International Center for 9/11 Studies Secures Release of Thousands of Photos and Videos from NIST


The International Center for 9/11 Studies has secured the release of hundreds of hours of video footage and tens of thousands of photographs used by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for its investigation of the collapse of the World Trade Center Twin Towers and Building 7. This material is being released to the Center under the Freedom of Information Act, in response to a lawsuit the Center filed against NIST.

The Center filed a FOIA Request with NIST on January 26, 2009, seeking production of “all of the photographs and videos collected, reviewed, cited or in any other way used by NIST during its investigation of the World Trade Center building collapses.” Following several unsuccessful attempts to get NIST to even acknowledge receipt of the Request, the Center was forced to file a lawsuit on May 28, 2009. Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, the Request was assigned a reference number, and NIST began periodically releasing batches of responsive records. To date, the Center has received over 300 DVDs and several external hard disk drives that contain responsive records - more than 3 terabytes of data so far – and NIST has indicated that additional records will be released in the future.

We are currently looking at the best ways to distribute these materials to interested researchers and journalists around the world. It has taken NIST more than 8 months so far to produce a partial archive of photographs and videos in their possession, but we hope to be more efficient in our efforts. Because of the huge volume of data, we are working on a wiki-style website to facilitate review and discussion of any interesting items that are discovered by researchers.

Justin Keogh, our Chief Technical Officer, is preparing the website and materials for release. The first batch of materials we are releasing is a group of video clips sent to us on an external hard disk drive labeled “NIST WTC Investigation Cumulus Video Clips.” We believe NIST entered these clips into a searchable database called the Cumulus database, and used them as the basis for the investigation and reports. Researchers may be interested to see which video clips NIST determined were important to its investigation, and compare these clips to the raw footage we release at a later date. Justin will be posting more details about the data release in the next week or two. Any questions about the FOIA Request, lawsuit, or data release should be submitted via the Contact Us page at the Center’s website:

Although the Center has extremely limited resources with which it can review this mountain of data, several interesting items have already been discovered. Below are five items the Center has uncovered so far. The items below have not been altered from the original provided by NIST, except in three cases where a short section of footage was extracted from a much longer video. Otherwise, no alterations have been made to the video or audio. For the best viewing experience, you should watch all of the videos below in the highest resolution available. We will supplement the list below in the coming days and weeks.

1. Video Footage of Explosion Before Collapse

In the video below, at about the 0:59 mark, a high-pressure explosion occurs in one of the Twin Towers, below the impact zone, while the building is still standing.

In the final report on the collapse of the Twin Towers issued by NIST, it appears to attempt an explanation for this explosion by suggesting it is a smoke puff resulting from a pressure pulse inside the building, perhaps from a collapsing wall or ceiling, or sudden opening of a door. (See NCSTAR1-5A, p. 52) However, as can be seen from the screen capture below, it isn’t merely smoke and dust being ejected. There appears to be a massive object being ejected along with the explosion.

WTC Explosion

2. Audio Evidence of Explosions During Collapse

Several videos released to the Center have clear audio tracks that contain distinct sounds of explosions occurring at the World Trade Center. These audio tracks provide support to the many eyewitness statements referring to explosions occurring when the buildings collapsed. Explosions can be heard at the initiation of the South Tower collapse in the following two videos. The explosions are clear enough at normal volumes, but turning your speaker volume up a bit can help provide a full appreciation of the sound.

The video below contains distinct sounds of explosions occurring throughout the collapse of the North Tower. The native audio track is at very low volume, so your speakers should be turned up enough to hear the explosions. (Please be careful to turn your volume back down after watching this video.)

In the next video, a loud, low-frequency boom can be heard just before the east penthouse of WTC 7 falls.

David Chandler will soon be publishing a video that contains a more in depth analysis of this footage, including audio enhancements of the explosion.

3. Visual Evidence of Explosions During Collapse

Several videos also have clear visible explosions that occur above the airplane impact/collapse zone in the South Tower. In the video below, the collapse begins at about the 3:45 mark. If you watch the corner of the South Tower nearest the camera, at a point about halfway between the airplane impact zone and the top of the building, you will see puffs of smoke and a flash at about the 3:49-3:50 mark. The corner of the building also appears to lose structural support (or “kink”) at this same location. These are the obvious result of explosive charges severing the steel structure at the near corner.

In the next video, a similar phenomenon can be seen, but from a different angle and not quite as clearly.

