New WTC 7 Video Posted on YouTube

The International Center for 9/11 Studies has posted a new video on YouTube. The footage was filmed by a news crew from a local NYC television station, and was received from NIST under the Freedom of Information Act.

structural integrity of WTC7.

They certainly edited out plenty from the video before being forced to hand over the tape but it doesn't make much of a difference, this confirms even more so the structural integrity of WTC7.

busses burned straight down to the steel

how can this happen? as in the video there's a bus thats looking like a skeleton of a bus
therefore there must have been high temperatures on it- fires started by what? a high temperature pyroclastic flowing mass of super hot dust and molten steel particles ?
good work getting the WTC7 footage- WTC7 is solid as a rock in it

It looks as though those

It looks as though those vehicles were also in their original positions and an intense heat was blasted up the street corridor. No doubt they were using serious demolition explosives at the base and in the basements in order to dig out a cavern big enough for the towers to collapse into.

Interesting hypothesis

Is that standard practice in the industry?

Ash cloud would have been hot close to ground zero

The ash was formed by burning nano-thermite. There's evidence of molten molybdenum in the ash. Molybdenum melts at 4700+ degrees F

4700+ degrees (at ignition) cloud of atomized debris ash coming out of ground zero.

It looks like thermite ash debris clouds aren't very good for a car's finish.


busses burned straight down to the steel

The Magic Bolt and the speed of deceit.

little did we know, but these bare office furnishing fires were steadily heating the massive fire protected beams on level 12 to degrees never before known to man. This fire, heating the beams attached to the even greater girder bridging the mighty column 79 to outer column 44, were not, according to NCSTAR 1-9 :352, heating the concrete sat directly upon them . oops.
Somehow, this staggering heat missed the concrete ceiling, creating thermal discord between super heated beam and cold concrete, which cracked the shear studs., which allowed axial expansion of the beams, pushing the girder attached to column 79 off its seat, thus dropping this 81 columned high rise in 6.5 seconds onto the also axially expanded nose of Shyam Sunder of NIST, a sad figure trapped forever before his microphone to an eternity as one of the worlds great liars. A proud dedication to servitude in the high office of Commerce., thus also exposing a new science phenomenon NIST identified as 'The speed of Deceit'. 47 stories in 6.5 seconds. .

Building 7

The reporter says he's never been in a war but this is as close as he's ever come.

It's not a war, (in the sense he's referring) it's just Larry Silverstein and friends demolishing a few of his buildings for economic and political purposes.

WTC 7 Video

1. The reporter is inside a building across the street from the North West Side of WTC 7. The fire viewed is on the northwest side of the building.

2.The broken windows shown are on the north side of the building. (An edited version has been broadcast.).

3. Further shots of the north side of WTC7.

4. ONE OF THE MORE INTERESTING SHOTS: Smoke emanating from the window that Mr. Hess was seen in on the northeast side of the north side of WTC 7. Obviously, they were not in at that window during the time this shot was taken, thus, we can further pinpoint and verify the time they were present at that window. There may be footage of Mr. Jenning in that window as well.

5. WE STILL do not have south side close shots of WTC 7 despite a 2007 outstanding FOIA to NIST. South side upper and lower lobby, outside (near sculpture, and the emergency triage in WTC 7 at 9:30 am. There was at least one photographer and one camera crew on that side of the building which are identified in the FOIA appeal. and referenced here in the foothnote section. The FOIA is still active under several numbers:

Read the FOIA request

found at the link you posted.

Very professionally written.

Is NIST still refusing to waive the fees?

That was a very well-written

That was a very well-written appeal.

Keep in mind that the International Center for 9/11 Studies should be receiving ALL of the photos and videos in the possession of NIST, a subset of which would include those requested by Mr. Moore - the person requesting photos and videos specific to Building 7. So, regardless of the status or outcome of his appeal, the documents he seeks should be available to the research community very soon.

