AE911Truth shines 3rd Beam into NYC skyline for WTC 7

1280 Architects & Engineers

Launch Third Light Beam into NYC Night Skyline on 9th Anniversary of September 11th

Represents WTC Building 7 still officially unexplained free-fall collapse & explosive implications

NEW YORK CITY, Sept. 11 – At 9:11 p.m. on the 9th anniversary of the September attacks, the members of the 1280 strong Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth lit up the skies over Manhattan with a towering 2 billion-candlepower beam of light to raise public awareness that three, not just two, World Trade Center high-rise buildings collapsed symmetrically at near free-fall acceleration on 9/11, though only two were hit by planes.

‘Why is there a Third Beam in my skyline?’ New Yorkers are asking tonight. Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth founder Richard Gage, AIA, who held a

press conference earlier in the day at the now-rebuilt WTC 7 with victims family members, states “The people of New York need to see the light – that a third WTC skyscraper not hit by any plane was destroyed on Sept. 11. They have been deceived to about what happened on that terrible day. We are shining the spotlight, literally, on the fact that the official story of what happened at Ground Zero simply cannot be true and that a

truly independent new investigation is needed both as a

matter of national security and as the key to justice for the victims of the Twin Towers.”

At the press conference, AE911truth was joined by 9/11 victims family members from the organization NYC CAN (New York Coalition for Accountability now).

Gage was in NYC speaking at a major

live-streamed symposium on “How the World Changed

After 9/11”. This event at INN World Report is taking place at 56 Walker Street, Lower Manhattan, with

national and international leaders of the 9/11 Truth and accountability movement.

“Building 7 is a ‘Smoking Gun of the 9/11 crime scene” Gage said. “We hope that after tonight, New Yorkers will see September 11th in a whole new light.”


The third beam went on at 9:11pm without a hitch! 200 people in the street with signs marveling at the 3rd beam from the perspective from the conference - where all three beams were shown in alignment. It was awesome team!
We had our folks calling the media saying "what is that third beam in the sky?" It was up for 2 hours. Then the big twin tower beams went off! So we packed up ours because it didn't make sense to have just one beam in the sky. Then - theirs went back on again! Oh well.

We had a helicopter circle by but no real issues of police action, and no media showing up despite the press release and earlier suggestions at the NYC press conference. We hope the media will be covering the event on Monday.

For coverage from our supporters see:

Huge thanks to the inspiration, dedication, logistical support, and financing - all from the wonderful Barbara Honegger! Please support Barbara and AE911Truth with a donation to help us cover the costs for this vital awareness campaign for Building 7.

See attached 3-min interview text that we recorded on video and fed to the media. See attached press release too.

The excitement here at the Ny conference it electric over this third beam!

Richard Gage, AIA
Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

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Brilliant idea. Congratulations to those who got this done. It will be remembered as a milestone in the history of 9/11 Truth. :-)

Not only was the IDEA brilliant -

But the EXECUTION was exquisite.

Truly awesome

Did any of the morning news shows in NY mention it?



Warms my heart!

Step by step we can and will win the truth:)

Kind regards John

That photo

of the three of them standing in front of the three lights is one of the most amazing and beautiful things I've ever seen, John. That's the truth of the human spirit. That's the truth of what we're doing here, I think.


Yes, it's a beautiful photo and a great image, however, people need to recall the history of Barbara Honegger. It's great that she "put a lot of time and a lot more money to make sure that the Pickup truck that carried the powerful lights would actually roll", but that doesn't then give a free pass to advocating nutty or baseless claims.

Barbara Honegger has a history of bizarre claims, one of which is described here:

"Navy employee Barbara Honegger offers the piggy back theory -- that the hijackers found out about the overlapping war games and timed their attack to take advantage of the confusion. This is probably a limited hang out designed to keep military officers from whistleblowing, since the claim that al-Qaeda supposedly compromised US operational security procedures could be very effective at keeping insiders from explaining what they know about the exercises. Honegger has since made ludicrous claims that "shoe bomber" Richard Reid was really Osama and that the Pentagon was hit several minutes before it was struck by the plane (probably false leads designed to soak up time and energy on a wild goose chase)."

Barbara may be very well intentioned and helpful, but people need to also be aware that to showcase her brings the likelihood for people who are unaware of her history to automatically accept what she says as credible.

The image of a person who claimed that Ralph Reid was actually Osama (during a public 9/11 event in LA) with her arm around the most popular leader in the truth movement, is a victory. But for whom?

I wonder why?!

"Then the big twin tower beams went off! ... Then - theirs went back on again!"

How long were the three of them on together? That is the important question.


Barry Jennings

Reportedly 2 hrs

"It was up for 2 hours. Then the big twin tower beams went off!"


The third light is magnificent - shines the light of truth. Thank you, Richard, Manny and all for your efforts.

Tactically brilliant!

ae911truth is doing all the right things. Their overall strategic approach has been sound, and must eventually bear fruit.

Yes! Tactically brilliant.

Whose idea was that?

I think that

The Force is with us.

brilliant and beautiful. . .

. . . as others have already said...great idea! this has got to wake up a lot of people.

Show these three beams at every conference where possible !

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,
thank you so much for this initiative ( three beams ) which I saw this morning and I think that the truth movement could use it as logo for each important conference world wide.

