San Francisco's 9th Annual 9/11 Truth Rally/March - Satyagraha - Truth Force - Events Report

Arriving at the 12th Annual Power to the Peaceful Festival

Janet Kobren and David Chandler

San Francisco, the City of Love, nine years after the attacks that dramatically changed the world, activists gathered at the Panhandle for the 9th Annual 9/11 Truth Rally/March. They acted in solidarity with the social movements born to resist tyranny, empire, racism, injustice, militarism that have evolved and continue to struggle today in a world, described by Orwell, of "Universal Deceit."

The Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance spearheaded the 6th Annual 9/11 Truth Film Festival which lasted from Thursday through Sunday, highlighting documentary films, premiering Hypothesis, a biography of Dr. Steven Jones, featuring speakers - Peter Phillips and lMickey Huff of Project Censored, and David Chandler, high school physics teacher, whose analysis of the destruction of the WTC buildings puts the official NIST report to shame.

Gandhi said, “Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”

Satyagraha - Truth Force was born when 3000 people gathered together on September 11, 1906, to oppose an unjust racist law targeting the Indian population of South Africa. Satyagraha is a synthesis of the Sanskrit words satya (meaning "truth") and Agraha ("pursuit of"). Gandhi believed that life itself is a pursuit of truth. For Gandhi, satyagraha became strength in practicing non-violent methods, or in his words "the Force which is born of Truth and Love or non-violence" or “soul force.” Martin Luther King Jr. defined it as "Love in Action." Gandhi was inspired by Leo Tolstoy, and Gandhi’s efforts inspired others, including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the civil rights movement, and other movements, including the Truth movement.

Gandhi said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

The speakers that morning included David Chandler, who also spoke on September 9th in Los Angeles and at the Film Festival at the Grand Lake Theater, to announce the launch of Scientists for 9/11 Truth, Actors and Artists for 9/11 Truth, and Military Officers for 9/11 Truth. Former Senator and presidential candidate, Mike Gravel moderated a press conference in DC with Richard Gage, AIA, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth The press conferences and information presented by scientists, architects and engineers which challenges the official story continues to be censored and ignored by the corporate media. Project Censored has been censored for its examination of 9/11, and their new book Censored 2011, which includes a chapter on 9/11 and State Crimes Against Democracy, explains the Truth Emergency that exists in our Orwellian manufactured media news landscape which conceals rather than reveals the critical nature of reality on which most human decisions need to be made. (A cover story in the San Francisco Bay Guardian entitled - Censored in a brave new world - Project Censored: The top 10 big stories the major news media didn't report in 2009 came out today, September 15, 2010). Our challenge wasn’t simply getting out certain truths about our issues, but on exposing the veil that draped a media construction of reality that served tyrants, war mongers, oppressors, the construction of a global fascist state, at the expense of humanity and the biosphere. The corporate media did not show up. A photographer from a college paper and a reporter from KPFA, who recorded most of the speeches and interviewed many of us during the march did come.

David’s specialty was explaining the problems of the official NIST reports and how they violated the fundamental laws of physics. Chandler’s presentation at the Grand Lake included his analysis of the sound evidence that showed explosives that were used on WTC 7. He drew attention, as well, to a video showing Amy Goodman fleeing from the vicinity of WTC 7, begging the question as to why Goodman, who was a witness to the demolition of World Trade Center 7, has failed to investigate a key element of the official story that was omitted from the 9/11 Commission’s report.

Janet Kobren, a survivor of the Free Gaza Flotilla, shared her story of how she was drawn into supporting the plight of the Palestinian people, and breaking the blockade which was preventing them from getting much needed aid. Zachary Running Wolf arrived on his bicycle, a bit late, and welcomed all of us “to the reservation.” He stated that native people understood “occupation” and knew that “9/11 was an inside job.” He had conducted a prayer ceremony at Lake Merritt earlier, and was calling for a four day driving boycott, to oppose the oil wars and assault on the environment by the fossil fuel industry and the military. There was also a call for a boycott of the corporate media.

I mentioned my own efforts to be the media and how censored 9/11 truth was, prompting "Dick Gregory to begin a liquid fast, until the truth about 9/11 is known. Dick Gregory was responsible for getting the Zapruder film shown on national tv, which created a public outcry, forcing a congressional investigation into the Kennedy assassination in the 70s, who concluded that Kennedy’s death was the result of a conspiracy. There was a campaign underway to get the video of the controlled demolition of WTC 7 (the Zapruder film of 9/11) shown to the public.

Vic Sadot and Bernie Rauch brought their guitars and sang songs. We had lots of flyers, signs, a banner and a police escort as we marched up Ashbury, down Haight Street, through Golden Gate Park, drawing people’s attention, and dispersing info as we made our way to the 12th Annual Power to the Peaceful Festival, where we had three booths set up to educate the enormous crowd, numbering over 70,000 that were still converging at Speedway Meadows.

9/11 Truth March Arrives at Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance's
9/11 Truth and Cookies Booth

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth at the 12th Annual Power to the
Peaceful Festival

Generally, we parade around the main audience, all the way up to the stage and around the other side, but we lost much of our parade at the 9/11 Truth and Cookies booth and the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth booth, and the crowd was almost too strong and big to navigate through with our banner and signs, particularly near the stage area. The new Deception and Perception Dollars were popular. The booths were popular, even when the cookies ran out.

That afternoon and evening the film festival ran in San Francisco and in San Leandro, I tried to make it to the Gandhi Statue for Arnie Passman’s Take Back Gandhi’s 9/11 Celebration, but miscalculated how much time it would take to get samosas, naan and get through traffic; we were late. The sun had set, a small circle of poets and friends read poems and spoke to one another beside the statue, as the day’s warmth slipped away. I found Arnie’s poem particularly inspiring:


Let's go on a good new fashioned American salt march,
Just like the good old fashioned satyagrahaing Gandhi in walks of yore.
That 23 day stroll to the Indian Ocean,
To scoop up the saline sailin' in,
Cuz the bloody Brits were saltaxing folks to death.
Believed to be the startling of the sunset of British rule in India.
What we would do, where would we bare watch?
To ever improvise our impoverished land.
From closed border to border,
Sea to slimy shore.
Figure eights within loosey fuguests.
We would gather at the dozen or so Gandhi statues,
From San Francisco to Salt Lake City, St. Louis, Atlanta,
New York, Boston, Hawaii, Bellevue, Washington,
Washington, Deceit.
Stopping to sit in at the biggest defense spending congressional districts,
And TV and radio stations by the tens of thousands,
As our nonviolent irate vox populi against all war all the time --
A Christian notion for a Christian nation --
To take us to the pure joy of jail time.
Yeah, let's go on a good new fashioned American salt march;
We could get down in Crawford, Texas,
With the retard commander in chief.
Hang high at Cheney's wild Wyoming spread.
Go 'round 'n' 'round our disabled land,
Cleanin' and healin' as we hip-hop along.
Nullifying the stultifying empire,
Solidarityngling once again awe prickly pear
Mulberrry bushes for our democracy now.

I had a chance to speak, too and mention what I felt were the most potent “satyagrahas” taking place – the Free Gaza boats, courageously drawing world attention to the Palestinian plight, and the valiant, efforts of the truth movement, Dick Gregory, Richard Gage, Stephen Jones, and countless others, to break media censorship and draw world attention to the controlled demolition of World Trade Center 7. By that time I felt it was safe to mention the direct action taking place in New York, the third light beam, that activists hoped to shine. Our best hope to counter the violent forces, dependent on lies, wars, violence to maintain their power is individual and massive, global non-violent non-co-operation, and satyagraha, creative, courageous, acts of love.

Gandhi said "When I despair, I remember that all through history, the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it, always."

I didn’t want to speechify and abuse my audience, as it was late and getting colder, and I felt they already knew profoundly what I have learned this year about satyagraha and the evolution of social movements.

Social movements are linked and learn from one another. It only takes one person to begin a social movement. One person who has the courage to say “This is wrong; this is unjust, and to point out the lie, the injustice, the harm that is taking place.” To end slavery, to gain women the right to vote, to abolish apartheid, to liberate India from the British, the seeds were sown by very few people, but others were drawn to their efforts or to begin their own complementary struggles by the natural, innate, human affinity to seek truth, justice, to love and to live in alignment with our deepest, most sacred values. Our contemporary struggles, due to modern communications, have propagated rapidly, and while we may seem like a few in our particular intersection of time and space, there are probably small groups, mirroring us in multiple places, that we don’t even know about. The blatant malevolency of the oppressive structures dooms them, and the indomitable small strength of the human spirit and many, many circles seeking truth, justice, and peace assures us that our movements will be successful, eventually, although the road may be long and winding.

[ photos courtesy of John W. Wright (aka LeftWright) - LW]

Thanks Carol and San Fran!

Firstly this is really moving to see and congratulations to all involved:)

I am sorry to do this but as your reading here with this thread and a very good friend of yours and mine Cosmos has been slandered and abused by the one and only Kevin Barrett it is time to get things straight. So considering that you and Cosmos, together were their in San Fran from the very beginning of this movement working for TRUTH.....what do you have to say about this ?

Barrett has used you as a shield for years and I tell you I have had enough of being nice with people like him....cancer is cancer so Carol where do you stand and who is it that you support?

You know that you are very dear to me and us all but on this I must call all to account in the name of truth and justice!

This situation should of never happened but because of people being TOO NICE here we are:(

Kind regards John


I just got off the phone with Carol and she hopes to find the time to comment here soon, as she as always is extremely busy!

Any way so you all know Carol has known and worked directly with Cosmos for 8 plus years and has even written cheques to Cosmos over the years....he is real and NO fake. Any way I'm back to the fight and I hope to see a comment from Carol here soon:)

Kind regards John

PS - There is nothing more important than a friend in need

Thanks John

It's definitely time to expose Barrett's BS in broad daylight.

Conflicts within the Truth Movement

I actually met Cosmos on the first "Bush Did It!" 9/11 Truth Rally/March to the Power to the Peaceful Festival 9 years ago. He has been a member of our local group. We gave him a Citizen's hero for 9/11 Truth award in 2007, along with Richard, Janette, Bob Bowman, Jim Hoffman...

I also actually met Kevin Barrett working on the Truth Conference in Chicago in 2004. I think he has written a couple of good books on 9/11 Truth and some very good articles. He spoke with Steven Jones and Kevin Ryan at an event I moderated in Denver, Colorado.

I also know Webster Tarpley, who spoke at the SF Int'l Inquiry into 9/11 and the Toronto Inquiry in 2004 and came to California in 2005 when we premiered Barrie Zwickers' The great Conspiracy- The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw.

I have always felt that for any of these prominent 9/11 truth activists to attack one another publicly is very detrimental to the movement and have always urged them to work out their differences privately- without broadcasting them to the world.

I am concerned that Cointelpro is alive and well and we are under attack, but I have a hard time identifying precisely who is creating all the schisms- I generally concentrate on the work at hand.

I know that people have been accused of having Jekyll and Hyde personalities which harm the movement irreparably. The truth is- none of us are perfect- we do all make mistakes and I have also been accused from all sides for being too radical, too conservative, too gullible, too nice, too manipulative, too tyrannical... you name it. And the truth is- I am human, a mom, I do the best I can, I make mistakes.

I was exhausted by the recent events and wrote to our local group:

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for your participation, support, efforts on behalf of 9/11 Truth!!!!

....hummux said something profound to me about how the hope of the world was whether we could figure out how to work together cooperatively. It always sound so good in theory, but as you all know, in real life, it can be very messy. He likened our path as the spirit escape thread woven into every Navajo rug. Our success depends on us finding/making the path.

There was a lot of uncertainty about exactly what would happen at the Film Festival, part of it because I removed myself from the committee (to spare them the tyranny of my presence - and to spare me the conflicts/arguments/frustrations and allow me more time to do what I was more passionate about- my radio show and the 9th Annual Truth/Rally/March.) So on 9/11/2010, we were spread rather thin- with two film festivals happening, while we were also in two different locations at Power to the Peaceful Festival, plus I had the rally/march in the morning and the Take Back Gandhi's 9/11 Celebration in the evening.

Needless to say, there were a lot of things that just didn't get done, and a lot of mistakes, but the events happened because people wanted them to happen and put time and energy into them, and each bit of time and energy shaped the events. Was some of it wasted? I overlooked one cookie tin at the Grand Lake Theater when the cookies seemed to run out, and later found it and passed them out to the last folks who helped to pack up, and were the last to leave the theater. On Friday, I was so tired, but I spent the whole day unloading and reloading the car, and baking cookies, I even recruited my kids to help bake them. We ran out of cookies unbelievably soon in the afternoon on September 11th. So many people came by asking for cookies, and I had to apologize and not give them any, but when Bill was packing up in the evening- he found two whole giant tins of them (2 hours of effort) and shared them with volunteers and the homeless. I came home with way too many and my family can't eat them all- Daniel's sharing them at school with his friends.

People say 9/11 couldn't have happened because the government is too incompetent, but I think 9/11 happened the way it did- because it was the most botched special operation in history and therein lies the hope and strength of our movement- that truth will triumph over the lies, and love will triumph over fear. Maybe we are too incompetent, to really succeed in changing the paradigm that has dominated the planet for 10,000 years or so, but I believe the strength of our movement, which I have seen grow dramatically over the years, is because it is the power of truth, spirit yearning for social-justic,e and the survival of life/planet, that nurtures the community, cooperation, trust that the growing network of activism is totally dependent upon. We continually have obstacles/opportunities hurled our way and have to figure out what to do, whether we can go around them, get blocked, despair, give up. Organizing events is a challenge, with all sorts of possibilities/challenges, and it does involve some risk- you just never know what is going to happen or what the results will be. You have to have the courage to try and to be able to make mistakes, and to learn from them. When I began working on 9/11, I did things that I never did before. I made lots of mistakes. I have lost thousands of dollars on events, but I don't have any regrets. The events accomplished things, and helped spread the word, despite the financial losses. The process, itself, would bring people together, and new collaborations would emerge, way beyond anything imaginable.

I interviewed Mickey and Peter on my Thursday radio show (live from the Film Festival) and one of the most censored stories is 9/11 Truth, particularly Richard's press conference in SF last February. The press didn't cover the press conferences in NY, DC, LA on the 9th either, and tried to create a smoke screen with the mosque controversy/ and ignore that third beam, but I don't think it will work. When thousands of people protested in front of the NY Times and the NY Times didn't report it- those people knew the NY Times was NOT telling the whole truth. The image of the third beam, which is bound to spread- will make the media look even more lame than it already is, and will greatly strengthen the movement.

The existing paradigm depends on complex webs of relationships, and on fear, war, terrorism, violence to maintain their power. We have a much greater force on our side, which is "satyagraha" as Gandhi termed it. truth force, soul force, or as Martin Luther King Jr. described it "Love in Action"...

I got up at 4:30 am on Saturday to get to Speedway Meadow and begin setting up. Scott came all the way from Southern California to set up for Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Truth be told- I was so exhausted on Friday that when I realized that I couldn't fit all the stuff into my car- I called Brian Good for help. He and Ray Banque graciously agreed to carry all the stuff for our non-profit space to and from Speedway Meadows, and he kept an eye on the booth when NC9/11TA volunteers ran short or disappeared. Dana brought the tables and free lit from the GLC. John Wright miraculously showed up and helped tremendously (and picked up DVDs to table at the VIZ). He also gave Dina, Rudy, and I a ride to the rally at the Panhandle- which saved me the nightmare of trying to chase down my car later in the day. John also helped carry all the stuff we had a hard time dealing with after the rally back to the Power to the Peaceful Festival (including the medicine pouch that Zachary Running Wolf had forgotten). And he took photos of us when we arrived at Speedway Meadow! (A good thing we have some- cause my camera battery died first thing that morning.)

I didn't know how many people would come. The police gave us a permit and were very nice, and escorted us like royalty the whole way. But I was expecting the big blue banner which didn't come- Kathy was away. The corporate media wasn't there. Patrick videotaped a lot. John Fitzgerald didn't make it- but Janet and David were there. Vic did a great job singing at the rally and during the march. He found a new sound system which is self contained that he can carry with no hands! KPFA interviewed us all along the march route- and recorded people's talks. (Bernie also sang). It was a very friendly event, but for me it meant a great deal because I really do think satyagraha, global non-violent resistance, active love, is what we must do to counter the corporate/fascist police state that is being imposed... and today I realized just how "priceless" relationships are- the trust- love bonds that occur, almost naturally within a family - and are the basis of community... Before 9/11 my big issue was changing the monetary system, and I need to give a talk in Chicago at the end of them month on the strategy for the monetary reform movement, and I planned to use the lens that I used when I spoke at the plenary for the 2006 Truth Conference in Chicago and as I was doing math, making phone calls, I realized how like water, air, life itself, how priceless the help we offer one another is. Money is such a small part of the equation, if anything it generally gets in the way and is more of a problem than anything else- things are so much easier- when we don't use it or need it - and it saves so much time and effort on bookkeeping - and it is generally not taxable! But I did swap some 9/11 Fact sheets for DVDs, and Mickey wanted a book which we deducted off his honorarium. So I have this radical view on money and it has had a big impact on my life, my marriage, my relationship with NC 9/11 TA over the years. I hate asking for money. The more money I have, the more "responsible" I feel. More money to me generally means more work. I sometimes run short of money, because I do give it away to people who need it.

Last year I was accused of being a tyrant and I realize that I "am a tyrant" but the tyrant probably tyrannizes me, more than anyone else. I drive myself harder than other people. I usually only ask for help when I desperately need it, because I can't do it myself, and people (like my husband, my kids, the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance) usually only help because (1) they love me (2) the request is in line with their passion, their purpose, their mission - which is the mission of the 9/11 Truth Alliance, or within a much larger mission which is helped by the mission of the 9/11 Truth Alliance (3) out of fear of earning my wrath/disappointment. Each of us has an inner tyrant and the trick is remembering to balance our lives, so that if we are pushing ourselves really hard, we don't harm those close to us- family or colleagues in the process. It is painful to see one we love harm themselves/commit suicide, hurt other people. It is a joy to see the people we love, our colleagues joyous, successful, especially if their successes are beneficial to our cause/humanity. I always thought that we should compete at who could think of the most effective way of winning over the public to 9/11 truth through art, film, music, literature, science...comedy, theater... actually, Gandhi didn't come up with the word "satyagraha" he held a contest to come up with the best word to describe it...

We should have a contest to spread the meme of satyagraha and encourage new ones worldwide and link them all together- so that it is CELEBRATED each year on 9/11 as the force that saved the planet, and the tragedy of 9/11 transformed into a force which heals the wounds of the lies, deceptions, violence that were once used to divide and conquer humanity and the world... Actually I think Arnie said that better in the poem he delivered at the Gandhi statue...

I'm afraid I was interrupted ... and wasn't able to convey half of what I thought that I realized about myself, our group, the world this weekend, beyond that we don't appreciate and celebrate one another and ourselves enough. We are too hard on ourselves and one another. We should love, appreciate and encourage one another more often. We should learn and be grateful for the opportunity to make mistakes which helps us to grow. "We are all beginners amidst beginners..." and we need to listen to one another more... although there is never enough time to do all that we wish that we could do... We should concentrate on that which we are most passionate about. I still think our group should be "a support group for activists." If the group wants to be more "effective" then the group will have to figure out a better process than the one we have now. I have my limitations, and so does everyone else. Together we can do things that no one of us can do alone, but since no one is really getting paid for the work we do - and we are all volunteers - and we rarely agree on anything - we have our limitations, and can only try to balance our needs/purposes with the group's needs and purposes...

My house reflects the state of my being, sometimes it is relatively neat, calm, peaceful and when I am pushing myself really hard- it generally becomes a mess, chaotic, and I can't find anything, I'm super inefficient and wipe myself out and can't do 2% of the things that I want/hope to do. This year, I think the group was divided, scattered, and we didn't do everything we had hoped/wanted to do, but even if we only did 2% of what we aimed for - it still was significant and will have impact and will plant some seeds and I'm sure it was worth the time, craziness, effort, love, heart, energy, attention that we poured into our efforts, and just Richard's direct action alone was so spectacular, that we should all bask and glory and rejoice at it- because I'm sure that that light beam will have a huge impact, and we should all be very proud that a member of our group was instrumental in pulling that off! I haven't even listed all the other great things/work that everyone has done, including the folks who never or rarely come to our meetings.

I'm glad that the Truth Movement is outgrowing our group, and could outlive us, but I think we really should take time to celebrate, and also to think, reflect, strategize, or figure out a better way of decision making than we have used over the past 8 years. We have evolved and should continue to grow, evolve, perhaps birth even more groups, that are more effective than we are...

My son, who just graduated from college is now living at home and looking for a job. We spend some time together- he helps me with cooking, dishes, housework, and we go on walks... He asks me if I think I am a better or a worse mom now than I was when he was little. I say he is bigger now and can do more than he used to, so I don't have to baby him like he was when he was young. It turns out that kids coming home from college LIKE to be babied. It is nice to be nurtured/cared for, loved, appreciated. I remember how hard it was for me, when I was sick/exhausted/tired to cook dinners for the family. Yesterday, my husband babied me - and fed me - and I needed it.

The poem I wrote years ago began- "I am a master; I am a slave; I am a mother."

But I often feel helpless in the group, voiceless, ignored; I think we all do. Each person has an impact, but it isn't easy to see because some people are shyer than others and don't even try to enter the conversation - and their gifts/contributions are lost. Meetings are an opportunity for real dialogue, for tapping into the group wisdom, but generally our processes don't allow it. I strongly favor the circle process, but I am generally outruled and "an agenda" dominates.

I propose that we celebrate at our next meeting and just pass the talking stick and speak from our heart and just devote the last hour to a meeting- but I'll bet we cover enough with a circle process that we will handle most of what needs to be said by the time we get to the agenda and vote on the financial stuff.

Actually, the Chicago conference was in 2006

Carol, how do you feel about Barrett advocating violence?

Since you're one of his biggest supporters, I think you should explain yourself.

Do you think advocating violence is a good thing for 9/11 truth?

I am opposed to violence

I think we have to be 100% non-violent. Anyone who advocates violence is going to do us harm. If Kevin was advocating violence- he shouldn't- but he also does have a sense of humor and might have been joking or had his words taken out of context.

Recently they chopped down all the trees in the local business district- we all were shocked and outraged- it turns out that someone was making a joke "Chop them all down." and whoever was handling the job- took her literally...

My husband takes the scouts rockclimbing and told me that one rule is never joke when it comes to matters of safety. It could cost a life.

Even at the airports- we're not supposed to joke going through security. I think TSA is a joke, but I would never joke about carrying explosives.

That link is to a screenshot of his own blog

They are his own words - nothing is taken out of context.

"Anyone who advocates violence is going to do us harm."

I agree.

Show "On advocating violence" by phredo

The question we're dealing with here:

Is it good for 9/11 truth?

Show "the real question is truth" by darkbeforedawn

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Thanks for sharing Carol!

Thanks for the snap shot of your life:) I see so many things we have in helps me put things in perspective.

We are all different but we must all display wisdom and integrity with our associations. You said that you reached out to Brian Good to help you with the anniversary activities, this demonstrates you are VERY forgiving and very short on help. Mind you I know that he is a hard worker. The fact that he has given hell to a 9/11 hero, survivor and powerful 9/11 Truth Advocate Willy Rodriguez is a matter that I and nearly everyone else simply could not forgive.

Any way your path is peaceful and beautiful I just wish you could realize that bad behaviour has used you to normalise itself on many occasions and it appears that this will continue.

The question I have that you and you may not know the answer; is, how many people of worth have pulled energy from you and your group because of your associations with personalities that are simply dangerous to us?

In my view it is more divisive to allow associations to remain regardless of some short term pain and temporary disharmony. This movement is a garden and it simply needs to be pruned and wedded regularly and when pests attack our beautiful plants we remove those pests.

Kind regards John

Thanks again John

A more critical look at Brouillet's ongoing support for attackers can be found HERE.

Show "HEY COSMOS....LINK TO YOUR OWN BLOG" by darkbeforedawn

I think it unfortunate that this thread was hijacked

John -

I understand the importance of issues you raise, but really think it would have been better to raise them in a separate blog post as this blog really has nothing to do with KB, etc.

By bringing up the issues regarding KB in the very first comment, you have completely skewed the comment thread in that direction, which is most unfortunate, imo.

FTR - I have known cosmos for years, have traveled with him and have no doubt about his character or intentions. The movement could use more people like him (and yes, I know his "real name" too). It has always been clear to me that cosmos' "uncle" was a close family friend and cosmos is not the only person I know who has family friends who are referred to as uncle, aunt, grandpa or even mother, so this is a rather ridiculous and artificial argument, imo.

I spoke with Kevin Barrett in person on his last trip through the SF bay area and asked him to take the high road, which sadly, he has not done. I really think this says much more about Mr. Barrett than it does about anyone else or the movement, in general.

The 9/11 truth movement is based on critical thinking, transparency and accountability. Thus, we are charged with evaluating actions and statements, putting them in context, and acting or speaking in response, as required.

While it is true that no one person or thing can make or break the growing international 9/11 truth movement, as members of a social movement we are charged with maintaining certain standards of behavior that do not bring discredit to the movement or impede its progress.

It becomes more clear to me every day that there are certain individuals who go out of their way to energize divisive issues and create factions within the movement, thus either consciously or unwittingly aiding those who would like to see the global 9/11 truth movement divide and then defeat itself. All of us need to question anything which seems to create divisions within the movement in a thorough, but civil manner. As one of the stickers on the back of my van says " Ask Questions, Demand Answers". This applies to all of us as well as the events of 9/11/01. Let us always work to refine our critical thinking skills as we also try to be as compassionate and empathetic, as possible. As human beings, we need to always remember that we are inherently irrational creatures who may always be seeking some form of spiritual perfection, and always falling short in some way or another.

In any case, as Gandhi said, let us always strive "to be the change we want to see in the world".

We are all brothers and sisters in this all-too-often dysfunctional family we call humankind.

BTW - The name on my birth certificate/CDL/ passport says John William Wright and I live in San Anselmo, CA.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Hello John (LeftWright)

As you/I said it is unfortunate to bring this up here. For me and many others this was both opportune and also timely considering what has gone down. The other obvious reason is that Carol was here to be called on her blog at this time and Cosmos was at this event and was a founding member with Carol and their group on display on this thread. Also if you did not know it is very hard to engage Carol on these issues:) In my this was not off topic.

Otherwise I completely agree with your post!

Kind regards John

Did you get a satisfactory answer?

I've worked with Carol for the past 3+ years, btw.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Thanks for asking that question!

John, no unfortunately Carol has not provided a well considered answer to the question of who and what she supports?

It is obviously true to say Carol must support Barrett by her silence as she didn't deliver any sort of rebuttal to what he said about her "friend" Cosmos the Co-founder of her/your group.

She did as you did clarify by what you said that Barrett was wrong as Syed was about Cosmos's identifiability and his history within the movement. This is helpful.

Anyone that thinks it is controversial to support Cosmos over Barrett on this attack is in my opinion a populist and weak spirited.

But it does serve us in the fray with knowledge of who we may give our backs to.

Regards John

PS - John please use some of that love you have and direct it at Cosmos, he is in need at present!

Show "Kevin barrett is a fearless crusader for truth" by darkbeforedawn

Rothschild, eh?

I bet all Jewish-sounding names are the same to you, huh?

Show "bad spelling..." by darkbeforedawn

You judge individuals on their actions?

