Christians for 9/11 Truth

Christians for 9/11 Truth

The attack on September 11, 2001 was undoubtedly one of the defining events of our generation. The terror and destruction were broadcast directly into our homes as thousands of people were brutally murdered. The frightful images will be forever burned into our minds.

The attack resulted in significant changes in foreign and domestic policy and fundamentally altered the way many people view issues of war, peace, safety, privacy and the role of the state. It is now said that we live in a post-9/11 world and this post-9/11 world view has become the paradigm through which many people interpret current events and plan for the future.

The attacks are certainly not without controversy. There are many questions regarding the events that took place that day and unfortunately there has not been a full, open and honest discussion about what really happened. The "mainstream" media continues to stifle the conversation by immediately labeling anyone who dares to ask questions. Nevertheless, honest people will seek the truth and the questions must be asked.

There are many professional organizations and truth-oriented websites where people can research the logistical and technical issues of 9/11 in detail. We provide a review of some of the basic questions surrounding the attacks in our section on background information. However, the goal of this site is to focus specifically on the moral and philosophical implications of 9/11 and their continued effects on our society and world.

The effects are numerous and tragic. They range from the loss of basic civil rights to the deaths of countless thousands in unfounded wars. Regardless of what ultimately happened on 9/11, there are many questions for a person of faith to deal with. How is a Christian to respond to acts of terrorism? What is a Christian's responsibility to seek the truth? How does one's faith shape the way they view and interact with the world? Can the teachings of Christ provide any guidance on such a complex and painful issue as 9/11?

We seek to stimulate discussion on these topics and others as well. It is through the passionate pursuit of truth in a spirit of love that the great tragedy of 9/11 will touch the hearts and minds of people everywhere and lead to peace and reconciliation. May God grant you peace and understanding as you contemplate these difficult issues. Feel free to ask questions and please share any insight or ideas you have with us!

Good Website Joe

There is excellent material on the Basic Questions Section.

Simple and straight to the point.

As a believer in the Gospel of Christ myself, I have to agree with those who say it is HIGH time Christians stop allowing their faith to be hijacked for political, military and economic agendas.

We have to be aware of the many wolves in sheep's clothing behind pulpits serving the general murderous agenda of the Global Military Industrial Complex.

Too many churches have been silent too long on critical issues of global concerns.

911 Truth being at the apex of basic Truth, Honesty and Accountability.

I love the section on Authority.

Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God.

-1 Peter 2:16

Christians have to ask themselves this question - What Would Jesus do with regards to 911 Truth?

Let those of us who truly believe in the message of the Cross be able to provide an answer.

Excellent Work again. Sign me up! :)

Good stuff here

The statements on this website are very well thought through, in my opinion.


9/11 Truth by any means? It seems as though some people are not able to see the "Big Picture". Control through ignorance, fear and wealth. A better cause for donation.

Excellent video and

great website! I know quite a few Christians who I will be sending this website to.

The general concept is very good,

but I think two things will open you to criticism unnecessarily.

1) Having a "store" displayed so prominently on your main page reeks of commercialism and exploitation, the anti-truth crowd will have a field day with that.

2) I don't think you should solicit donations until you are a non-profit, either.

I think the focus on the philosophical implications of 9/11 for Christians is a very good idea, but the above two things are easily avoided distractions.

Just my 25 cents worth ...

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Thanks! - but...

I have introduced all 'cristians' in my networks for via my FaceBook account ~25persons - NON of them have reacted - hmmmmmm ... ... ...