ACTION ALERT: AE911Truth Washington DC Press Conference and Debate

AE911Truth Action AlertACTION ALERT: AE911Truth Washington DC Press Conference and Debate


A. Press Conference and Mock Debate - Washington DC, National Press Club.
B. Concurrent Press Conferences Hosted by You All Around the World

On September 9, 2010 AE911Truth will hold a major press conference and debate at the National Press Club in Washington DC. Join them in the early afternoon in DC for these events.

They need your help to organize this complex event. Media publicity and outreach to like-minded organizations will be key. Contact them now at to get connected as a team member.

More important, please consider organizing a concurrent press conference outside the local office of your Senator or Representative. This September we can show even broader support than at last February’s amazing press conference. We have twice as much lead time this round as we did this past February when you held 4 dozen concurrent press conferences. AE911Truth also have more exciting news to announce on many different action fronts. Soon they will outline the specifics for you. Let them know if you are willing to build on the action that the groups across the world last February accomplished so that we can have over a hundred concurrent press conferences this time on September 9.

Get Started Today

1. Email AE911Truth at to let them know that you are interested in making the five-minute press conference happen in your area. They need your name, phone number, email, and the exact address of your press conference location.

2. You don’t have to be an architect or engineer to organize the press conference, although that would be great. They will help you to find a local architect or engineer petition signer to read the statement – if one is available.

3. Please make extraordinary efforts to get the press to attend your press conference. AE911Truth will provide a brief Media Alert / Press Advisory a week before the event. You should email/fax/deliver/mail this document to every radio/TV/newspaper in your local area. Start gathering contact information for them now.

4. Be prepared to receive the final press release from AE911Truth shortly before the press conference. You will simply be reading it outside the office of your Congressmember and then taking questions – if you feel comfortable doing so.

5. Be sure to have an AE911Truth vinyl banner, which is available from the AE911Truth store. (You can also download the artwork at no cost and print the banner locally.)

6. Be sure to have photos and videos taken at your event and email them at It is best to have an experienced, dedicated person to do this work.

7. Please also consider assisting AE911Truth as a regional volunteer to help coordinate this important nationwide project.

Thank you once again for your dedication and courage in bringing the evidence forward in the face of the possible denial and judgment that we have all experienced. The rewards of success are worth those risks. These times call for all true patriots to step forward. Join us!