The video below is raw footage from a news outlet of the South Tower exploding. Explosions can be seen ahead of the collapse front. The newscaster even calls it a “huge explosion.”

4. Missing Video

Several clips from the Cumulus database show signs of editing. In the two video clips below, the collapse of the penthouse of World Trade Center 7 is cut out of the video. These videos happen to have been filmed from close to WTC 7, and have a high quality soundtrack that would have picked up explosion sounds from the charges that severed the columns supporting the penthouse, especially the explosion heard in the last video clip presented in item 2 above.

Another clip from the Cumulus database (below) begins after initiation of the WTC 7 collapse. The soundtrack is curiously silent during the entire collapse, only to turn on after the collapse has already finished.

In the next video, the camera catches the South Tower collapse from very close to the building. The initiation of the collapse is missing and appears to have been cut from the original.

The video clip below also begins after collapse initiation.

There are many video clips in the Cumulus database that do not show collapse initiation – the only event even purportedly explained in the final report from NIST on the Twin Towers.

5. Footage of WTC 7 Before Collapse

The video below is a series of clips taken near World Trade Center 7 after at least one of the Twin Towers has collapsed. This video shows Michael Hess yelling for help from the 8th floor window, beginning at about the 1:09 mark.

Edited on 9/1/2010 to replace a video that was not working.

WNYW Dub1 35-2.jpg85.48 KB

Much much more on the way.

The vast majority of this material has not been examined. We need the communities help to make it happen. The entire 3+TB dataset will be posted in stages via bittorrent in the upcoming days and weeks. We also have a plan to make it available for traditional download. If you have PHP or Python web programming experience, or if you are one of the people still seeding the 26GB ABC FOIA release, and you are interested in donating time to this and other related projects, please contact us.

I'm working on a WTC documentary

and all I can say is WOW! My documentary is going to be strictly about the WTC and how it was brought down with explosives. But it is now on hold effective immediately until I get a chance to view the videos that you guys have obtained.

I am able and willing to help in any way I can. I don't want to go any further with my documentary until these videos have been thoroughly looked through.

Thanks for posting and looking forward to the rest.



Great work, guys!

Unbelievably Good News!

Hard work sometimes pays off!

Thank you!

Kind regards John

Great work! Proof that

Great work! Proof that lawsuits work. I rest my case for the need for more. Good work Justin. Keep them coming. Please get full 5-1 compression videos, if possible, to Chandler asap. Did you compress further to upload to youtube? That's ok, but try the resolution is much better and there's no time limit like YouTube places on vids.


Compressing and releasing the files is a top priority, we will make the entire set of originals available, but there is no way that a reasonable fraction of people will be able to save 3000+GB. Compressing it all in h.264 for vids and jpg for images is the only way to get this down to a manageable size. Interesting stuff will hopefully be available in original format from the people with RAID array's who have decided to host the entire set via bittorrent. It's not going to be ready for a few days, but is where this all will eventually be listed... along with other large datasets (like the news footage archive) that are not up yet.


The entire 942GB NIST Cumulus Video database is being transcoded to HQ x264. The script was started Friday. I ran some tests before telling my server to convert the entire set and there was no perceptiable difference in quality. Resolution ect will all remain the same. As people find more interesting clips we can post the (DV) originals as well. Using mencoder -oac copy -ovc x264.

Persistence furthers

Way to go!

Thank you James and Justin.

In the WTC 7 clip that David is working on - I boosted the bass on my stereo and voilà. Boom-boom or ka-boom at 0:11, just before the east penthouse falls. Debora may find more with her "acoustics toolkit" and do her great graphics. Looking forward to that.

Looking forward to seeing the whole WTC 7 file. ;-)

Mr. Hess confirmed on 8th floor and it appears to be after the collapse of WTC 1 as there was only light debris and no cars burning around WTC 7 after the collapse of WTC 2. More study needed.

Sound travels slower than light

I hope everyone listening to sounds and trying to correlate with the video images remembers that sound travels much slower than light. Therefore the time at which you hear some sound corresponds to an event you saw some time earlier if you are some distance from the event.

The time at which an initial explosion is heard before WTC 7 falls and just before the east penthouse falls corresponds to an event that occurred earlier. To know how much earlier, we would have to know the precise distance.

This explains why some people were surprised at the silence of the plane impacts, and they heard an explosion a bit later when the sound arrived. They ought to have heard the roar of the plane engines in any event, though that too would have been delayed by the same amount, but a constant sound is easier to ignore.

