strength to muster our own groundswell of support by exposing the criminal intentions which have underwritten this war from the beginning, bringing the American people together to oppose the planned expansion of the war.

We are a threat if we start to come together. The ideas that bind us all here in the alternative media are exactly the sort of thinking that must be eliminated. The path to either victory or defeat for the anti-Empire side, just as it is for the bad guys, lies in changing the thinking of the people. The bad guys are intent on erasing the polluting ideas of freedom, liberation and individualism from the human lexicon, replacing all of these cherished concepts with ideas of hopelessness, terror and submission (SEE: Bombing Improper Thoughts). We must be just as committed to reinforcing visions of hope, fighting terror with truth and reason, building the fires of resistance within the besieged minds of our countrymen and our fellow man.

The greatest danger to the Empire is that you will refuse to lie down and submit. If enough people begin to feel this way, then the tide will turn towards freedom’s shore.

* Peter Chamberlin may be contacted at

"Bombing Improper Thoughts" Nov 3 2007 on this issue:

"They are trying to outlaw what people are allowed to BELIEVE. The "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Act," H.R. 1955, was passed on October 23 (2007), by the House of Representatives. This bill creates a commission which will study how to prohibit ". . . . .the process of adopting or promoting an extremist belief system . . . . .to advance political, religious, or social change.. . . ." Spreading these beliefs to "advance political, religious, or social change" is defined as "radicalization." If you are trying to educate your fellow countrymen, to democratically influence popular opinion, then you may find yourself accused of "facilitating ideologically-based violence."

Conspiracy theories fit into the government's definition of an "extremist belief system." Belief that our government answers to a secret higher authority than the American majority qualifies you as an "extremist." According to the US State Department, this is anyone who believes that "vast, powerful, evil forces are secretly manipulating events." Doubting the "official version" of violent events, like 9/11, the Kennedy assassinations (John, Bobby, or John Jr.), Oklahoma City bombing, or the downing of Flight 800, is extremism. This act follows on the heels of countless other bills and presidential "signing statements," like the "Military Commissions Act of 2006," which places martial law just a signing statement away. The threat of imprisonment for improper belief may not be imminent, but is clearly very real."

Peter Chamberlain, Nov 3rd 2007 in this article :

I am with you cem & Peter to fight (synthetic political & white-collar financial) terror with truth and reason !

The Senate version of that bill died in subcommittee

(a subcommittee that Sen. Obama sat on, btw)

Thus, it never became law. This doesn't mean Congress won't try again.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


are a UK Globalist / NWO style Government thinktank.

After reading the report

my preliminary conclusion is that it is a slipshod work of arrivistes. The language smacks of "debunkers" trying to pose as academics. I detect a lot of superficial and poorly compiled material. That's strange, because the primary author, Jamie Bartlett is apparently an academic: "Jamie holds Masters Degrees from the London School of Economics and the University of Oxford. "

Can't find any mention of his co-author "Carl Miller" anywhere on the site.

Still, I think it's of poor quality. Sunstein's paper was technically better and more coherent. Both papers are exceedingly arrogant and presumptuous.

This report is more evidence

This report is more evidence that growing numbers of people are learning that there are serious problems with the official story of 911. The way to capitalize on this success is to keep eachother honest as we present the highest quality evidence and arguments to the world through our various media. The message of 911 truth will always have an intuitive appeal to the best instincts of rational people as long as we focus on the best evidence, however pedantic. Its always tempting to draw ever more broad conclusions from the facts that are known, but we should resist wading into the weeds of speculation whenever possible. A factual discussion of the effects of 911 in geopolitical terms coupled with anomalies in the official story is probaly enough to give most people the ability to draw their own conclusions. Meanwhile I always think about that first time web-surfer, curious to find information about 911 and try to encourage an environment where he will be well served. The internet is a precious tool for us to use and if we use it well we will have a big advantage over previous generations of activists.

Additional links

A more proactive role in confronting the lies and myths…

After having come to the conclusion that the government lacks the credibility to rebut the “conspiracy theories” (8 “key conspiracy theories” are identified in the report : “The Bilderberg Group”, “‘False Flag’ Operations”, “FEMA”, “Freemasons”, “Illuminati”, “New World Order”, “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and “Zionist Occupation Government”) the report gives the following recommendation :


Civil Society must play a more proactive role in confronting the lies and myths of conspiracy theories when they find them. There are a number of independent civil society groups that currently work to fight various forms of extremist and terrorist ideology. It is important that they also confront conspiracy theories that are part of the ideology. Such groups have more credibility than the government to factually rebut them. This applies not just to active civil society groups, but society as a whole: community leaders and individuals for example should be ready and willing to rebut conspiracy theories head-on where they find them.”

Here at 911blogger, we cannot agree more! We ARE civil society, and we ARE confronting the lies and myths of the NON FACT BASED conspiracy theory that our official media and government agencies like NIST have been producing over the last nine years. We ARE looking for every opportunity in society as a whole to dissect the official myths that has fueled the ideology which has brought the US military to wrongfully start new warzones, causing death and extreme hardship to millions, and flaring terrorist sentiments towards the occupying Western nations. Another excellent example of independent civil society are the 1250 architects and engineers behind

Eric in Brussels