Immediately I sent an email on the last information of this week-end to my nearest colleagues. For years I could inform them of the latest news without a backlash but today in putting the three beams and saying that there would be a swimming pool in the new Islamic centre in New York I was royally insulted because 1) there was only two towers which had fallen and 2) a mosque does not have a swimming pool. They have not yet realised that like all the French they have been successfully manipulated. Am a I wrong at this point ?

It is hard to have your colleagues treat some one like that but on the other hand it shows how important it is to put the three beams up in the sky.

Thanks again



°1 _ _ _ _

1) The cultural centre a block of " Ground Zero " will have a SWIMMING POOL, a prayer room , etc. It is not a mosque!
read ==> find word SWIMING POOL /

2) the number of Americans thinking that 9/11 was an Inside Job or took part in the attacks ( Gallup poll 2006 ~70 million )


3) Hundreds of the Conferences, documentary projections, distribution of DVD' S on the attacks of the 9/11 in the world

In the world and in New York, very few people know that there were three high skyscrapers imploded on September 11 2001 and not just two.

The Association "Architects And Engineers For 9/11 Truth "clearly showed this truth with it's three rays of light like below.

But despite all the actions for the 911 truth, the spot light of the journalists does not shine on the massif 9/11 truth movement but on the single Pasteur Jerry Jones who wanted to burn the Koran.

If Jerry Jones had not existed, then to save certain, it would be necessary to invent to him.

°2 _ _ _ _

1) Le centre culturel un block de "Ground Zéro" va avoir une PISCINE, une salle de prière, etc Ce n'est pas une mosquée !
voir recherche le mot SWIMING POOL

2) Le nombre d'Americains pensant que 9/11 a été an Inside Job ou a participé dans les attentats en 2006 ~70 millions


3) Les centaines des Conférences, projections de documentaires, distribution de DVD's sur les attentats du 9/11 dans le monde

Dans le monde et à New York très peu de personnes sont au courant qu'il avait trois grand tours implosés le 11 septembre 2001.

L'association "Architects And Engineers For 9/11 Truth" a fait connaître clairement cette vérité avec ses trois rayons de lumière comme ci-dessous.
Mais malgré toutes les actions pour la 911 vérité les éclairages journalistiquesn'a pas été sur le massif mouvement de 9/11 vérité mais sur l'homme solidaire
Pasteur Jerry Jones qui a voulu bruler le Coran. S'il n'y avait pas existé pour sauver certain, il a fallu lui inventer.

past his sellby date

the mad preacher has reversed his thinking so perhaps he's past his useby date for the powers that be to create a distraction





* * *

* * *

Talk about penetrating the consciousness!

Brilliant idea brilliantly executed. That is just beautiful.

Great Pictures Too !

Looks amazing!! Top job!


next year, this action will be forbidden by law. It's too effective, too visible, too smart. It will rub some people the wrong way and they will take steps to try to stop it from happening again.

I hope I'm wrong, because this probably qualifies as the single greatest 9/11 truth action in the history of the movement.

How about three beams in all major capitals next 11 sept 2011 ?

Your prediction risks to happen. This idea is so good that it has to be repeated. Why not the next 11 sept 2011 have this beam in all the major capitals ( London, Paris, Moscow, etc ) on the same day.

- cost ?
- where to place it ?
- do we have to have a permission ?
- how to prevent the idea or the equipement being sabotaged ?

There is no single greatest 9/11 truth action

All truth actions are equally great.

This was - however - the most spectacular.

Three beams for Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth?

How about three beams for Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth ?

I am "laïque" but can accept that the three beams stand for Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth ?


MUJCA is compromised, so I don't think that would be a good idea. And it's probably best to keep things away from one or another religion. 9/11 was a crime against the world.

Currently, the top link on MUJCA -- in a large dark box of links in the center column -- goes to the website "Rediscover911" for an essay that is located in many other places ('Was America Attacked by Muslims on 9/11?').

Why would an organization that claims to support all religions link to a anti-semitic website? Good question. But there is a lot of stuff on MUJCA that would be offensive to many Jewish people.

For example, this page on Rediscover911 lists Jewish people, with large stars -- strike anyone as familiar?-- as "key Jewish Crime Network assets".

That's just the tip of the iceberg.

MUJCA thinks that kind of thing is fine, regardless of who is at the helm. I doubt that Mr Khan is aware of everything that is advocated on there, unfortunately. Most people just assume that those in charge of organizations appearing to seek truth and compassion and peace will also not link to racist sites that refer to Jewish people with large colored stars.

Thank you for informing us on the dark side of MUJCA


architectural minds at work

beyond fantastic....the trinity.........a single beautiful idea.. a V for Vendetta moment!!! .. a coup!. hats off to you big time!

Simply outstanding

A brilliant piece of agitprop, rivaling anything by the Dadaists.

This Brilliant Idea...

should help enlighten a multitude.

Our movement is blessed.............. have such wonderful people as leaders, like the three people who are shown in the photo.
Dedicated, intelligent, ethical, and willing to sacrifice so much.
And they come up with such great ideas!

It was a beautiful night and I was so fortunate to be able to be there. I'm still in the "glow" of the excitement.

Next year, we need all who can get there to come to NYC and be part of the tenth anniversary.

3 beams on video