WTC Detonations finally revealed (video).

Recently, there was a post on 9/11 Blogger here with videos released by NIST. I took the video with the audible detonations and ran it through an audio editor as the audio was very low and only worked in the right channel (speaker) and had no left channel audio. I raised the audio and changed the stereo output to mono so that the audio can be heard in both speakers.

I then added some witness testimony to corroborate what we are hearing:



There absolutely can be no doubt about what the witnesses heard, and what we can see and hear in these collapse videos. It's time for an international investigation into 9/11.


as a good ole boy would say.

sound lag

Factor in the sound lag -- like counting the seconds after a lightning bolt to hear the thunder to figure the distance, but in reverse -- and you have the proof. Assuming the camera is about a quarter mile from the base of the tower and the tower almost a quarter mile tall, just 1.5 seconds puts the sound clearly before any lateral movement of smoke and appearance of fanned flame and explosion. Good work! Matt.


What else can you say (that isn't too vulgar to post in public).. I don't have the short clip but someone also post the man in the hospital bed where he describes the pow pow pow pow and 3 HUGE explosions.. I'll keep looking.

The MSM cannot ignore this evidence. Got to there twitters and post the facts.. call them out on it.. they cannot hide from this. Will there be an outcry? Will there be shock and outrage? Will the stock market crash as the world sees the evidence of such abhorrent corruption laid out before them? Can we finally devise a new economy no longer based on FIAT money and debt? Or will we have martial law and be force fed the OCT not unlike the spanish inquisition, or the crusades, or Nero dancing while Rome burns. I pray we all can find the strength to shine the light on our shadowy society and rethink our values and our culture for the sake all mankind.

May the truth bring us peace

Indeed, God help us all.

“The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.” --Winston Churchill

"The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie; deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought." - John F. Kennedy

Peace all
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"To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; credible we must be truthful." - Edward R. Murrow

"the pow pow pow pow and 3 HUGE explosions"

"I don't have the short clip but someone also post the man in the hospital bed where he describes the pow pow pow pow and 3 HUGE explosions.. I'll keep looking."

IT IS HERE at 13:09. Between_the_ Lies is Outstanding. Watch the Whole thing.
I'm burning copies NOW. It is bang, bang, bang

Between the Lies is by far best video I've seen..

seen it have it and pass it around..

thanks for posting it.. The MSM can't hide from this.. my heart was pounding watching this for the first time. The facts are the facts, they'll have to.

Oh and arrest Dick Cheney this very instant and both George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush. I predict Cheney takes Ken Lay's way out. The CIA probably has a kill switch on his ticker.. but I shouldn't jest..

thanks again Joe


Glad that you like my movie

Glad that you like my movie 'Between the Lies'. It's still available (including a DVD ISO for easy burning) for download at:

The clip you referred to is of Arthur del Bianco. I have it on my Youtube channel:

Actually most clips that are used in Between the Lies are on my Youtube channel as longer, uncut versions.

I've probably burned and distributed over 1,000 copies

I've probably burned and distributed over 1,000 copies.

Great Film Arie.

arie, than you again for providing this...

arie, This film has really helped in waking up people. Thanks so much !!!!!!

One of my personal favorite clips is with Kevin Ryan talking. He nails it.

Thanks Joe

Thanks Joe. I had never seen "Between the Lies" before. The first part reminds me of "September 11th Revisited" which is now posted on Facebook. A/E has 15,000 Facebook Fans and is growing exponentially. Friend everyone you can.

Support Bob McIlvaine by Sending a Letter: 9/11 LTE.

I sent a letter to....

Dallas Morning News

Didn't work

I clicked onto "here" in text above, and it said ACCESS DENIED. ???

"here" is not a link

the clip is in the posted video.


In the text, it says "here" is blue, lights up, but the following page says "access denied".

Explosions have always been audible in this video

This is a well known video with BBC correspondent Stephen Evans. What is less commented on is that large blast explosions can be heard in the background before the tower is demolished.

Listening with headphones helps. Right after he says an hour after the plane crashed, he heard a second explosion, much, much lower. Right after that, a motorcycle will drive by, and then as soon as the motorcycle is passed, you will hear large blast explosions in the distance, and within a few seconds, the tower in the background starts its destruction sequence.

Again, listen through good headphones, and the explosions are clear and obvious.

Explosions have always been audible in this video

Even listening without headphones, i think that the sound of these explosions can be heard roughly 47,48, 49 seconds after the beginning of video. The north tower began to collapse roughly 58 or 59 seconds after the beginning of this video.

Motorcycle Engine Throttling?

A couple of oberservations regarding the above video.

Intuitively speaking, the said explosive sounds seem to originate much closer to the microphone than WTC 1.

Also, the sounds described as explosions also resemble a more distant and quick throttling sound of the loud type of motorcycle that had just passed. Such riders often do this while riding this type of bike slowly.

I agree, Aidan

It sounds like the motorcycle throttling, in my opinion.

That's no motorcycle.. imho

I don't think that's the motorcycle. The cycle is out of the frame around the 45,46 sec mark. What stands out to me is the :59 second mark. A distinct low sounding "bang" can be heard that startles Mr Evans to where he ducks his head and begins to cover up. He is reacting to the same sound I hear. He then turns around and the destruction sequence starts. The bike (it would seem to me) has long cleared the picture by now. Certainly, worth more scrutiny if anyone has taken the time with the appropriate audio software to breakdown.