Great, you can read about mine here:

Cosmos is a survivor of Mark Rothenberg, a family friend who was murdered on September 11, 2001. Cosmos has been actively pursuing justice for 9/11 since early 2002, when he began investigating some of the glaring inconsistencies in the official account and sharing with others in the nascent online research community. He participated in his first street action for 9/11 truth on the first anniversary of the attacks and shortly afterward co-founded the nation’s first real time activist group, the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance. In early 2003, he started a long running public access television show that was one of the first to focus exclusively on 9/11 truth. In February 2007, Cosmos issued the call to action on the Eleventh Day of Every Month until Justice. This ongoing autonomous grassroots campaign has spread around the world and inspired hundreds of actions for the cause for 9/11 truth and justice. The website provides a homebase for this campaign. Cosmos is also the founder of SF Truth Action, the host of Truth Revolution Radio and most recently co-founded and serves as an editor of 9/11 Truth News.

Would you mind sharing your bio with us now?

Show "sure it's very short though" by darkbeforedawn

I'm sorry to hear about your illness

Barrett is known to be very charming, so it's no surprise that you remain impressed by your meeting with him. Not to put too fine a point on it, but there's thousands of years of history of sociopaths putting on a friendly face and winning people over. If you are indeed concerned with truth and justice, I urge you to look a little more closely at his actions.

Show "i've watched his actions for years" by darkbeforedawn

How do I know you are who you say you are?

Do you have any proof? It's a rhetorical question, I really don't care.

Obviously I think you're a very poor judge of character.

And I think my work stands for itself.

I'll let Barrett's work speak for itself, too

Do you have any comment on Barrett's advocating violence?

Do you think that's a good thing for 9/11 truth?

Show "interesting that my correction is hidden" by darkbeforedawn

You should work

on developing that patience.

Show "thanks for your suggestion" by darkbeforedawn


Is a respected 9/11 researcher and activist, and a real person, who lost another real person dear to him, Kevin Barret... not so much ;-)

In essence: Kevin loves to be hated...didn't he say so at one time?

I would just drop the subject... this discussion is anything but productive.

The subject is worth addressing

>>I would just drop the subject

Has he called you an agent? A drug dealer? A Zionist? When he does, you may have a change of heart.

When anyone who can command a spotlight is openly spreading lies and rumors about grassroots activists, the subject, unfortunately, needs to be dealt with, or the situation only escalates. It's like walking around with a live grenade and you don't know when it will go off -- why not disable it before it does?

On the day before the 5th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Morgan Reynolds explained to a FOX News audience of millions:
"there are no big Boeing crashes . . . at all four events . . . what you will see is a fake, cartoon display . . ."
Dr. Reynolds exposes 9/11 TV fakery on FoxNews; 9.10.06 (video)

If you ignore people who advocate nonsense and divisive religious topics, eventually, the nonsense dump will happen when you least expect it.


I understand where you are coming from Victoria. Essentially what I'm saying is: stop claiming that Cosmos/YT is not a real person and that he didn't lose a real person very dear to him. I'm saying: stop advocating nonsense.

Show "check the video" by darkbeforedawn

Read my article

A Response to Kevin Barrett's Attacks

and also read about your "truth" hero grinding his wife's face into the floor after beating his kid:

Barrett Arrested for Domestic Abuse


"He deplores violence of any kind"

Sure, that's why he's been docked for domestic abuse on more than one occasion.

It's all a conspiracy against a very peaceful man.

I guess that's why he writes blogs advocating violence, too?

Show "I don't necessarily agree" by darkbeforedawn
Show "Kevin and his wife..." by Carol Brouillet
Show "Good Quote..." by TomT
Show "you are so right Carol" by darkbeforedawn

Disappointing that some can not see who is a attacking?

Thanks Carol for dropping by.

Any way we will struggle on through these deep dark waters with our barnacles attached and our sails at half mast..

Regards John

>>I have noticed that the

>>I have noticed that the more one tries to do, loudly to get out the 9/11 Truth message, the more one is attacked- from almost every direction.

Yes, Kevin has openly called me CIA/Mossad on his blog. Here's what he said about me the last anniversary:

I didn't like the way Jim [Fetzer] handled the Scholars for 9/11 Truth split. I think he was manipulated and egged on by the deplorable Rick Siegal, just as Steve and his friends were manipulated and egged on by the only somewhat less deplorable Victoria Ashley. It was a real tragedy for the 9/11 truth movement, and Jim's ego bears a lot of the responsibility.

Here he worked to plant the idea that I manipulated people, a claim of which there is no evidence, but which can be then used to smear me to everyone who doesn't know me.

It's worse than his outright lies that I'm "CIA/Mossad." It's disgusting to make false claims like that about people.

Why is Fetzer's site still alive today, even though Jim Fetzer doesn't even own the domain?

Kevin played a key role in keeping that website alive, just as he tries to convince people to accept Jim Fetzer back into the movement in that essay above, at last years anniversary. Spreading lies about me secretly manipulating people is his way to protect people like Jim Fetzer, since I'm one of the people who speaks out the most about discrediting efforts.

Hello darkbeforedawn...

Unfortunately when the biopsy results are in and it reads bowel cancer we have to do something about it!

So try as you may to "cloud" this issue Barrett is B.A.D. news for us in the modern 9/11 Truth Movement!

As we try to step out of the "conspiracy theory world" and off the less evidence based and more esoteric quick sand we were on people like Barrett MUST be dropped or we will fail ourselves and our future!

LINE/SAND step as you will the time is right to know who you are:)

Kind regards John

Show "sorry that's not been my experience of him" by darkbeforedawn

Great event!

I couldn't make it this time, but it sounds as if it was a great success. Thanks, Carol for the report and the work.

By the way, I think this infighting about Barrett here is really unseemly and counterproductive to "911 truth". I like most of Barrettt's work, will continue to follow it, and I don't think his 9/11 contributions should be shunned in any way. Personal squabbles and ad hominem attacks are something else. Although it sounds as if Barrett shares responsibility, since he apparently is barred from this site, it's up to the "other side" to forego their attacks here, let Kevin be Kevin or fight him somewhere else, preferably outside of the 911 truth venue, and move on to more productive talk.

