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9/11 Truth Crashes News Conference at Dove World to Challenge Pastor on new investigation.

Great way to use or turn the media tactics against themselves.

I'm not big on this story because I think it is a media contrived diversion from the real news, but I got to give it to you guys for taking advantage of that and getting after it by going over there and making the media deal with the 9/11 issue. Courage and getting the job done. Awesome.

Reminds me of this during the Vancouver Olympics:
Or when they took on MSNBC:

Total Agreement

"...... I think it is a media contrived diversion from the real news......"

Good point.

That's the beauty of 911 Truth - it can help expose the fake "religious" zealots out there using the pulpit for the Military-Industrial Complex.

This so called "Pastor" obviously has to know the truth about 911.

Hard to believe he does not know about WTC7, Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth etc.

Unless he does not know how to use the Internet- some people would have us believe they are really that ignorant or stupid.

Its been 9 yrs- I am having a hard time finding people who have NOT heard about 911 Truth and more and more realize that they have been lied to.

So blaming the "Muslims" and burning the "Quran" does not make sense.

What is really being burnt is the Constitution of the United States of America and Common Sense.

I suspect may of these "Mainstream Pastors" are not who they really are and are a part of the MIC network that continously profits from war.

The whole purpose is to obsfucate, distract, create conflict- stir up enough trouble so two sides start fighting each other and profit from it by selling the media and weapons of war that go with it.

Classic Hegelian Dialectic.

They are taking us for a ride all over again.

Kudos the Truthers out there for challenging him on it.

Do keep it up.

Dove shoot

Good job Gators. What a comedic feeding frenzy of propaganda sharks to the chum pool around this fake pastor.

BIgger story than you think...

Islamic society in Gainesville is turning to "Muslims for 9/11 Truth" following the awakening aftermath of the planned burning of Qurans.

We "truthers" failed to realize that Muslims carry guilt about 9/11 because they believe the lie about Muslim hijackers.

Last week we made it clear on local City Commission TV that there existed no evidence that Muslims were involved in the 9/11 attacks. This presentation was made in support of the Commission's stance against burning the Quran.

Realizing this, the Islamic society became very interested in the details of this assertion. We currently have a date to make a 9/11 truth presentation to their local Mosque of 500 +.

-Muslims For 9/11 Truth is a new blog.
-Facebook also has a page by the same name now.

Also, their lawyers are looking into a class-action suit against Dove church for slander and endangerment of citizens profiled by religious affiliation. -- An enlarged suit would also sue the US government for failure to use what they know to protect Muslim citizens from Dove Outreach slander.

More to come.

Good work.

911 was carried out by a Global Financial Cabal in control of major governments and corporate entities around the world.

The Carlyle group - Bu$h and Bin Ladin Familie$ connections are a simple example to start with.

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, King Abdullah II of Jordan also have to know the truth yet choose to invest in the Military Industrial Complex and do not speak the truth in public.

Al-Waleed is a close partner with Murdoch with News Corp..... a major shareholder of Fox News....

That should tell us something.

Some portray themselves as Chri$tian$s, Jew$,Muslim$ etc when all they worship is Money & Power using Religion, Patrioti$m as a disguise for Global Manipulation and Control.

Real Christians, Muslims, Jews etc have to WAKE up to that fact and NOT LET ANYONE HIJACK THEIR FAITH.

All major religions have inherent good teachings them.

The crisis starts when people let those religions be hijacked for political and economic agendas.

We have the power to change that if we are willing.

Common Sense and Religion was hijacked on 911 - not just 4 planes.

Its time we get back our freedoms from manipulated fear and false terror.

Its time for the lies to stop.

I am highly suspicious

of the good reverend's refusal to acknowledge the questions about WTC 7 and a new investigation. His demeanor did not seem to indicate he was unfamiliar with the issues and it appeared that he deliberately avoided them.

I would suggest that some of his "followers" be contacted with the evidence of a 911 cover-up, or perhaps his church be infiltrated with agents for 911 truth. Then possibly the issue could be forced onto him by his own "members" .

Nice work gators!