A Response to Kevin Barrett’s Attacks

When we launched 9/11 Truth News, we knew we would be attacked.

And no one on the team was surprised when the first attacks came from people claiming to be on the side of 9/11 truth.

On Monday August 30, 2010, it came to my attention that I was the target of three hit pieces that had been published in rapid succession. The most prominent of these attacks came from Kevin Barrett, a self-declared 9/11 truth leader with a long history of actions and statements considered by many to be extremely discrediting to the 9/11 truth movement. Under an ugly, libelous headline on his "Truth Jihad" blog, Barrett issued a venomous litany of bizarre accusations against me: I'm probably an agent of the state, perhaps stalking his family, I'm a "wrecker" getting him kicked off conference lineups and - to top it off - there's evidence that I may actually be living a secret double life as a supporter of the official 9/11 story.

Barrett has been accusing associates of mine of being agents for years now, so these kinds of weird lies are nothing new. This time though, his headlined defamation was something altogether more sickening. The filth oozing forth from Kevin Barrett does not deserve to be dignified with any kind of response whatsoever. But the fact that these smears represent an attack on a dedicated activist with a very strong record - by a supposed "9/11 truth leader" with a large audience (multiple appearances on FOX News, a radio show, books for sale) - at a very critical time in this movement - demands that the issue be addressed.



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It's only days away from the 9th anniversary

This movement has a long history of "internal" attacks and they're always the worst right before the anniversary. Hopefully, everyone can learn from this and not get distracted in any way. This needed to be published now because KB did an ugly thing using the name of a loved one of mine who died on 9/11. It is important for me to fully clear the air on this before the anniversary. I also think the 9/11 truth movement can learn a lot from this, and move forward stronger than ever. PEACE!

Reminds me of 2008

when this happened ...

Kevin Barrett and his PR Manager Slander 911blogger, Truthaction, and 9/11 Activists

... which was Kevin Barrett and company slandering 9/11 Truth activists (including this very website) in the run-up to the anniversary that year. This year is more alarming (and telling) because the attacks appear to be coordinated with the people at Screw Loose Change. Why is Kevin Barrett seemingly working in tandem with these people who are constant provocateurs?

Does make you wonder.

What happens next is that anyone who points out Kevin's horrible behavior will be accused of attacking him, so stay tuned to this tired old script. (When you think about it, not unlike the woman who just went to prison for video-taping police abuse.) I can't imagine how anyone can publish these outright lies about someone who lost a loved one on 9/11. It's just so disgusting. Think about that the next time you hear Kevin Barrett say anything about anything about 9/11.

My full confession

My full confession....

This video proves that no one died on 9-11.....victims? No..Actors

WTCdemolition shows more people who's relatives didn't really die on 9-11....

And now, we know who is trying to keep this "myth" going that people died on 9-11...."fake" truthers, like Mike Rivero and victronix, myself, along with Cosmos aka/andy Bernstein
They have the proof!! We undercover secret operatives are Busted! OMG!!
VIC! Did you really think your laughable disguise of fake glasses and fake hat would hide your true identity? They are to smart for that! (I told you to wear the big nose/glasses with bushy mustache but nooooooo)
OMG! They have Evidence....

More evidence...actors

And as for Cosmos....you have been outed as Andrew Bernstein by the good work of a REAL truther Adam Syed. BTW--just how stupid do you think Those REAL truthers are? Bernstein sounds jooish and everyone knows no joos died on 9-11.....busted again!

Andrew Bernstein aka cosmos Investigative report by real truther Adam syed...
"Is Cosmos Living Out a Double Identity, as an OCT Supporter As Well As A Truther?" by Adam Syed

"All of the "classic" CIT "debunkers" like Adam Larson, Arabesque, Jim Hoffman, and Jimd3100 (who is a moderator at prisonplanet and bans anyone on the spot for promoting CIT's work)" by Adam Syed

And I know first hand that Mr Syed knows what he's talking about since I've only banned 1 person, (other mods are not as "Nice" as me though..I admit) but---close enough---I just hope to Yaweh he doesn't figure out my real name!