We may have the photos and

We may have the photos and videos of the south side of WTC 7 somewhere in the data set we have received. We just need everyone's help analyzing what we do have, which we will hopefully be able to move forward with soon.


This was either one heck of a horrible cameraman or the footage has had its luminance levels boosted so much that it's crushing the signal. (brief technical reference) This has the effect of obscuring much of the detail in the picture. This image overexposure is often done deliberately for supermodels to hide their wrinkles and blemishes. Given the fact that we've already seen edited footage coming out of NIST's FOIA release (here), it is not unreasonable to wonder whether the luminance level of this footage was boosted prior to its release so as to obscure details that might have been useful to independent investigators.

I think cameraman i just nervous...

Going into this "war zone" with burning cars and buildings is probably quite stressful and I think the cameraman just missed (or had no time) to white balance and switch his camera from outdoor/indoor lightning. Those cameras pre 2001 was not as easy as todays auto adjusted..

Vehicles destroyed but building windows intact

If you pay attention to the video you will notice that the building windows in the background are undamaged. There is no way that a blast of heat can go down that street, rip up all the cars, yet not damage one building window......

This right here is undeniable proof that there was something afoot with this collapse. One cannot sit there and say that the heat from the buildings did this, and yet not acknowledge that not ONE building window was destroyed. It is impossible!!! I am sure they will try to say that because the windows are parallel to the blast that they were not effected. But I would counter that by saying that if that were the case then the vehicle side windows should be intact also, since they are parallel to the blast as well. Ka chow!!!

If we can find more video's like this, there is absolutely no way that someone can prove otherwise that the buildings were not intentionally destroyed by some other means other than demolition. If the vehicle glass is vaporized, then so should have been the buildings which was thinner than the cars double layer windshield.

Keep up the great work!!! We are getting closer to being able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that these buildings did not fall by any natural cause.

you are correct, VicTAO

The luminance is suspect, and the picture has a strange blue-green tint.

For comparison, some crystal clear professional broadcasting quality amateur footage, uploaded only recently by the person who filmed it:
The 720p version (approx 70meg) has the best fidelity picture and sound of any 911 footage I have yet seen, and it nearly destroyed my speakers at the moment of greatest impact.
It puts most of the corporate footage in a bad light.

(edited for clarity)

Fee Waiver NIST WTC7 South Side

I am keen to view the south side lobby photos and triage photos from the newly released collection. Firstly, James M. Williams, President of the Structural Engineers of Utah,SEAUNews, The Newsletter of the Structural Engineers of Utah, Volume VI, Issue II (October 2001), stated that the FBI
actually made decisions as to which photographs would be broadcast to the public.

Furthermore, all photographs shown on television, shot-on-site were pre-approved by the FBI. He stated, "We were shown photographs that were not released for public view,” See, (

The FOIA fee waiver was denied and NIST admitted to two photographs which they indicated were covered by copyrights laws. Shortly thereafter, NIST published a letter asking those with the copyrights if there was any reason why they should not release the responsive photos. The related FOIA's are still active and I hope the data is within your collection.

The photos of the triage area in WTC7 will be interesting as will the interior upper lobby activities and sculpture area Vesey Street area. A triage area has been confirmed within WTC 7 by several sources:

See, Glenn Asaeda, M.D., Yale Disaster Medicine Conference, World Trade Center Attack September 12-13, 2005, for reference to triage areas in and around ground zero on September 11, 2001 including a triage center at WTC 7, available at

See also, Initial EMS Organization- Pre- Collapse- 9:59 a.m., for reference to the WTC 7 Division triage area, available at

See also, New York, Interview with EMS
Division Chief John Peruggia, where Peruggia explains the conditions within the lobby of 7 World Trade Center and his experiences within that structure upon his arrival on September 11, 2001, and explains the emergency operations on the south side
of WTC 7 in detail, available at(

See also, Emergency Medical Service Response on September 11, which mentions that a triage center was set up at WTC 7 at about 9:30 a.m., available at (