3 Beams for Truth on Sept 11, 2010

9/11 Truth activists put up a third beam of light on September 11, 2010 alongside the 2, to remind the public that a third building was also destroyed on 9/11: WTC Building 7, the most obvious instance of controlled demolition, with only minor fires, and falling symmetrically into its own footprint at near freefall acceleration


World Trade Center Building 7

Many Thanks and Awesome to Richard Gage and those involved with making this happen!!!

http://www.BuildingWhat.org 7 Facts about Building 7


THANKS Richard.


1301 verified architectural and engineering professionals
and 9655 other supporters including A&E students
have signed the petition demanding of Congress
a truly independent investigation.

Now no one has the excuse

for not believing in 911 Truth.

The Facts and Science is with us.

News blackout on the third spotlight?

One would think that at least some media outlets in New York would have to explain the presence of the third beam.

I see nothing being reported about the third beam online and it is a pretty blatant omission.

To be fair

The 3rd beam's lighting was not the same intensity as the WTC site's (I was one of the fellows holding a backdrop sign), although to my understanding a number of invitations were made to the press about the event

Does anyone know how long it was up?

Thanks to all that helped create this inspiring spectacle:)

Kindest regards and in hope John

I'd say

~2 hours


Great job, very powerful.

We were asked to call all of the major news media outlets in ...

the area. I was there at the time. Richard asked us to call them and tell them about the third light.
MSNBC apparently was intrigued and said they would be down to investigate.
They never came.
Apparently, the word got out that had they come, they would have seen many 9/11 truth signs, including mine. Chickens! And they are the most likely of the msm to come to our side. But they, also, are controlled and told not to allow ANY 9/11 truth exposure, knowing that any exposure will make some people THINK!
Anyway, it was a great time, and we must all realize that we have some wonderful people leading the 9/11 truth movement.
Do all you can, even if it is a buck or two, to send to some of the main 9/11 truth organizations. They need the money. Travel, studios for talks, and the expenses of something like the light beam...........it all takes money. Please contribute.

But still, to have such an iconic image ignored?

That image should have been on the front page of the NYT on 9/12, but the gray lady ain't what she used to be. And have the words 9/11 Truth ever appeared in the New Yorker? What a joke. Both those publications are reduced to irrelevance and actually complicit by their total silence.

Wish I Was There!

Thanks Barbara H. for making this happen... That is one of our finest moments. Brilliant activism! I wish I could have journeyed from D.C. up to NYC to see this live.

Was there news coverage of the skyline at all? It looks to me like NY1 and some local media, morning talks and radio would have mentioned the 3rd beam while discussing the other two. After all, for two solid hours there were 3 beams blasting into the skyline! But even with the media blackout there was a citizens' illumination.....

And they will be illuminated further with BuildingWhat's commericals on their TV sets next week.

Yes, the press is not just irrelevant.............

it is criminal.
It is treason to conspire as they have to ensure the censorship across the whole media spectrum of the evidence that the 9/11 official story is a lie.


good to see you, pfgetty!

Yes, that was great being out there with you.

The whole day was exhilarating for me. I'm still in the "glow".