Street Action in Newton, MA 09/10/10

Anniversary street action in Newton, MA:

That's a LOT of views . . .

Great job!


Our Group Starting Out this AM at Dealey Plaza Dallas

Thank you guys for all your work

Herblay FRANCE

thank you guys for all your work. The point about the finger up and the people who are indifferent
to the subject helps us assume the passionate persons.

Yours John

Good point about passionate vs. apathetic behavior

I thought the guy was right on making the point that passionate behavior, even if it is in opposition at the moment, is more preferable than apathy.

He was right that those who are passionate about it will likely be staunch advocates for disclosure of what actually occurred on Sept. 11, 2001, once they take a real look at the evidence and realize they have been hoodwinked.

Apathy is the real danger to humanity and is what Edmund Burke was addressing when he said "All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing".

Effective action...reaching thousands.

Thanks to the Boston group for this. I am inspired by your positive attitude. You clearly reached a lot of people with this.

You guys have passion about 9/11 Truth! Way to go!

These actions are uplifting!