New Commemorative Video for 9th 9/11 Anniversary Promoting "Building What?"

David Ray Griffin suggested in his "Building What?" speech that we all do what we can to ensure no one ever responds like Judge Lehner when Building 7 is mentioned.

Here's a new video that is a big step in that direction:

Powerful piece of production!

Thank you Debora Blake! Thank you David Ray Griffin!

Beautifully done

...powerful...The music is perfect...Thank you ..Thank you DRG and Debora Blake and all those involved...

Building WHAT?

Studies have shown that there is a direct co-relation between knowledge of the 6.5 second collapse time of Building 7, and doubts about the official story of 9/11.

It is therefore extremely important that the millions of people who have not become aware of WTC 7's mysterious collapse, come to understand its enormous potential as a lever to open the secrets of 9/11 -- and be opened they must, for they have issued in an era that is built on blindness and unreality. We are living in a fantasy world, and Building 7 is the way out.

This little video shows how truly ignorant even usually informed people are of the phenomenon of WTC 7. It therefore makes a good starting point for the public awareness campaign -- BuildingWHAT? -- to bring Seven into such clear and present focus that a new investigation will become a universally called for inevitability.

Simple and powerful

Thank you Debora. Keep the faith and keep on truckin.