New Videos from NIST Cumulus Database Posted

The International Center for 9/11 Studies has posted two videos from the NIST Cumulus database to its YouTube channel. The first is uncut, raw footage of an interview with Barry Jennings on 9/11. The second is FLIR video of the Twin Towers burning. More videos will be posted this later this week.

Justin Keogh is still preparing the entire Cumulus database for release via bittorrent. He will post the details of the release in the next few days.

What Floors Is The Lower WTC 1 Fire?

The thermal imaging camera footage is great. What regular video footage is there of the lower fire?

Assuming Bldg 7:

'Both staircases (and the) backside (were) completely blown away with no way to access'

-before or after WTC 1 and 2's demise?

Not believable

Firefighters don't take civilians into a building to aid in a rescue.

The back sides of the stairways were NOT blown away. If they were, how could Hess and Jennings be rescued?


Well we know that the south side escalator from the lower lobby south side to the upper lobby south side was intact likely after the south tower collapse, as we have released video of it. I still do not know about the upper south side lobby, but if Jennings stated that the 8th floor landing was gone, then perhaps more of the stairwell had been destroyed...The testimony is compelling for the fact that it is very near in time to the event.

Forward Looking InfraRed (FLIR)

or thermographic camera (infrared camera).

I didn't know what FLIR stood for, so I looked it up.

Am I correctly interpreting the information within the FLIR Footage of the Towers Burning video? Because as far as I can tell, the various temperatures of the fires never reach the maximum yellow-zone mark of 120 degrees Celsius.

So how and when did the fires get hot enough to at least weaken the WTC structural steel?

Yet another great video that points to the controlled demolition of the twin towers.


FLIR Image of WTC2 15 Minutes After Impact

Thanks for the link!

Carol Ciemiengo's written experience of 9/11 was worth the read.

The caption to the above photo is interesting: "Thermal image of east side of South Tower shows heat from fire in orange/red." (That is to say, the image does not show heat from the fire in yellow, and therefore above 120 degrees Celsius.)

Also, it's a little strange how the other IR photo of the North Tower is in black and white and not in color.

"Thermal image of North Tower shows fire location in white."

It's very hard to make out any details in the photo.

Is there IR video footage of the North Tower somewhere in the NIST Cumulus Database, so the true temperature range of the WTC fires can be determined?

EDIT: Just again looked over the NIST Cumulus Database IR video footage which appears to capture the fires in BOTH the North and South Towers. If that's all of the IR footage that was taken by Carol Ciemiengo -- and presumably, the only IR footage (period) taken of the twin towers burning on 9/11 -- then when was the above "Thermal image of North Tower shows fire location in white" photo taken?

Carol Ciemiengo

This is an excerpt from her story posted at

In it she describes her experience taking some of the IR pictures/footage of WTC 1 & 2 fires.

"It finally occurred to me that I was still wearing both an infrared imager and a camcorder and should tape what was going on. I recorded for awhile, then decided to see if I could take a thermal image. Due to the heat I was not able to get a temperature or even a good image, but I snapped two thermograms from ground level anyway. . . . I began taping again but didn't fully understand the horror that was going on right in front of me. Everyone on that roof felt as if they were watching a movie. We still didn't feel we were in imminent danger. As a thermographer, I felt compelled to add some thermographic images to my tape. In addition to the running tape, I snapped two more images: one of the north tower and one of the south. It did not occur to me, until someone said it later that day, these might be the only thermograms in the world of this event. The world had taken a turn for the surreal - it now seemed as if we were in the movie - not just watching."

Even stranger . . .

"Thermal image of North Tower shows fire location in white."

At first glance, this statement seems to point out that the fire, when using the embedded temperature scale, is at or above 120 degrees Celsius. But what it may actually mean is that the fire "location" is in "white", and could be a simple description about the fire itself, about the way it looks in the black and white photo, and not about the actual or near temperature of it (again, the temperature is difficult to determine because the photo is in black and white).

That said, if this black and white photo could be located in color, and the temperature of the North Tower fire determined to be much like the one from the South Tower -- that is, lower than 120 degrees Celsius -- then it may be that NO IR pictures/footage located thus far support the claim that any of the WTC fires ever got anywhere near hot enough to weaken the structural steel.

This is revealing

To me it also seems that the fires didn't get even as hot as 120 C. And the material was recorded about 20 minutes past 9. The footage shows fire, not air, temperature, right?


The lying bastards don't even deserve a discussion.

A child can see that 7 was a CD.

two discrete areas of heat in right tower

the thermacam footage is very interesting - unless i'm misunderstanding the image, you can see that the tower on the right has two discrete area of heat, one at the top where the plane crashed and another considerably further down the tower. The lower area is smaller colder and generally less extreme but presumably cannot be accounted for if the collapse was purely the result of the plane impacts?

I wonder where (ie on what floor) this lower area of heat is located and what it indicates? Does it coincide with one of the mechanical floors?

That had me wondering too,

but I think it's the hot region in the tower on the left, as reflected in the windows of the tower on the right. Infrared light reflects from glass like ordinary light.


Yes I did wonder if that might be the case - thanks Kevin.

The interviewer doesn't seem

The interviewer doesn't seem to realize that Jennings was in Tower 7

Or is he intentionally framing it to seem like Barry Jennings

was in one of the towers?

We need to find out more about the reporter, track him down and ask him.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

FLIR measures only surface temperatures

Careful folks. Thermal imaging records only the surface temperature of an object. You'll be cast as fools if you push this video as evidence of insufficient core temperatures in the towers.

Good point

but it looks like this IR issue has been brought up before, about a year ago, by another 9/11 truth activist.


Never seen this clip before.At 58 sec into the clip you clearly see a blowout/explosion.

Important clip

Drunkhorse, this was previously shown in this thread:

Not only does it contain an explosion but what looks like a column being cut. Watch closely the sixth from left column, to the left of where the person was around the .50 mark.

Someone made a cropped, stabilized version here: