Outreach at the Wilson Borough Firestation in Easton, Pennsylvania

Outreach at Wilson Borough Firehouse, Easton

By Jeff Jacobucci/Join911Truth.com

Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania - "It makes you think," said a local firefighter at the Wilson Borough Firehouse on Monday, September 13, after watching the 10-minute version of Richard Gage's Blueprint for Truth DVD with about five of his other fellow firemen on the big tv screen in the lounge area inside the firehouse.

"Lounge" is hardly a word that describes the occupation of these men: the alarm sounded twice during my short visit with them; once for a fire, and a second time for a personal health emergency.  The first alarm dispatched about four men; the second about two more, leaving about five or six to view the Blueprint DVD.

Just another day on the job in the life of the Easton firefighters, it would seem.

And, these men, as a group, were well aware of 9/11, and their Chief, Mike Collins, knew just how many firefighters lives had been lost on that day: 343 to be exact.

Yet, the men were friendly and eager to hear the evidence I had brought with me in the form of the Blueprint for Truth DVD and 9-11 Investigator color broadsheet newspapers, both from the highly credible Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

The Blueprint for Truth DVD, as 9/11 activists well know, focuses on the physical, factual evidence of the three world trade center collapses, including the nano-thermite, the molten metal, freefall acceleration, and explosion witnesses.  It espouses no "conspiracy theory" of any kind, and all facts presented in the DVD can be readily verified from the public record.

After watching the DVD together, we had a discussion about it.  It turns out that this particular group of men were not aware that a third building, Building 7, was also destroyed on the afternoon of 9/11, and that it was not hit by a plane.  We talked about that, and about the evidence presented in the DVD, and the firefighters added what they knew already, and asked me questions.

The firemen asked questions about the plane impacts, the jet fuel, design of the Twin Towers, and whether or not thermite was found in the dust of all three building destructions, or only in that of Building 7.  I advised the firefighters honestly that I'm no expert in these matters, but, gave simple answers to each question as best I could, and advised them to look online at AE911Truth.org for better answers to most of these questions.

After watching the discussion, I gave each firefighter a copy of the 9-11 Investigator color newspaper, which, I told them, had nearly the same information as we just heard on the DVD.  Also, we found the AE911Truth website written in the little gray box in the lower left hand corner, so they could visit the website in future to learn more about what they had heard today.

I then read to the firefighters the A&E petition statement, which calls on our Congress to launch a new investigation into 9/11, and told them how they can sign the petition, online, any time, just by visiting the architects' website, www.ae911truth.org.  One firefighter said he was ready to sign it, but, that he needed more time to write his statement about the building destructions.

At the end, I couldn't resist asking for a group photo, outside, in front of the firetruck.  I was proud of these men and the foundation for community involvement for 9/11 activism that I felt was created on that day.

Lehigh Valley 9/11 Truth sincerely thanks the firefighters and officers of the Wilson Borough Firestation for their hospitality, kindness, and openness to hearing evidence of controlled demolitions and other crimes on 9/11/01.  By hearing evidence of the crimes of 9/11 and listening to an appeal for justice and a new investigation, they truly bring honor to the men and women who lost their lives on that day and we salute their patriotism for doing so.

Great Story

Great work but did you mention to them about firefighters for 911Truth as well? Certainly they can sign both petitions if they opt to do so, but I would think they would feel comfortable signing a petition with their firefighter brethren. Just a thought.

Outstanding work again, kudos.


Great point!

Yes, I did, mention Eric Lawyer's group and website to them, thank you. But, great suggestion, I'll have to make sure to mention next time that they have their own petition. And, wasn't FF911Truth supposed to come out with a DVD this fall? That would be an outreach tool to rival Blueprint, I would think.


Great work

Such a great outreach! Could you tell us how you organized your visit? Who did you talk to? What was their reaction? etc etc.

Thank you!

Good question!

Yes, I think that is a good question. How do you plan such an outreach? Well, in this case, I just started calling firehouses in my local area. It turns out that they use the Wilson Dept. as a training facility on Monday nights. So, there are lots of firemen there on those nights. When I called the Wilson FD, I spoke first to Chief Collins. I just introduced myself and told him that I had some 9/11 information and would it be possible to come down sometime and share it with the guys? We talked a little bit. I told him I don't want donations or anything, only signatures for the petition. He seemed satisfied with that. He said I have to ask the Lieutenant; he is in charge of all the training.

So, I called back and spoke to Lt. Sipel. We also talked a little on the phone. I suggested different formats, such as my just setting up a table off to the side, somewhere, and just letting the guy walk over if they would want . He liked that idea. He also added that they have an area with a TV/DVD player and seating, and he said that I could use that area to show my DVD. "Well, you can't beat that!" I thought. We picked a Monday night and set the appointment.

On that Monday night, the 13th, the guys were expecting me. I think they were actually looking forward to my visit. A break from their usual routine, perhaps? We just kind of went straight back to the TV area inside the firehouse. That is sort of a waiting/lounge area where the men rest and talk in-between fire calls. I think the rest is in my story, above.

If anyone wants to do something like this, here are a couple of pointers:

Tip#1: Relax. No prepared speeches are necessary. (Maybe just an outline of points you want to 'hit'; see Tip#2.) Do you believe in your heart that we need a new investigation? Just tell the guys that.

Tip #2: Just the facts. No "conspiracy theory." If you just stick to a simple, hard-evidence presentation, that's best, IMO. My outline was something like this: Building 7, explosion witnesses, freefall, molten metal, nano-thermite, and next time I might add the seismic evidence. That's it. I don't know who did this, or why; all I know is we need a new investigation. That's what I tell people.

Tip #3: No need to talk about what we already know. If someone wanted to open up a discussion about the "official story," I would just say something like this, "Well, I'm assuming we all already heard all about that stuff on tv and so forth. I'm here today to point out to you guys a few things that maybe you DIDN'T know about 9/11. Did you know..." and then go straight back into my outline again (see Tip#2, above).

Did that answer your question? Chief Collins suggested that I visit police departments, too. He pointed out to me on the phone that police officers lost their lives on 9/11 as well as firemen. The firemen gave me website links for all the fire stations here in my local area.

And, see that little sign I'm holding? I bought a hundred of them and staple them to telephone poles in my community. The signs point back to my website, obviously, where people in my community can see that I visited with the Easton firefighters. For example, I put some signs up in Easton, near the firehouse. The point is to build strong connections in my community with the people in my community.

I realize this outreach doesn't even compare to what they do in places like North Texas, where they canvass a thousand houses with DVD's and their N. Texas color broadsheet newspapers. But, on the other hand, I didn't recall seeing an outreach of this sort posted here at 911Blogger lately, and so, I just thought I'd share it as my small contribution to the overall discussion.

Larger photo

FYI if anyone is interested, a larger photo of the group shot is here:

Link: http://join911truth.com/eNewsletter/2010-09-13-enewsletter.html

Great Job

& a common sense approach to talking with people.

The bullhorn approach, is about as dumb as it gets!

Great job indeed.

LV911Truth, thank you so much for sharing. You have provided very valuable information. Your outreach is no small victory at all. You stood inside the firehouse with firefighters and showed them DVDs and information inside their home. The firefighter community is crucial for outreach by the 9-11 Truth Movement. I will share your valuable info at our next meeting. Thank you.

truthoverprofit, I disagree with you about the bullhorn. Like any form of outreach, it all depends how you do it. I have had incredible response and success when I have used the bullhorn during our street actions. Keep it simple with impact. You usually only have 30 seconds to entice passersby to look up Building 7.

With you in the struggle,

Is this THE Bruno Bruhwiler,

Is this THE Bruno Bruhwiler, from We Are Change, LA? Are you out of jail? I sincerely hope so! Thank you for your kind words. That's some group you guys have out there in LA, isn't it!

A BIG THANKS to all of you guys for your support for this small, local outreach event. I will definitely incorporate FF911Truth into my future outreaches with fire departments. That is an awesome suggestion!

Personally, I've always thought we should just have one petition. I've always just promoted the A&E petition mainly because it's the biggest one. FF911Truth and AE911Truth have toured together; they united for BuildingWhat.org together. I wonder, couldn't their two petitions be merged into one? But, such as things are, YES, I will definitely offer the firefighters' petition to the guys at future outreach events. Definitely!

Thank you guys again for all your positive feeback about my small, local event!

Hey partner

This is Bruno Bruhwiler indeed, but too humble to accept 'THE'... LOL. I will write an update on my court case soon. It's looking good, but it costs a lot of money unfortunately. More on that later.

Great work on the outreach, brother.


This is exactly what is needed. Thank you for this and describing exactly how you did it with tips and pointers. And describing how the experience went. Erik Lawyer's group and website are a big help in this effort too.


Helping that organization get the numbers that Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth have would be awesome.