The War On Paranoid Rhetoric

My first article on Media Roots, an initiative by artist, activist and independent journalist Abby Martin, is now up. It's called "The War On Paranoid Rhetoric". I want to thank Abby for her help, and I want to encourage the 9/11 truth community to help Abby make Media Roots into an even bigger success than it is already. Here's an excerpt from the article, originally inspired by a Youtube video created by David Chandler:

Terrorist attacks in the United States and Europe have altered our societies. They have changed the way we travel, the way we conduct criminal trials, the way we think about our civil liberties. The Wolfowitz Doctrine's emphasis on unilateralism evolved into the Bush Doctrine: waging preemptive war against nations that might pose a threat to our security, timid protestations from the UN notwithstanding.

We are constantly encouraged to be on the lookout for danger, report suspicious activities and watch for left luggage in airport terminals or bus stations. And if we don't do it, creepy, fully automated camera surveillance systems will do it for us. In that sense, the Bush Doctrine has wormed its way into our everyday lives, and we frenetically look inward to foil plots before they happen, to detect radicalization in our friends and enemies, colleagues and neighbors. Radicalism, we are told, is a precursor of terrorist tendencies. Therefore, all radicals are potential terrorists.

Thought crime is no longer a taboo; Orwell rolls in his grave. It wasn't the action, but the reaction in the form of totalitarian legislation that brought us here. We are told terrorists attack us because they hate our freedoms. The past decade tells a different story: terrorists may terrorize, but no entity hates our freedoms more than our own government, which is always in an excellent position to act upon its hatred. We are nurturing a culture of vigilantes and snitches. Politicians campaign on fear, and have pissing matches with their challengers about who is most 'patriotic' and best prepared to 'protect' the country.


thank you

Thank you so much snowcrash for all your work over the years. You have done excellent and extremely credible research and are a huge asset to the 9/11 truth and peace community. Keep pursuing your investigative journalistic work, because you are great at it! I can't wait to collaborate more efforts!


Thanks Abby

You are too kind. As Media Roots and 9/11 Truth News demonstrate, the ink blot of truth activism is swelling. We all have a responsibility to do something with the information we've gathered.

Absolutely true! One of our most powerful bloggers here!

Thanks to David and SnowCrash for their passion for 9/11 Truth!

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Anytime you hear people

Anytime you hear people online complaining about the corporate controlled usual media outlets, let them know about Media Roots and other alternative sites for good quality, truthful news.



Thanks so much for the support Orangutan!!!!


This message is for Abby.

Thanks much for what you are doing. I wanted to let you know, in case you weren't already aware, that the majority of the links on your (otherwise great) website do no work. Perhaps this is because it is still under construction? If so, you might want to alleviate a lot of frustration by letting us know.




Really?!?!? I have never heard that anyone has had that problem until right now. Everything works perfectly from both my mac and pc on all op systems... What browser and operating system are you using? I am very worried and would like to get this solved asap! Thanks for the heads up!!!! Sorry about whatever problems you are having with the site.. that sucks