U.S. Defense Department Seeks to Buy and Destroy All Copies of Anthony Shaffer's Book

Anthony Shaffer has written a memoir titled "Operation Dark Heart" and, according to the article U.S. Defense Department seeks to buy and destroy 10,000 copies of sensitive Afghan war memoir...

U.S. Defense Department officials entered negotiations to buy and destroy all 10,000 copies of the first printing of an Afghan war memoir that they claim has intelligence secrets, the New York Times reported.

The publication, “Operation Dark Heart”, by Anthony A. Shaffer, a former Defense Intelligence Agency officer and a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve has divided military security reviewers and it’s unclear what information in the book is actually a genuine threat to security.

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Defense Department probably gets a cut

If you want to make money on a book, create some propaganda about secrets being in it and then buy up all the copies. Speculation on my part for sure, but I ain't buying it.

the DIA has my book

On amazon they had the release date of Aug 31. I ordered the book Aug 31 and I have never got it. Now I know why. The DIA has my f**king book and will send me the censured version after sept 24.

"Sign up to be notified when this item becomes available."

It didn't say that when I ordered it a couple of weeks ago.

I'm enjoying my freedom.

BTW if anyone orders the book expecting Shaffer to say on every other page "9-11 was an inside job" you will be very disappointed. Just as I'm disappointed when I hear how he's probably "in on it".

He seems like a straight shooter but I'm probably duped again....I got duped into thinking planes flew into buildings on 9-11 and still believe that.....I'm a silly guy I guess.


if it has any merit it will go up on the web and be distributed

The DIA letter

FOX has posted the Burgess letter here: www.foxnews.com/projects/pdf/DIA_Demand.pdf