I don't know who Kevin Barrett is

Whoever he is --- he is just a person.

So what's the big deal about what any person says?

The TRUTH is MUCH BIGGER than any one person - and it is spreading across the globe regardless of what anyone says.

Even without David Ray Griffin and Steven Jones, and Neils Harritt and Kevin Ryan and Richard Gage and David Chandler etc. etc, --- the TRUTH would still triumph - because it is TRUE.

Show "now here is wisdom" by darkbeforedawn

Thank You Carol and San Francisco

for the Sensational 9/11 Extravaganza.
Carol, you continually show us how it is done.

What a great gathering!

Look at all the smiles!

The Big Tent

The Big Tent

Carol appears to be advocating what is known as “The Big Tent” approach to 911 truth activism. The upshot is that we should all “cooperate” with any all individuals who advocate the “inside job” thesis regardless of the views and actions of said individuals. Disagreements over tactics or hypotheses are supposed to be discussed in private, after which we should all put on a happy face and join hands in public.

The strategy was advocated relentlessly during the “video fakery” phase of the movement’s development, in which posters on blogger and other websites insisted that “we’re all on the same side” – including those who believed or pretended to believe that holograms, not planes, were used in the NY attacks. When TV fakery morphed into “Directed Energy Weapons” (ie the theory that space beams, not explosives, imploded the Twin Towers and B7) the same arguments were trotted out.

The problem with this strategy should be obvious. Taken to its extreme, it would suggest that if someone advocated the theory that space aliens carried out the attacks in conjunction with the neocons, they should nevertheless be warmly welcomed into the big tent. I don’t consider this a straw man argument or reductio ad absurdum: holograms and space beams are nearly as absurd as the aforementioned theory.

When it comes to interpersonal conflict amongst “leaders” of the movement it becomes more problematic. Newbies or casual activists may not be aware of the past history of a particular figure, and may only have been exposed to handful of their articles or films or radio appearances. Thus, when a dispute arises, the temptation is to say something like “this infighting only benefits the perps…can’t we all just get along?”

For those unawares of who Cosmos aka YT is, he is not some blogger hiding in a basement. He launched one of the most – if not the most – successful 911 truth campaigns in the history of the movement. It is a civil outreach effort known as the 11th of the month campaign, in which people around the globe come together on the 11th of every month in a show of solidarity; together they submit videos and literature to the public, which has a force multiplier effect. It has occurred in literally hundreds of cities and dozens of countries for many years, and has no doubt reached hundreds of thousands of people. The only guidelines are strict non-violence and the passing on of credible information.

The individuals attacking Cosmos are using a COINTELRPO tactic known as “snitch-jacketing”. It occurs when someone, usually an actual agent, points the finger at a genuine, non-collaborating and highly valued activist, claiming that he or she is the infiltrator. It didn’t start in the 60’s either. If you read the labor literature from the turn of the century you’ll find scores of examples. A particularly excellent dramatization is John Sayle’s masterpiece “Matewan”, about coal miners attempting to unionize in the early 20th Century. John Steinbeck’s “In Dubious Battle” is another superb dramatization (gee, I wonder why they neither teach that book in high school?)

Notice that I am NOT claiming that the people attacking Cosmos are themselves “agents”, only that they are using a common technique employed by disruptors. This could be due to hurt feelings or a whole range of other possible causes.

What I can say about the people attacking Cosmos is that they have consistently promoted the most outlandish or offensive theories about 911, ranging from holograms to space beams to “no family members on the planes” to “the Jews did it”. You can make up your own mind about who is trustworthy and who is not.

Finally, the idea that Cosmos is somehow misrepresenting himself is absurd. He has said from the beginning that “Uncle Mickey” was a term of endearment for a beloved family friend. Frankly, I consider it callous in the extreme to pretend that losing a beloved friend on 911 is somehow less important than losing an Uncle or other blood relative.

What many sincere “Big Tenters” don’t realize is that they are enablers. By pretending that all parties are equally culpable for “stirring the pot” or “squabbling” and that we should just “cooperate” regardless of what a person says or does, they become de facto participants in attacks against good activists – in this case, one of the best.

Show "so can cosmos just state his name?" by darkbeforedawn

I'm suspicious of you too

Because you (and other Barrett supporters) really don't give a damn about a loose canon "9/11 truth leader" who advocates violence, pushes Holocaust denial and has supported almost every nonsense claim about 9/11 that exists.

My government name is not a big secret. A lot of people in the movement know it. I wouldn't have had a problem with using it when I first got involved with 9/11 truth work 8 and a half years ago. Instead, I decided to use the name that EVERYONE has known me by for about 25 years. If my name is good enough for my mom and my grandparents and all my friends, it's good enough for some anonymous internet interrogator like yourself. So suck it up. Again, my work speaks loudly and clearly for myself and now that I'm being harassed by creeps left and right, I think I'll just let you keep guessing. Have fun with it.

Show "this is not about me" by darkbeforedawn

Watch your language, Miss

Also, there's no need for your ALL CAPS hysteria.

Everything I've said Kevin Barrett is 100% documented. I guess the truth hurts?

And now, since you've thoroughly exposed yourself as an extremely rude and ignorant person, I am done with you.

Show "ba bye!" by darkbeforedawn


and good riddance.

BTW, Barrett ran for Congress. Posting links to his blog and to news articles about him is not "digging up his personal stuff".

Show "you're the one who said it" by darkbeforedawn


Know his name. I know Arabesque's name as well. If people want to use a pseudonym, that is their prerogative, and no amount of pressure from debunkers, or people that have never posted a single blog before should make them do otherwise.