During the collapse of WTC2 (the first to go) which was captured by a few very close videos, the spacing between the sounds of the exploding floors would be closer together than the visual of the explosion events, because the sound from the upper floors took a bit longer to arrive compared to the lower floors. This is one aspect of the Doppler effect we are all familiar with when a train speeds by and the pitch rapidly drops.

2 seconds

Camera 3 was ~ 2250 feet away at West and Harrison.

Sound: 1,125 ft/s

Second Video Sounds

Not able to visually note WTC 2's collapse in this video. Interestingly, the associated sounds seem to resemble the "bang, bang, bang" and fireworks finale' sounds reported by bystanders just prior to WTC 2's collapse.

The sounds are very audible even given the distance between the camera and WTC 2.

Very interesting

Interesting to see...

In the "Visible Explosions at WTC" video - the molten material pouring from the corner.

In the "South Tower Exploding" video - what looks like several explosive ejections from the lower sky lobby.

Is this everything NIST has?

Wow, this is just fantastic news. Tons of info. This isn't everything NIST has though is it as far as video and photographs that they used in their investigation? I believe everyone would be interested in the specific pictures and videos they based their conclusions on and they only release auxiliary photos and videos.

Next will be transcripts from interviews and a summary of their computer modifications and inputs for the black box model they created.

great work, great news all.

"The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie; deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought." - John F. Kennedy


the 'object' in the blast of video 1 appears to be a human being

Alas, yes

But the clear, high-speed lateral ejection of such a large object is irrefutable, un-debunkable proof of an explosion, isn't it? It cannot be an air pressure effect.


on first viewing that was my thought as well. :(

Debris says NIST

I freeze framed and I wasn't convinced it was a human, but rather, some kind of debis.

NIST says that too, so I can go along with that, but the explanation for the event, is pretty tough for me to go along with ....

Here is how NIST explained it......

BTW-That person climbing outside fell off about 1 minute after the debris "flew out" the window.

"The nearby fire on the 80th floor and the smoke coming from window 79-351 forced a third person at this location to climb outside onto the face of the tower. This person tried to climb down the outside of the tower and ultimately fell at 9:38:18 a.m." page 50/268

This all happened around the time(9:37 a.m.)that the pentagon got hit,.... and they see what we do...."piece of debris was ejected from a window, 77-355, on the 77th floor at an extremely high velocity."

"The video shot from the WTC plaza captured an intriguing event at 9:37:04 a.m. A jet of air, dust, and a large piece of debris was ejected from a window, 77-355, on the 77th floor at an extremely high velocity. Longer distance videos show that puffs of smoke and or dust appeared simultaneously on the east face from several open windows near the center of the 78th floor and from open windows on the north side of the 79th floor. Interestingly, the smoke flow from the windows on the west sides of the 79th and 80th floors, which had decreased markedly by this time, did not increase. Within 14 s of this release, a larger fire either grew or became visible near the center of the east face on the 82 floor." page 50/268

They call it a "pressure pulse". And here is their explanation.....

"It is conceivable that the pressure pulse generated within WTC 2 at 9:37:04 a.m. could have resulted from the sudden collapse of the hanging object, presumed to be a portion of the 83rd floor slab, observed through open 82 floor windows. While the rapid collapse of a large section of a floor slab would likely generate a substantial pressure pulse, evidence supporting such a conclusion is circumstantial, at best. The actual collapse of the object was not observed, and there is no evidence that it occurred rapidly or even at this time. The appearance of large fires on the 82nd floor shortly after the pressue pulse is an indication that something happened on this floor around this time. On the other hand, most of the direct effects of the pressure pulse were observed on lower floors, particularly floors 77 through 79. The available pathways for transporting the pressue pulse are unknown, but it might have been expected that its largest effects would have been apparent near the floor where it was generated. It must be concluded that, while it is possible that the pressure pulse resulted from a partial collapse of the hanging object seen on the east side of the tower, the evidence is far from conclusive." page 55/268

It sounds like they are saying a floor slab 6 floors above might have collapsed and caused that.

That doesn't seem to be a very good explanation for the "pressue pulses" forty floors down from a fire. Using their own words...."it might have been expected that its largest effects would have been apparent near the floor where it was generated."

But anyway, that seems to be their explanation.

object ejected

Congratulations to James and others who got this material released.

I've gone through the ejection video frame by frame, and I do not think it is a human being that is ejected. It is possible it is a human torso, but it seems more likely that it is an object such as a jacket or sweater. If so, it may not be a heavy object. Obviously, this requires more study.