9/11 Terrorist Who Never Worshipped a Qur'an

Larry Silverstein -- 9/11 Terrorist Who Never Worshipped a Qur'an - What book do we Burn Now, Pastor Jones?

Detonations in the Visual

The testimony of the witness complaining about the removal of explosive sounds from TV footage was interesting.

Many videos show curious streamers falling from the WTC facade.
This video has plenty of them:
e.g. at around 0:50, 1:12 and 5:18.

The following short clip has countless streamers emanating from a literally scintillating face of the North Tower:

In the recently released clip showing an explosive ejection of mass, you can watch one of these streamers as it appears to peel from a column in a straight line...
...then that straight line ignites, like a cutter charge:

(see larger 480P version at youtube)

Didn't Prof, Jones suggest that the nanothermitic composite might have been used as a fuse?
If so, I think he might be right.

AlreadyPublished, maybe you

AlreadyPublished, maybe you should post the video of the cutting charges as a new and separate post here at 911Blogger. I don't think that many people looking at this site are seeing the full importance of what you've done here. I think this is monumental and as far as I know, it's the first time anyone has discovered a clear clip of cutter charges actually going off. Also, it can't be discounted as anything else.

Anyway, I think that people might notice it more if it's given it's own "spotlight" so to speak. Also have you sent this to Stephen Jones? I'm sure he'd be very interested in this!

Again, Thanks for this incredible discovery!

Still sounds like explosions to me

Right at the 47 and 48 second mark, I hear a distinct boom, boom, that sounds very far off, and very distinct from the motorcycle. I live in a town where through the summer I hear probably a hundred or motorcycles go past my window every weekend (I live on the main drag of a tourist town), and it doesn't sound like a throttling or backfiring motorcycle. Again, I am listening through a good pair of headphones (not ear buds, but over the ears, closed studio headphones), which is how I first noticed this. Boom, boom, and then about 11 seconds later, the following loud sounds that correspond with the tower actually coming down when Mr. Evans ducks. That span of about 11 seconds seems consistent with the video of the camera shaking about 11 seconds before the collapse of the north tower.

Anyway, it's debatable, but still consistent. I'd like to see what someone could discover from a greater degree of audio analysis than I have the ability to provide. You can find a higher quality version in a lot of torrents by searching for the file BBC_BigExplosionAtWorldTradeCenter.avi in google.

Edited: Sorry, this should have been a reply to the above thread.

Correlation with other evidence of explosions strengthens case

You are absolutely correct that the consistent correlation between evidence of explosives in different videos would strengthen the evidence of each of them, because the probability of a coincidence drops.

The video you linked to is this:

In that video, the shake occurs at 26-28, and the collapse begins at 38, which is 10-12 seconds later.
This is a consistent gap in time as compared with the rumble/boom sound in, but we need to do one more rather complex thing in order to make a consistent comparison between the two videos. That is, we have to determine how much time we should expect it will take for a sound or vibration to travel from the WTC towers to the location of each video. Sound traveling through air is at a different speed from vibration traveling through the ground, though the physics of vibrations is similar in both cases. The explosion event(s) might have occurred near the top or base of WTC 1 or 2, or 7 for that matter.

It would be ideal if we could find similar evidence of pre-explosions in other videos, however weak. Also, the seismic data should also correlate.

Remember also that the speed of light is nearly instantaneous relative to the speed of sound. So if we see evidence of explosions, we should expect a delay before we hear a sound, unless it is very close. When we hear exploding sounds at the beginning of the collapses, those sounds really started earlier than the beginning of the visible collapse.


......Never give up until the truth be known. I am ashamed of what other countries must think of how gullible and stupid the majority of Americans are. 9/11 is the key to wake all Americans up to all the corruption in our government.
Until the unfederal , no reserve bank, Our corporate owned politicians, and major media are exposed for what they are America will never regain her glory.
So ask yourself. Is this what you want for your children?

"Is this what you want for your children?"

No, and this is why I have stayed in the US and work as hard as I do to educate people about the issues around the events of 9/11/01.

Both my college age daughters understand that 9/11 was a false flag. My youngest daughter made use of 9/11 to write a few papers while she was in high school. (My oldest daughter is sick of hearing about 9/11, actually, not because she doesn't understand its importance, but just because she's heard it for years)

I have talked to all their friends about the events of 9/11/01 and have been pleasantly surprised to find that about 25% had already found out about it from their parents.

Now that my daughters are both out of high school I plan on talking to all the science and history teachers at the school and see if I can't open their eyes a bit. I have talked to a few of their teachers and one had tried to bring 9/11 truth into the classroom, but has been dissuaded by the school administration from doing so. Perhaps if enough parents and other community members support bringing honest science and history into the classrooms this will change. I'm also quite active at the local community college.

I attend a lot of high school soccer games and always bring literature with me to pass out. I've found that the trillion dollar Obama deception dollar is a great ice breaker with students.

I'm never shy about broaching the subject of 9/11 with anyone, I just try to find the most natural way of swinging the conversation around to it.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Hey BoneZ can you please add

Hey BoneZ can you please add a link to this video for David Chandler's informative site: