Bill O’Reilly uses Ground Zero ‘mosque’ controversy as front for attack on 9/11 Truth


By Andrew Steele

Last week various activists successfully managed to generate publicity for 9/11 truth:

*Richard Gage of AE 911 Truth and former Senator Mike Gravel held a press conference in Washington DC presenting evidence that the Twin Towers and Building 7 were destroyed by controlled demolition. Along with that, local press conferences were also held by people throughout the world, presenting the same evidence. Mainstream media covered the story and wrote of AE 9/11 Truth’s findings without the usual spin, bringing the issue of Building 7 to the forefront.

*On 9/11/10 Richard Gage, 9/11 victim family member Manny Badillo, and others shined a third beam of light into the sky over New York City in a symbolic representation of Building 7 to accompany the traditional two beams that shine every year for the Twin Towers.

*We Are Change held successful protests in New York City around the anniversary of 9/11, as it does every year, along with various speaking events. One of them featured anti-war hero Cindy Sheehan, who said that she now thinks the 9/11 attacks were an inside job.

Nine years after the attacks, having suffered the plunder of their wealth by Wall Street, seeing the wars continue under Obama, and recognizing more clearly the endless stream of disinfo and lies that their government and mainstream media are feeding them, more and more Americans are slowly begining to look at 9/11 and the improbable collapse of the 3 buildings in New York with a more critical eye.

9/11 Truthers aren’t the only ones who recognize this.

Enter Bill O’Reilly.

Using the drummed up issue of the Ground Zero cultural center as the backdrop, O’Reilly dedicated most of his show on Monday to a transparent and desperate attack on the 9/11 Truth movement by “exposing” that Feisal Abdul Rauf– the Imam behind the cultural center– has connections to Faiz Khan– a Muslim who has publicly stated that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job. Though disguised as a new twist to the tired ‘mosque’ controversy, the true aim of O’Reilly’s attack is to isolate those who question the official story of 9/11 by sending out the message that any connection with 9/11 Truthers is not only undesirable, but potentially criminal. In O’Reilly’s attack piece there was no discussion of the issues raised by the 9/11 Truth movement, only how much Rauf will distance himself from his Truther associate.

In the clip below Bill opens with a hysterical introduction of the issue, demanding that Rauf explain himself and why he didn’t make his association to Khan public. Bill interviews Roy Locker, who is the managing editor for The Investigative Project on Terrorism– a data-gathering center on Islamist groups. Locker describes Khan’s past speaking engagements in a cautious and somber tone, as if they equated to participating in brutal massacres instead of exercises of free speech. Towards the end of the interview O’Reilly and Locker imply that Rauf’s association with Khan now opens the door to the possibility that the Ground Zero cultural center will become a haven for terrorist activities, thus associating 9/11 Truth itself with terrorism.

This message carries into the next segment in a panel discussion with Mary Catherine Ham and Juan Williams. During the discussion Ham claims that Khan’s statements regarding the government’s role in 9/11 somehow amounts to excusing terrorist violence, (without actually clarifying how that is so). She also proclaims, “public figures are required to distance themselves from 9/11 Truthers because that is the decent and right thing to do.”

In the following video Bill O’Reilly and Brit Hume discuss the political ramifications of the new Rauf and Khan angle. Sounding like a B movie cop telling a teenage rebel to “get a haircut, young man,” Hume says, ”Truthers are in bad odor in America,” and then goes on to tell Americans precisely what they feel when they listen to people who know that 9/11 was an inside job.

Though O’Reilly is leading the charge, if the issue takes off no doubt Obama will maintain the script of condemning 9/11 Truth as a vile, hateful cause. The mainstream media’s hope is that if both presented sides of the hyped issue show disdain for 9/11 Truthers, a weak-minded American public will too, and 9/11 Truth will fade into the shadows out of fear of public scorn.

It’s an old strategy that still fails to work. As the mainstream media’s power gets weaker and the alternative media gets stronger, people are beginning to see the propaganda-laden cable news networks as annoying relics of the last decade, reaching out in a dying grasp for America’s heart and soul. While sometimes useful for gauging which direction the fake establishment right wants to steer the public in, Fox News has very little credibility left. The slogan “fair and balanced” being associated with it has become as infamous as the statements “War is Peace” and “Slavery is Freedom” in George Orwell’s 1984.

As is often the case, mainstream media attacks on the 9/11 Truth movement help the cause by bringing the subject to the public’s attention, prompting individuals to research the issue for themselves.


In the other thread, I actually wanted to tell you: "We have only a small window of time before the shit is going to hit the fan, 9/11 truth leaders have to do some preemptive action". Those were about my literal words in the comment I didn't post.

...I withheld my comment, because I thought it was too dramatic.

Now... the shit did hit the fan, and the psyop has come to full fruition :(

Bill O'Reilly

O'Reilly appears to be having another one of his demonic episodes.

Fox News...

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win.
~ Mahatma Gandhi

Fox News: Fear, Ignorance, and Intimidation

Establishment media?

It is funny how Bill O"Reilly refers to the "establishment media' here.

Perhaps this is nothing to new for him (I do not watch TV let alone Bill O'Reilly so I wouldn't know), but the idea that Fox News is not part of the establishment is quite obviously absurd.

I guess that shows, among other things, how dumb and misinformed his viewers really are.

However, I also suspect that it might show how weak the "establishment media" has become.


Wasn't there a recent thread pertaining to the Imam's relationship with the CIA? Is the MSM doing a preemptive attack on the movement before that side of the story spreads?


'psyop' in the first comment.

Thanks SnowCrash..

Thanks SnowCrash...

"The Narrative" in action...

In April, 60 Minutes (Leslie Stahl) was selected to initiate a campaign to associated 9/11 Truth with islamic extremism: (about time mark 13:20)

A few other propaganda outlets regurgitated "The Narrative" shortly thereafter, implanting the idea in the public that islamic extremism is based on 9/11 Truth in part.

This is clearly more of the same.

Kevin Barrett &

I think it is very interesting that BIll O'Reilly references Kevin Barrett's website as the source of Faiz Khan's 9/11 Truth statement:

I was going to make a similar comment about "The Narrative" on the Faiz Khan related story on 911Blogger yesterday. But after looking at the academic strength of his resume, I decided that he was likely a legitimate 9/11 Truther (and not some fake islamist posing to be one to deliberately associate 9/11 Truth with radical islam).

However, at this point it would seem that Faiz Khan has been duped into participating in this "ground zero" mosque / Qur'an burning provocation (which is clearly a staged media operation designed to divide people while giving Obama a chance to improve his terrible ratings).

Leslie Stahl - 60 Minutes - The Narrative

CBS's 60 Minutes allows a bit of 9/11 Truth to slip through on an episode called "The Narrative"

Slipping through?

I think you are kidding yourself if you think 9/11 Truth "slips through" something as carefully edited as 60 Minutes (as opposed to 9/11 Truth "slipping through" the cracks in the control of local TV news or C-SPAN).

Certainly you are not going to suggest that Bill O'Reilly is letting 9/11 Truth "slip through" here too, are you?

Again, I think it is pretty clear that 9/11 Truth is deliberately being associated with radical islam as part of "The Narrative".

Obviously, this is a weak strategy because the idea of 9/11 Truth has to be raised as our friend Bill O'Reilly has just done.

But it is easily distinguishable from "slipping through".

You're right...

Good point. I just kept the title I used at the time I first saw it aired. But regardless 9/11 Truth is being discussed on these shows which in my opinion is a good sign. Instead of being ignored. They are taking us on.

O'Reilly looks and acts very nervous in this segment

and keeps tripping over his words.

Considering how little 9/11 truth was covered in the media on 9/11, I say reports like this can only help further 9/11 truth activism.

bill o'reilly

he knows
he researched JFK very well in his younger days before taking the establishment dollar
i think it was Michael Parenti who mentioned this in one of his speeches (youtube)
now he's focusing on 9/11 truth
if he says 9/11 was an inside job he can kiss his ass/career goodbye or think about this.... it might not even make it onto the airwaves- he is not in sole control of what goes out- producers,... managers...
so its just possible that he's deliberately informing some of thepublic- those bright enough to read into it
perhaps like Pravda in communist russia- the truth is there - you just have to look at it right

Media Matters chimes in

An ancillary benefit to 9/11 Truth

A wind is coming—9/11 Truth—that will blow all of these pathetic, fake conservatives out like the chaff.

That's not obviously what motivates us, but it will be a welcome side benefit when the story blows up to see all of these crackpots swept away—the O'Reillys, the Becks, the Hannitys, the Coulters, and all the entertainers and opportunists who masquerade as spokespersons for the Right.

One thing they said I agree with: that the inside job view is "abhorrent" to most Americans. Well yes, it's abhorrent to me as well, not least because it happens to be the truth.

guess what you fox jokers!

We call ourselves TRUTHERS for a Reason!

"We call ourselves TRUTHERS for a reason"

Now peacefulwarrior that's a slogan made to stick. My next bumper sticker, seriously.

His appearance on Good Morning America. (9/14/10)

Here is his ABC's Good Morning America appearance he mentioned. They had him on to promote his new divisive book. Corporate Media for you.

Thanks for the link.

Did you notice how O'Reilly again used the term "truther"? I wonder why this is considering that before, he always, if I remember correctly, referred to 9/11 truth activists as "9/11 truthers".

Hmm. Maybe he's trying to distance the controversy surrounding the term "truther" away from the 9/11 event -- so that it doesn't automatically prompt people to look up information about the issue on their own.

this is not new

to state that L. Stahl was tasked,

"to initiate a campaign to associated 9/11 Truth with islamic extremism"

would be several years after this insidious campaign was actually begun.

When Jane Harman's commitee was unfurling HR 1955, the connection was made quite clear.

Watch this from the 1:27 mark

or you can watch the whole sordid,

hour plus travesty here:

We are def. making them sweat, when Fauxnews

spends this kinda prime time on the attack you know we got em on the run

They tried ignoring. They tried mocking.

Thats the funny thing about TRUTH, it nevers goes away, it only gets more widely known. Truth can never get less widely known.

I spent this past Saturday in Washington, out in the street with DC 9/11Truth. Signage, literature, a big(5x8 ft-ish) blow-up elephant with, "9'11 Truth: The elephant in the room" on both sides. We met in Lafayette Park(just in front of the WH). After about 45 minutes the stream of curious tourists turned to a trickle and I suggested we march down 15 st. to the W. Monument where a bunch of tea baggers were having some kind of Shindig for the Braindead.

Wow. What fun. Some minor confrontations, lots of people went home much more aware.

one could say an attempt to discredit our movement was actually begun 2 months after the crime when DimSon said at the UN (11/9/01),

"Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September 11th"

That was the point I knew in my gut( to cries of, "oh no...not camusrebel's gut again) there was something rotten in Denmark.

Your handiwork, camusrebel?

"Schedule a tea party on the grounds of the Washington Monument on the anniversary of 9/11 and you're likely to get a few counter-protesters or people with nutty signs. But while tea partiers seem to have high tolerance for say, LaRouchies and birthers, they don't seem to have much patience with truthers, conspiracy theorists who think that the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on 9/11 might have been orchestrated by the Bush administration. A bunch of them decided to show up Saturday carrying a giant elephant and a big sign claiming "it wasn't Muslims!"

Bernays would be proud of this.

I must say, it is a clever strategy by the evil bastards benefitting from the perpetuation of the OCT.

There is no doubt in my mind that the proposed community center and the Koran burning preacher are psyops.

This newest revelation about the 911 Truther, medical doctor, being associated with the proposed community center (mosque) is one of the payoffs of the psyop. They will now attempt to equate the 911 Truth community with radical Islam, if there is such a thing, and "terrists", even though the truther in question is a life saving medical doctor who has, to my knowledge, done nothing illegal or even unethical.

This is too clever to be credited to Karen Hughes.

Bill O'Reilly is working very hard to sell this meme. I wonder if he gets extra bonus money for selling specific memes.

I am thinking about how to respond. Or do we respond at all?


I love watching O'Reilly get all hot and bothered. ;-)

"I am thinking about how to respond. Or do we respond at all?"

Some people will respond and there is nothing we can do about it. I guess you're asking if we should have an organized response to this. I'd say no. It's a hornet's nest. As long as our opponents are just making shit up and conflating issues, it's a no-win situation to enter the conversation.

