New Footage World Trade Center Building 7 with Michael Hess Yelling While Trapped
New World Order Report just received this video and decided to share immediately.


This confirms that Michael Hess was notifying people that he was trapped on the 8th floor - AFTER the collapse of WTC 1 at 10:28 a.m. However, it is possible that Barry Jennings notified people earlier.


I think NIST's position is that Hess and Jennings started to go down the stairs when WTC 2 collapsed and got trapped on the 8th floor when WTC 1 collapsed. So this doesn't seem to prove anything as such.

Can we find out who took the video, the hour etc that it was

Can we find out who took the video, the hour, etc that it was done ?

Michel Hess here says he was trapped after 1h30 ago ...

Here again

good comments like below at
He is mixing his account up deviously. His testimony is obviously coached.
There are no sprinklers in stairwells. One cannot hear sirens and wind inside of stairwells either.
He claims not to have heard explosions in the same breath as claiming he did hear them. An explosion sounds like a building shaking.
He should have heard the building shaking twice during the time he was there
Jenning describes a stairwell as breaking, Hess claims a wall "just appeared" for no reason. LOL

See a collection of videos on Michel Hess

comments on the video above

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at 1:30 in this video, there is a nbc shot of the south face. This is a crucial piece of evidence. What would blow windows out on 7-8, and 3-4, but leave the windows on 5-6 untouched? What would blow those windows out evenly in a straight line, all across the floor? And then leave the next window in line untouched with no fire? Barry says explosion on 8 trapped him in the stairwell. This building was empty by 10:30 am. great work, great rare footage, a very good video. Please keep digging!!!

9/11 Key Witness Murdered?

Death of 911 Key Witness Barry Jennings: New Info Points To Foul Play (2 of 4)

Do we know for sure that Jennings is dead?

Could he have been relocated as part of a federal national security deal...... and that's why the detective wanted to leave the case? It would also explain the disappearance of his family.

Before too long they will be calling the NIST report on WTC7, "the magic building theory".