Video - National Press Club presentation by Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth

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The quality of the audience questions after Richard's talk ...

...just atrocious... except for the one guy who asked about the international pathway to justice (UN, etc).

I know full well that the 911 Truth Movement supports its own members uncritically and with undying, unconditional love. But we need to have a few minds looking critically at the way press conferences, etc are put on because this one lacked sizzle, folks. It seemed a bit tired even though the facts that Gage was talking about are impressively convincing. They always have been.

Also, the lack of MSM attention despite these presentations is glaring. It would have been great to hear someone besides Gage talk about the media here. It certainly would have been interesting as hell to hear a voice from the MSM explain WHY this story is so assiduously avoided. Even a movie critic would have been interesting to hear on this topic because movie critics tend to be cued into politics, popular culture, zeitgeist and public opinion quite well. There's a lot of deep, mass psychology surrounding 911 (by design!) that needs to be aired in public by someone who is perceptive and articulate in such matters. Such a person would have been a marvelous adjunct to the scientific/engineering aspects of 911 delivered so well and so relentlessly by men like Richard Gage.

"Technology Direct Weapons" Disinformation

I have just watched the first questioner, the "I am a Federal Whistlerblower" lady. I am sorry but I find her statements hilarious:

"Are you familiar with the Russell Tice case, the NSA conducting electronic warfare on Americans.... that involved the 9/11?" The 9/11, eh?

"... on many levels with this technology weapon that I have proof of." Ok, here we go ...

"It is right on to your nano... scientific proof..." Yes, of course, it is ...

"... the focus should not be on the nuclear aspect of it, but the technology directed weapons... which was the debris was that quickly removed." Bingo, mission accomplished... the nonsense bomb has been dropped.

It is really hard to imagine this woman being anything but a paid disinformation agent. I have not heard of Russell Tice before, but however she works for probably has an interest in discrediting him specifically as well.

Richard Gage handled her perfectly though: "Thank you, we can have the next question."

Don't forget about the "Death Rays"...

Amusingly enough, the "I am a Federal Whistlerblower" lady comes back for more after the second questioner... and drops both the "Death Rays" nonsense bomb and something called the "Invisible Chinese Wall". Then, apparently to re-gain some credibility, she switches to raise legitimate issues: Operation Mockingbird and Cass Sunstein's "cognitive impairment and infiltration". Wow! What amazingly pertinent issues to raise... especially after dropping "Death Rays" and "Invisible Chinese Wall' nonsense bombs.

I think there is no doubt that this woman, "Mireille Torjman", is a paid disinformation agent. Her website and absurd lawsuit are here:

Yeah, the presentation

Yeah, the presentation covered all the important points but it's way way way too long. You lose people with that amount of time.
The debate was lack luster as well. I suppose there is value in doing these things, but really, we need a fresh approach.

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MPEG4 (mp4) download...

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Few coverage IMO

despite the importance of the news this is a shame. Especially when you consider that prnewswire news can be performed by everyone. On Forbes it is already deleted.
Means only Rawstory. And local media.

CNN was there...

and recorded all the way up to the mock debate part and then quickly bolted without asking any questions.
The guy in the red shirt sitting up front is the CNN producer. (I was sitting on the right just off camera).

C-SPAN didn't show up despite a mass effort by the Outreach Team. I called and sent the Media Alert to them several times. We did garner some local coverage though, like Utica, NY. And some good Press Releases before the fact. And with the internet, it can be leveraged out further.

Outstanding job by A/E and Mike Gravel! They kicked ass and it was great to meet everybody. Despite the media's overall cowardice, this was the thing to do. It is exactly the sort of thing people expect qualified professionals to do: 1) Meet with members of Congress. 2) Hold Press Conferences.

And present the evidence.

EDIT: Press TV, Washington interviewed Richard Gage and Gregg Roberts afterwards in the lobby of the National Press Club.

Small screen video with better audio-video synchronization here:{D9C793A1-490D-43AD-B056-ACC4E2BE6EEC}&ls=

Mike Gravel: A National Treasure

Thanks to everyone involved.

excepting the "cognitive infiltrators" asking questions.