Manny Badillo at the 9/11/2010 Memorial Ceremony

Manny Badillo Sends Message of Truth to Millions at the 9/11 Anniversary Memorial Ceremony:


Each year you find an opportunity to reach thousands, if not hundreds of thousands with the message of 9-11 Truth, and you do it in a profound impactful way, Manny. Thank you.

Without the Truth

there can be No Justice.

Well said Manny.

God Bless you for your efforts and preseverance under difficult circumstances.


I didn't realize the significance of this the first time I glanced over it. Manny. You are awesome. This was a brave act and hit all the right notes. Many more have seen your courage and strength now. Thank you for this!!!

Not sure how i missed this earlier in

the week. Double Wow.

Classy. Powerfull. About the only circumstances I can think of where you are garaunteed to be listened to, quietly and respectfully.

I'm certain Manny got more than one person to open their minds enough to go home and do a little research for themselves.

Thank you brother.

Thank You Manny.

You represented the truth and the victims' families beautifully.

This world

This world is not ruled by law, it is ruled by powerful men who use laws for tools.

What remains are increasingly rare acts of individual moral and intellectual bravery, political affiliations be damned.