I recently said to some fellow truthers, if "they" are afraid of us, it's because of what we are doing right. Right now, the "Building What" campaign and our growing relations with first-responders is our strongest suit. So I say, "Just do more of that," cuz that's what's got them having to defend themselves. That's the best response.

All of this convoluted association wears thin and eventually disappears. When was the last time someone mentioned the Pentagon shooter? That fizzled and so will this......... cuz it's bullshit. Part of it's intent is to piss us off, hence, make us look wild and fanatical. We should do the opposite.

I agree. It is a hornet's nest, by design.

How relevant is O'Reilly these days? Looks like he pulls about 4 million viewers. It's pretty scary to see what gets ratings these days.

Relevance of Fox News and O'Reilly

"The newest Pew Research Center’s survey of where and how people get their news has been released, and while Fox News is still polling the oldest viewership, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart are pulling the youngest. As Stewart educates his young viewers in the ways of FNC on a nightly basis, it is clear that he is the biggest long term media threat to Fox News.


Speaking of television, Fox News has been able to hold its audience share because Republicans have been fleeing to the network. In 2002, Republicans were just as likely to watch CNN as they were to watch Fox News, but eight years later, 40% of all Republicans regularly watch FNC. Twelve percent of Republicans watch CNN and 6% watch MSNBC. Fox News does not lead the cable news ratings because there are more Republicans in the United States. They lead because they have been successful in consolidating the Republican audience.

It is no surprise than that Fox News, just like the GOP caters to an older audience. Sixty three percent of Bill O’Reilly’s viewers are over 50 years old, and 65% of Hannity’s viewers are over 50. Only 44% of the nation as a whole are over 50 years old, so the over 50 demographic is overrepresented on Fox News."



Thanks for the information.

It makes sense.

"in bad odor"?

Did he actually say that? It means to be out of favor or in bad repute.

O'Reilly, as we said in 4th grade: "you smelt it you dealt it"


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Some readers of 911blogger will find that annoying, and I want to avoid that.

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Any suggestions?


I emailed you.

You can edit your blog entries and they won't be bumped up to the top or anything. Thanks for all your work and contributions!! :)



I can't think of anything better,

at this point, than to have a segment on FoxNews, where someone is accused of being a "truther".
It is great they use the name that WE like.
WE are the TRUTH.
They can insult us, but when they say, "truther", it gives us some respectability.
Let's face it, we are getting a lot more respect, at least our existence is admitted, on Fox, than on the more msm, or progressive or liberal sites.
They work hard to completely IGNORE us. And very effectively.
Go ahead, Fox, and mock us, but our word gets out on your venue. The worst media criminals are the liberal outlets, and the "alternative" outlets, like DemocracyNow with Amy Goodman, and CommonDreams, and Alternet, and MotherJones, and Nationmag, and Zmag, and Counterpunch, and
These site try all they can to make sure we are never put in print. These are our true enemies. They are criminals.

"when they say, "truther", it gives us some respectability"

Exactly. This "Truthers" handle they try to use as a smear is now backfiring. Yes please remind the world why we are called Truthers. Like peacfulwarrior says, "We call ourselves Truthers for a Reason".

That's a meme made to stick.


seems to have covered this story fairly:

Associate of NYC Mosque Imam Calls 9/11 Attacks an 'Inside Job

But the comments section is full of people venomously in support of the OCT and who appear oblivious to most 9/11 truth facts.

EDIT: And, amazingly, the moderators there posted my comment!

No evidence to prove 9/11 was an inside job? Unreacted nanothermitic material along with iron-rich microspheres were found in four samples of World Trade Center dust. This means the Twin Towers and Building 7, which came down at virtual free-fall acceleration, were demolished through controlled demolition. Stop watching CSI and try paying attention to the real forensic stuff going on in today's world.

part fact part fiction...the elephant was

a big it. could be seen for a long ways and was a real attention getter. I took a turn holding up the back half. (it was a 2 man job)

I cannot take credit for coming up w/ the idea or the creation however.

and nobody can take credit for the "Muslims" sign because it did not exist.

that was supposed to be a reply

to MichaelFury's inquiry of me upthread