"Griffin clearly suspects jimd3100 works for the other side" - by Adam Syed

I confess! I confess! I'm an actor to, like the "Harley guy" My handler is someone you know as Jon Gold...real Name Jon Goldstein. Goldstein makes him higher ranking than Silverstein, and here's a nugget for you..Lloyde England's real name?.....it's Copperstein! Sorry gang, but I'm coming clean....Adam said... DRG said... so I have no choice. Admit it..I do...these guys are on to us. It's over.

They even busted me so I know that they are on the ball, but when they find out the real truth about me I'm really screwed.....I hope you can keep a secret.....my real name is jimd3100stein. They would love to have that info so shhhhhhh... don't tell anyone.

They figured it all out. If you don't think a plane flew over the pentagon and fooled everyone, then you probably even think someone died on 9-11. Anyone that defends the "fake" victims of 9-11, or think that flying a passenger jet over the pentagon would be seen by ANYONE is clearly a fake. As fake as the plane parts planted at the pentagon. That is called basic logic, and it's something we operatives obviously lack.

The victims of 9-11 were all operatives(actors) themselves! Everyone is in on it! We've been busted. These guys figured it out. Who else in so called truther land doesn't go along with the brilliant flyover? Mike Rivero at whatreallyhappened.com....this is getting easy now......

"Is Mike Rivero, John Wenckus from Flight 11? by; Phil Jayhan"

Nice work by Jayhan not only exposing a fake victim but a fake truther(actor) too....yup that guy has been on the ball a long time hasn't he?

The litmus test for an operative? Do you agree that CIT with their retarded flyover theory proved 9-11 an inside job? No? Then you are an operative.......that is how Barrett figured out J Hoffman...nice try Mr Hoffman..it's right here.......

All they need is this final piece of the puzzle. The abolute proof that not only were there no victims, there was no 9-11. It didn't happen. It was a movie made at the paramount studios in Hollywood. When they study the footage of this hollywood blockbuster (hollywood run by joooos --coincidence?) it will be over. The whole thing was actors. Surely these "truthers" are on the verge of discovering the supporting actor role of Joe Pesci where he plays the part of a FBI agent At the 1:15:43 mark with his classic line..."This aint f**king disneyland let's go". I thought we edited that part out?....You can even see him! It's so obvious, what the f**k happened to the editing?!?!? When these genius 'truthers" find this evidence...it's all over......

At the 1:15:43 mark "This aint f**king disneyland let's go". -- Actor Joe Pesci

So there it is. My full confession, and the final piece of the puzzle. It was all a movie. Or...perhaps.....just perhaps.....there are some attention seeking people, who aren't real bright, more concerned about getting attention than the truth and are attaching themselves to "9-11 truth" as a way of doing that. Hmmmmmm......I wonder which it is? Tough to figure huh?

thanks for that confession, finally

And that post about Jim and I was good for a laugh . .. thanks! I'd missed it. Here's a hilarious part:

Instead, their fellow 9/11 Thought Police officer, Brian Good, barged into the meeting (of a group from which he had been banned long ago after sexually harassing a local activist) in a V-for-Vendetta mask and costume, looming over the meeting in rigid, menacing silence for the last hour or so of the event, in what he evidently thought was a protest of my visit.

Looming in menacing silence . . . I can just picture it. And why would a group let him stay if he were "banned" and had sexually harassed someone there in the past? Sounds bizarre. I've never seen Brian harass anyone at a meeting, I've only seen him do a lot of work for free and help out a lot with local events.

Here's what Barrett writes on his site:

Article V for Vendetta!
It’s Time for a Citizens’ Revolution
Maybe it’s time to get out your Guy Fawkes masks, capes and spray paint, and start painting “article V for vendetta” on every available surface....and get ready for War on War! - KB

Not even chalking, but spray painting . . . for "war on war"? Talk about menacing and harassment.


I knew it!!!! All this time . . . I knew it had to be true . . .

Okay, back to real life . . . the daytime drama continues next week.

Wow! This is so sad to see

Wow! This is so sad to see KB behaving in such an audacious and racist fashion. Just disgusting. Shocking the overt anti-semitism!

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