9/11 Truth is Still the Issue -9 Parts- Corbett Report Sept 4

9/11 Truth is Still the Issue

9/11 Truth is Still the Issue - part 1

9/11 Truth is Still the Issue - part 2

9/11 Truth is Still the Issue - part 3

Great Post, very inspiring!

911 truth now!

There can be no peace without 911 Truth.
Any peace activists who think there can are kidding themselves. It's time for all of us to come together and declare 911 truth as the most important worldwide issue because that's just what it is.

We have caught the powers that be with their hands in the dynamite jar! We have the pictures to prove it! We have eye witnesses! We have insiders who have talked. If not this time, then when can we ever hope to break free, and create a better world for us all!

I urge all Americans to stand up and demand the truth from our leaders. You're either will the truthers or you're with the liars!

The "MOTHER" of all Issues!

"It's time for all of us to come together and declare 911 truth as the most important worldwide issue because that's just what it is."



Part 6

Thanks O

James Corbett, I Applaud You!


Our group has given away an estimated 43,000 DVDs.

I've given DVDs to Jeremy Scahill, James Douglass(JFK & The Unthinkable), Col Ann Wright,
Cindy Sheehan, John Perkins, Joe Meadors( USS Liberty Survivor), Russ Baker.

Wow, 43,000!

Great job handing out all those discs! We've stopped keeping track, but I'm sure we can go back and calculate how many we've handed out. It might be worthwhile to tally it up.

If you don't think you can get nine hundred and eleven DVDs together in time for 9/11, there are other ways you can participate in the 911on 9/11 Campaign. You can produce 911 photocopies of a flier and hand them out, or if you're on a really tight budget, get a sheet of bristol board and a sharpie at your local discount store, make an appropriate sign, and go down to a local highway and count cars until 911 people have seen your sign. Just be visible on Saturday, and I hope that everyone who will be going out there has a fruitful, safe and productive day. It's a sad day of remembrance, but it can also be a day of healing and reflecting on all the incredibly positive things we've accomplished as a movement in the last nine years.

Mr. Corbett, this is an amazing episode, and as someone who has been listening to the Corbett Report since episode 1, I am honoured to have been a part of it. My hat is off to you, and I continue to tell people about your invaluable website every chance I get.

I count each new box of 1,000 sleeves I purchase.

"It might be worthwhile to tally it up."

I'll have to go through our blog

I'll have to go back with Mark and try to remember how many discs we had month in and month out since April 2007. I doubt we've handed out 43,000 but we've done at least 10000. Ottawa is small, and being a government town, the people don't always take a disc. We have people who support us behind the scenes because it might cost them their jobs if they went public or were seen out on the street with us by their managers. That extends to people not wanting to have the disc we're handing out because they're afraid for their livelihood. That's freedom eh? Either way, it amounts to us probably having handed out fewer discs, but still having made a big impact in our town. We've noticed that our discs get passed from person to person, too. A coworker of one of our members said that her boyfriend got our disc from a friend of his. Never underestimate those DVDs! They travel, and they have a bigger impact than we can see!

I put Core of Corruption and In Their Own Words on one Disc

and had a stranger give me a copy that was made from a disc I gave out.
Now that put a giant grin on my face.

I also Have "Blueprint" and "In Their Own Words" on a disc
and "Blueprint" and "C of C" on another.

My original idea was to "squeeze" all three onto one disc, but the person I paid $25 to couldn't squeeze em' enough and I don't have a clue how it is done.

Can you imagine all three on one, each addressing different aspects?!?

that's great!

I like how it bounced back to you :) That hasn't happened to us yet, as far as I know, but we have had people see us a second time and thank us for the disc and say they passed it on.

Try this program to squeeze more onto the disc: http://www.dvdshrink.org/
EDIT: I just noticed that DVD Shrink is unavailable at that site... it's bound to be out there somewhere, though, it's a very good piece of freeware.

You'll have to author your disc with another piece of software, but instead of burning it (because it'll be too big), mux it as a VIDEO_TS folder or create and ISO or IMG file, and load that into DVD Shrink. It will re-render the video and make it fit. If you've got a *really* big disc, you might have to run it through Shrink more than once, but it does a good job with the recompression.

Also, if you have control over your bitrate when you are making the M2V files, use this formula to figure out how much to compress them:

4,200,000 / [number of minutes] / 60 * 8 = your video bitrate

To explain:
4,000,000 - which is 4 gigs
divided by
number of minutes
divided by
60 - which converts your minutes to hours
8 - which converts bytes to bits.

This is based on leaving room for AC3 audio at a bitrate of 128, so you may need to play with it to make it work for your preferred settings. I hope that helps!

I would short circuit

trying to figure that out.


Just making sure everyone knows about the premiere of the new comedy show entitled “Giuliani’s 9/11” airing Monday at 9pm on National Geographic Channel. Let’s all take a shot when self-serving arch-criminal Rudy says “9/11”, and a double when he says “terrorists”. The only problem with this comedy show is, IT WON’T BE FUNNY!



Here is the full version of the 9/11 first responders video in this segment:

You can download it in DVD quality here: http://departureproductions.com/respond/respond.iso
Load that file into your favourite DVD burning software and it will create an auto-run DVD which you can hand out to people.

There are also torrents listed here, but I don't know if anyone is still seeding them: http://departureproductions.com/respond/

We've got this video as item #1 on the DVD we hand out every month.

Part 9