Excellent, rich source material.


In #3, the antenna atop North Tower appears to be slightly askew at the time that South Tower was still standing, well before the movement just before the collapse of N. It doesn't appear to be a perspective artifact.

Thank you Mr. G and others for your hard work...

I want to acknowledge and thank everyone for all the hard work, long hours, expenses, etc. along with a tenacious dedication over the years towards revealing the evidence. Thank you so very much ya'll !!!

That is one hell of a fireball exploding at the 5 second mark

One hell of a fireball at 5 seconds...
Right after "hello"


Great to see these coming out now!

Thanks for this work.

Great job James and all the others who made this happen!

Your expertise and hard work have paid off again and again. Thank you.

True indeed

EDIT: this was meant to be a reply to liberte's "Sound travels faster than light" post.

Anyone who has seen a professional fireworks show will remember this fact. As for the new footage, wow, I'm shocked, and I've been aware of the explosives evidence since 2005.

Thanks guys

for all your hard work.

However, hasn't anyone posting here noticed that some of these videos point to a hatchet job? In other words, as the author of this blog has indicated, many of these videos appear doctored in that they are missing key footage which suspiciously points to the controlled demolition of WTC 7!

The next International Center for 9/11 Studies FOIA request to NIST should include the following statement: "We demand all documents related to the missing WTC 7 footage edited out of our previous FOIA request."

I can already predict NIST's very telling response: "No such records exist."

It is important to note that

It is important to note that most of the videos above (except the WTC 7 Burning and the WTC 7 Explosion) were found in the NIST Cumulus video database, and that I have gone through maybe 15% of the entire volume of video footage they have sent me - which is far larger than just the Cumulus video. So, the real, uncut video may be buried somewhere in the 2 to 3 terabytes of data I have in addition to the Cumulus video. If it is, that raises the very important question of how these clips with missing footage made their way into the video database that informed the NIST investigation. In other words, why did NIST not use the uncut video to inform their investigation? We should probably hold of on speculation about that question for now, because we don't know if the uncut video has been turned over, but just hasn't been found yet. Needless to say, I'm trying to resolve these issues in the Center's ongoing lawsuit against NIST, and I will post newsworthy updates when they occur.

Also, one of the clips that is missing the collapse of the east penthouse is a file named something like "NBC1 Restricted Tape 6.AVI". It's possible that someone at NBC cut out the east penthouse collapse before sending it to NIST. Who knows...

It is also interesting to note that David Chandler found a section in the NIST report on WTC 7 that talks about the footage I have referred to as "WTC 7 Explosion". I don't have the reference handy, but they basically say the soundtrack doesn't have anything in there that would indicate an explosion taking place. Just an outright lie.

Be that as it may,

as you have pointed out, there appears to be some serious doctoring of the WTC 7 "4. Missing Video". My advice, since I have not the video editing technology on hand to do this on my own, is to slow down the video, observe the chronometer clearly seen at the bottom, and determine if there is any footage missing in (what looks like) the millisecond range. If there isn't, meaning that the chronometer is indeed intact, then I believe we have before us an even greater blatant and abhorrent case of fraud than first suspected.

However, if the chronometer matches the missing footage, then that is still very suspicious.

A lot more than a few seconds missing

I just did a cursory analysis of the video with the missing east penthouse (the first one: My conclusion is that this was not necessarily a hack of the original video, but perhaps all there is. Imagine having a camera set up and recording, but nothing is happening for the longest time, so you turn off the recording. Then you hear an explosion, and something seems to be happening, so you turn on the recording again, missing the initial event. This could also explain several of the videos of the WTC1 and 2 collapses that are missing the initiation.

That's a rationale, but here is my evidence. First notice the time stamp on the bottom of the video which progresses without interruption, showing frame numbers in the rightmost position. There are no missing frame numbers, so if the video was hacked, this time stamp would have to be faked as well. Faking the overlaid time stamp is certainly conceivable, though someone familiar with video cameras might know whether this one looks faked. If the recording is stopped, and started again, is there no frame gap to mark the change?

But at the same time that the east penthouse is suddenly gone, several other things are changing in the scene as well, and the change is much more dramatic than could be explained by a missing couple seconds. These frames, before and after, are labeled TCR 17:03.41:17 and 18.

* The signal light has changed from red to green. This change could be a coincidence.
* There is a significant change in contrast in the left and right foreground.
* The crowd of heads at the bottom changes suddenly and drastically.
* The smoke on the left of WTC7 changes quite a lot. Comparing with other videos, we should be able to tell when the earlier part of this video ended based on the smoke pattern.

I agree that it's certainly

I agree that it's certainly possible the beginning of collapse is missing from some of the videos for precisely the reasons you describe. However, I don't consider the timestamp as evidence that the video was not doctored. This timestamp was added to the video by NIST during their investigation. I strongly believe this to be the case because that same timestamp can be found in many other videos that were shot by different people. In some of the video I have, a menu overlaying the video will randomly pop up and a mouse pointer will turn the timestamp on, then later the menu will pop up again, and the mouse pointer will turn the timestamp off. It's very strange to see, and sometimes there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why the timestamp function was being toggled.

I have some footage of the South Tower collapse (which I have not posted on YouTube) filmed by a man on the street a few blocks from the Towers. It is about an hour long, and is pretty much a continuous shot from after the second airplane impact up until right before the South Tower collapse. In the video, the man films the molten metal dripping from the ST, which we know from other, continuous shots, happens very soon before the ST collapse. The man then pans up to the North Tower for a few seconds, and then it suddenly cuts to a frame about a second or two into the South Tower collapse, and the ST is perfectly framed. There has to be no more than a few seconds missing from this footage, and I have a really difficult time buying that the guy turned off his camera for only those crucial few seconds. Again, it might have happened, but I seriously doubt it.

In any case, I'm withholding final judgment on the issue of doctored footage until everything I've received has been fully analyzed. As it stands right now, though, it is a distinct possibility.

Correct - timestamp is not evidence either way

You are correct that the continuous timestamp is not evidence of non-doctoring. This is clear by looking at the second video, which is the same as the first without the timestamp, so it must have been closer to the original source. But why the timestamp was added is not clear.

Regarding the South Tower video you have, although we know the molten metal dripping from the ST happens soon before the collapse, he didn't, and he obviously wasn't trying to hide the molten metal, nor was anyone who might have edited the video.

It does make sense to me that he might have just decided to stop recording, while keeping the tower in view, and then turned it back on again once the collapse started. Why he turned it on again is perfectly obvious. But why he turned it off just before the collapse is a matter of speculation. He is probably still kicking himself, assuming he is not being stepped on by someone else. Maybe he was running low on tape, or battery power, or his own time. How much longer did he record after the collapse? Is this a new view of the collapse or one that has been previously released?

Second video is same as first, without time stamp.

Since the second video ( the same as the first without the time stamp, it would appear that the first was produced from the second, by adding the time stamp. Why would someone do that? There are about 9 more seconds at the beginning as well.

The two videos are separate

The two videos are separate files in the Cumulus video database, so I wasn't sure if they were just taken from two different cameras in approximately the same location. The sound seems a little bit different between the two as well.

To be fair,

you make and interesting an compelling point. Further investigation is warranted.

A distinct possibility is that the time stamp(s) may have been added across the board to most, if not all, of the videos, to obfuscate the true time line of those videos.

Did NIST Edit WTC 7 Footage To Hide Evidence Of Implosion?

Did NIST Edit WTC 7 Footage To Hide Evidence Of Implosion?
Paul Joseph Watson

Unlikely IMHO in this case

IMHO it is unlikely that this is deliberate doctoring.

It is not unreasonable for NIST to add timestamps to videos. It is useful to be able to say "in video x at time y, event z happens".

Personal cameras have neither the battery power nor capacity to film for hours on end so I find the reason for the edit more likely as prevoiusly suggested - the penthouse falls prompting the cameraman to restart filming.

If NIST wanted to cut out the penthouse drop, they could have easily cut the whole intro i.e. this is too obvious to be a deliberate cover up.

Just my opinion on this particular instance :-)

Thanks a lot for your hard

Thanks a lot for your hard work.

We all appreciate it immensely.

Physical Evidence of Explosions

and therefore, of explosives, implicates NIST in gross negligence, fraud, and by extension, cover-up and therefore aiding an abetting, in a conspiracy to commit mass murder.

Forcing them to release all this data.. wow, great move on "our" part.

Great job guys!! Big Time!

The historical record of 9/11 requires this information, to make a full and accurate historical rendering of what actually took place on that fateful and tragic day.

Sound of Explosion at WTC

The video titled "Sound of Explosion at WTC" which is is not playing for me in the 911blogger page, but if you go to the youtube link, it will play, with the complaint "This video is not yet processed."

I would have to say that, although the sound which we would call an explosion is clear, it is not clear when this is happening relative to the collapse since smoke is obscuring the view of WTC2 from this angle, and so it might be explained away as just the usual noise of a collapse, as if... We should be able to determine the exact time using other events in the video, however. There is a flash on the corner which should have been visible from other angles as well.

And again, the explosion sound would be due to an earlier event because of the time it takes the sound to arrive.

The voice on this video says a curious thing, however. "That's the third. ...... Down it went." He says "That's the third" midway through the collapse of WTC2, the first tower to collapse, and "Down it went" is just after the collapse has finished, with an almost matter-of-fact tone - no shock and surprise. ( Is there a mixup in the audio, and this is really from a WTC7 collapse video? Doesn't seem likely unless it was faked to overlay the sound of the helicopter. )

A minute later, he sounds more shocked and forlorn: "It's gone. The building's gone."

But then he says "The third plane hit it." and "I thought I saw stuff projecting out the right."

Was there another plane he might have seen? What is he talking about? From the angle he is at taking this video on the North side, I believe the second plane impact should have projected stuff out towards him. Am I correct?

Sounds and flashes

What might be the distance from the camera to the tower? The rumbling sound begins to be heard at about the same time as the collapse starts, so when one considers the time it takes the sound to travel to the camera, one can say that the onset of the rumble precedes collapse initiation - as is to be expected in a controlled demolition.

Also, I can see flashes near the corner where the collapse begins. Are they charges going off or some kind of reflections?

My take on "the third plane"

I also found the commentary interesting on this video.

My impression was that when the cameraman heard the explosion, he assumed it was another plane hitting the building - hence the "third" references. He thought it was a third plane and that is what brought the building down.

Great work, again! James and Justin and co-workers.

This is exciting, to finally have these videos and photos from NIST, first requested so long ago (for instance, in my first 9/11 paper going back to 2005).

It would be interesting to compare the redacted videos (missing sound track, etc.) from original videos if originals could be obtained -- perhaps from the original videographers. Is this possible? Did NIST identify the names of the persons taking the videos?

Also, what happened to Mr. Hess? I see in the video you highlighted that he looks fine, on the 8th floor. Did he get out?

Keep up the good work! I would be glad to help if I can. You guys are doing great.

Mr Hess tells his story...

"Also, what happened to Mr. Hess? I see in the video you highlighted that he looks fine, on the 8th floor. Did he get out?"

Mr Hess explains......

Incredible, and incediary, and -- WOW!

The first video shows an explosive ejection of mass that happens to be the first thing I was hoping to see when I read the headline.
It is my second orbit:

BUT when viewed carefully, slowly, between 52 and 53 seconds, and pardon me for yelling this..


here are two frames to help you locate the cutter (4th column from left):

explosive ejection, plus bonus incendiary cutting of a column, as plain as day:
(at app. 52-53 seconds, I repeat)

I see it!

It's a little hard to see until you slow the video down and zoom in. To me it looks like a string of firecrackers going off in a straight line. It would be good to have the uncompressed video to work with. I think it would have great visual impact if that portion was enlarged and slowed down frame by frame and adjusted for camera bounce. If I knew how to do that I would. But anyway, great discovery!

Also thank you to all involved in getting all this out to the public.

stabilized cutter

My attempt to stabilize and crop the relevant section using antique photo software (Corel Paint!) kind of worked.
Not sure if I got the frame rate exactly right, but here it is --- a cutter charge detonation:

I also think he uncompressed interlaced original would produce a better result.

Thanks for taking a look.

Looking Good

Your welcome. That does make it easier to see. Thanks again.

Great find

Well done!

Along with the straight line

Along with the straight line of flame there is also a straight line of white smoke,a tell tale sign of aluminothermics,and proof that the flame cannot be an optical illusion.Two events happening at the same time,the flame and the white smoke, in perfect timing and symmetry is obviously not a natural event.

This is a great find,well done my friend.

Also it's on an angle just

Also it's on an angle just like you would expect for a cutting charge. Funny how NIST "missed" that one!

Have You Seen This???

What NIST told me

I spoke with the NIST FOIA officers several times over the past few months. What they revealed to me about "cumulus" is not what I think you are writing about. I would like to speak with one or both of you ASAP so we can figure out what game NIST is playing.

I just want

to say thank you.


This ejection appears to be coming from just above, or in, the mechanical floor of WTC2. The exterior cladding is somewhat different in appearance than regular floors.

Is this correct? If true could this help us understand the destruction only a short time later?