Explosive Connections: Initial draft release.

This is only the initial draft release and not all inclusive. I fully expect additions and corrections which I will periodically revise as new and better information surfaces.


http://911blogger.com/sites/default/files/WTC 1 36X42.pdf (for large format printing)

http://911blogger.com/sites/default/files/WTC 1 8_5x11.pdf

http://911blogger.com/sites/default/files/WTC 2 36X42.pdf (for large format printing)

http://911blogger.com/sites/default/files/WTC 2 8_5x11.pdf

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Thank you for this important work.

John Mitchell
Herblay FRANCE

thank you for this diagram. I have looked at it and saved it to look again.

It is very rich in information and it is the first time I see such a diagam on 911blogger.

N citizens are more intelligent than one. Humanity can win against the evil.



You're damn straight this is important work

Jon Cole I salute you. I salute you for your information design of the highest order.

Edward Tufte--the godfather of information design--would be proud, if he wasn't so busy shilling for Obama. I once wrote Tufte saying the 9/11 Truth Movement needed him ... but he never replied.

The Mills of God grind exceedingly slowly but they grind

exceedingly fine.
(Ancient Greek)

We are the Mills of God (or Nature or Life or any other word you might prefer).

Why alleged?

Alleged FL 11? Do you have info showing these weren't commercial jets with passengers?

Alleged is the correct term

No serial numbers on time change parts have been produced that would identify any specific airplane associated with 911 by the official conspiracy myth.

Below is a link to a must read - Aircraft Parts as a Clue to their Identity


There is some evidence

September 12-14, 2001: Gruesome Remains Found at Ground Zero, but Supposedly No Black Boxes

Some gruesome remains are discovered in the World Trade Center ruins:
* Investigators find a pair of severed hands bound together with plastic handcuffs on a nearby building. They are believed to have belonged to a flight attendant. [Newsday, 9/15/2001]
* Honorary firefighter Michael Bellone and two other recovery workers discover the body of an attendant from American Airlines Flight 11. Reportedly, the men’s digging efforts reveal “a blue skirt, then one side of a body, and finally a pair of wings still attached to the lapel of a woman’s jacket.” [Swanson, 2003, pp. 140; Daily Standard (Grand Lake), 9/11/2006] Other reports describe the discovery of the body of a flight attendant with her hands bound. Presumably they are referring to the same remains. [Guardian, 9/13/2001; New York Times, 9/15/2001]

Dang! Those graphic depictions are impressive!!



Excellent documents. I would think WTC 7 would be a natural for this format. Thanks again.

This is


A man of many talents

Incredible Jon ;-)

It will take a while to digest all this.

Thank you for all the time it took to put it together.

so how good is good,?

fcking good is good.
and these drawings are fcking good.
like a spiders web with names on.



Attention that there is not a virus in one of the above files.

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
yesterday midi I created jpeg imagde from the .pdf filed and serveral minutes afterwards ma computer came down with a virus and I have not yet managed to fix it yet. I will complete the information next with the virus name. I had clicked on the red link to have the files.