ARTISTS FOR 9-11 TRUTH, Roger Morris, and Michelle Dick

9-11 truth

Roger Morris will be showing his 9-11 Truth Movement related art MYGALAXI Gallery in Wellington New Zealand starting on September 11, 2010 at 3 pm. Thanks, Roger. Also, I'm presenting a new artist on (under reconstruction) by the name of Michelle Dick. Thanks Michelle. If anyone else is making art on related subject matter, I'd like to talk to you and see your work. Let's all get together and figure out how to crank up the volume here real loud.

911 art

Personal Note: I think any good family member, friend, or coach would tell you the same thing when they see that there is something that you want to do or need to do. I think they would tell you something like "You can do it. Go for it". I think that their experience leads them to the truth of this statement and the necessity to say it sometimes. I would like to say the same thing now to all people working on Truth Movement related issues. You can do it. Go for it.

Thanks Roger, Michelle and Paul!

I wish I could see the show:(

Good to know Roger gets out every 11th to do street activism as well:)

Kind regards John

Hey, John.

Thanks for taking the time here. I've also heard a story or two about Roger on the street. For people that don't know, he's involved with the very impactful Wellington NZ group. Looks like they recently posted on their site about the show. Wow! It's got .mp3s of the radio they've been doing all week at RadioActive Wellintgon 89FM . Cool.

I think we'll both be able to see some of the show on video tape probably.