As Cosmos has repeatedly said, it is a name he has gone by for 25 years, and his mother, and grandmother call him that. But regardless, I see value in remaining anonymous considering I have gotten crank called to death by people like Troy Sexton.

With regards to Barrett...

People like Cosmos shouldn't have to deal with being accused of anything other than doing their best for a consistently long period of time. I can't name a bad thing he's done personally. We all make mistakes. The question is, do we learn from them? People who don't, and continually make them should be avoided, and not put on a pedastal. If we want to succeed.

With regards to Uncle Mickey, this is a non-issue invented by Adam Syed. Everyone who knows Cosmos, knows that Uncle Mickey was family friend that he called Uncle Mickey. I have been introduced to many family friends over the years as "Uncle this," and "Aunt that..." who weren't related.

My work also speaks for itself. I am here defending Cosmos and nothing more.

about that phrase

I haven't seen it for many years, but when I first met the words "big tent" I was reminded of where you go to watch a circus.

I liked you post.

I kicked these guys from my facebook friend list

thx for the insights danse.

Actually that's nothing new.
The charade was always the the same- as with Eric Hufschmid, Chris Bollyn, Jim Fetzer, Judy Wood, Daryl Bradforth-Smith...and many more

The scheme - always: Create valuable input, strengthen with shows, information, videos...that cost a lot of money.
These guys get attention. Then play leader roles- and then attack others and bring in fringe information to descredit the movement.
And please take this for consideration:
Fetzer and Wood, still employed? Jones and Ryan fired? WTF?

Censored in a brave new world

Censored in a brave new world: San Francisco Bay Guardian

Project Censored: The top 10 big stories the major news media didn't report in 2009,0

This is comical!!

I don't care about Cosmos's name!! The many points he has brought up about Barrett he documents well and are valid. The fact that people here who are sadly attempting to defend Barrett's overt Racism by changing the subject to "what's Cosmos's name?" is simply hilariously sad to me. Those of you crying about how we should not be to harshly critical have forgotten that being harshly critical is the only way you have begun to look into the truth of 9/11. "We shouldn't be critical, we should just search for the truth"=DOUBLESPEAK. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO BE CRITICAL. If you can somehow explain to me how Barrett's racist activities and extremism is not detrimental to the movement I'd be all ears. What's sad is to see people like Carol and others here not even denounce Barrett's childish and dangerous behavior. KB has been on FOX NEWS for crying out loud. He's out posing as a representative of 9/11 truth. Therefor he very much should be critiqued. It is not infighting to be critical of peoples facts. If I say something racist or awful or dangerous, it doesn't matter if I have said or done good things before, the said racist statement should be denounced and discredited. Anti-Semitic extremism has no place in 9/11 Truth. Neither does violence. Harshly critical thinking...well that folks is the foundation of the 9/11 Truth movement. Anyone who is trying to argue that will most certainly be questioned!

Very well summed up!

Why is what you say here so difficult to hear?

Thanks for those wise words between your and Danse's comments we have a clear and strong understanding of what has just gone down.

It was funny when Barrett recently suggested that he held back on his rebuttal of Cosmos's piece because Carol suggested that he hold off. He then went on to claim that Cosmos had chosen the anniversary to attack him??? Was it not Barrett who started this running up to the anniversary? Go figure.....

Thank you!

Regards John

Thank you sir

Yes Barrett just keeps tripping himself up. Amazing to see. I seriously wish I hadn't bought his book many years ago, but I think that earns me the right to be critical of him. Kidding of course, we all have the right and should use this right and be critical of all idea's about 9/11 truth. The timing of this John you are right is very amazing to see and coincide with the mosque mess. Love the work I have seen and heard you do over the years btw Mr. Bursill.

Show "go figure indeed. " by darkbeforedawn

There are no bad guys

here in la-la land, only dedicated Truthers that make "mistakes".

"You will know them by their deeds"

Evidently not.

It is a given that the TM has been heavily infiltrated with disinfo/disruptors. If you cannot pick them out then you are terminally naive.

Who is disrupting? Who is promoting "the Jews did it"? Who is promoting "Revisionism"? Who is promoting absurd and baseless theories like "A pig flew over the Pentagon"?
Answer: Listen to the last 15 minutes of this and WTFU!

There really are infiltrators who create conflict and champion poison pills that are intended to discredit the TM. I am just a bit player in this theater of the absurd that the TM has become but I feel compelled to say it as I see it.

From that moment in kindergarten when they had me put my hand over my heart and pledge my allegiance to a piece of cloth, I realized that people in positions of authority sometimes have their heads up their asses. At the age of five I decided to pledge my allegiance to the Constitution, not the flag. In other words, I have NO respect for "authority". You must earn my respect by what you say and do. The TM is speaking truth to power. I am speaking truth to the "leadership" of the TM. Your exalted positions and letters after your name don't mean diddly squat. I hold this truth to be self evident: We are all equal.

It is time to recognize the disinfo/disruptors within the TM and disassociate with them as was done with Fetzer and Woods. The coddling and endorsing of these elements among us is doing great harm and will continue to divide and disrupt the TM until the "leadership" gets over it's collective denial, finds the courage to deal with the problem, and cleans house.

Show "oh my goodness yes chris..." by darkbeforedawn

Oh I get it

Disagree with people running the playbook and you must be working for the Jews. You're making a great case for your argument, keep going! ;)


>>From that moment in kindergarten when they had me put my hand over my heart and pledge my allegiance to a piece of cloth, I realized that people in positions of authority sometimes have their heads up their asses.

Great image Chris. Who can forget the feel of that act, how it felt as a child. I felt mostly fear in those settings, everyone robotically standing in those positions and saying meaningless words. Otherworldly.

And good points.