City Commission is captive audience to 6 minutes of WTC-7 Collapse video.

Gainesville Florida, 9/16/2010:  Seven members of the City Commission were captive audience, obliged to witness the collapse of WTC-7 over and over.  A continuous loop showing the collapse from 2 cameras commanded jaw-dropping attention of the Commission, City Manager and gallery for 6 full minutes.


Very nice.

Just one correction -- it's Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice.

Scholars for 9/11 Truth is Jim Fetzer's hoax site that includes nukes, space weapons, TV Fakery, on and on. You don't want to send people there. Things look normal on a surface level and pretty soon it's nonsense land.

Jim Fetzer's hoax site

Well one thing I do agree with Fetzer is the fact that nukes might? have been used along with thermate. Probably in the sub-basement. How else can you explain the man William Rodriquez saw coming out of the a the sub-basement with his skin hanging off? only nukes could cause that. If there is a better explanation please let me know. That has always been a mystery to me.

I simply

asked for an explanation, not a bunch of no votes. Can't believe it. This is why I hate the voting system. How about some explanations? Or is that asking too much?

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Those who get voted down whine about "censorship"

Grow up and stop your whining. The vote is a consensus of opinion. If your statement has no merit, it will get voted down.

When I get voted down I try to analyze why. You should do the same.

ETA: You are detracting from the significance and importance of what Veterans for Peace have done.

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I often do not vote

I often do not vote.
Sometimes the voting is more of a popularity issue, (and it consumes my time which I do not want to spend).
I like to read the comments and gain a wider, deeper perspective from some of the information in the comments....whether or not I agree with the viewpoint.

No nukes

since observed radiation levels were far too low. From Prof Jones, see the last link of page:

Standing near a large thermite charge might lead to 'hanging skin' from flash burns, I reckon.


Joe, yes, it's important to check out some of the papers at the Journal of 9/11 Studies sometimes, when you're wondering about evidence. The Journal is edited by the best scientists in the movement and covers a LOT of ground. Even nukes --

Were “mini-nukes” used at the World Trade Center?

“Hard Evidence Repudiates the Hypothesis that Mini-Nukes Were Used on the WTC Towers” (January 16, 2007)
Dr. Steven Jones

Conclusion and a challenge

The hard physical evidence presented is strongly against the
hypothesis that mini-nukes destroyed the WTC Towers:

1. Observation of tritium (an important component of hydrogen-bomb
fuel) at WTC sites at the few nano-curie level only. This is strong
evidence against the mini-nuke hypothesis.

2. The fact that radioactive iodine concentrations were actually lower in
the upper/WTC debris-filled layers.

3. Radioactive hot-spots in NYC were found to be due to radium, which
is traceable to industrial uses (not bombs). This in itself does not rule
out mini-nukes, but these data certainly do not support the mini-nuke

4. Lioy et al. report that radioactivity from thorium, uranium, actinium
series and other radionuclides is at or near the background level for
WTC dust.

5. Nuclear activation or residual “fall-out” radioactivity (above
background) was NOT observed, in tests performed by the author on
actual WTC samples. This result is consistent with the low Iodine-131
measured by independent researchers (point 2 above) and the low
radionuclide counts (point 4 above) and again provides compelling
evidence against the mini-nuke-at-Towers hypothesis.

6. No fatalities due to radiation “burning” were reported near ground
zero. William Rodriguez survived the North Tower collapse.

7. No observed melting of glass due to the collapse-process of the

8. One more: The mini-nuke idea fails completely for WTC 7 where
vertically-directed plumes of dust were absent during the collapse, and
the building fell quite neatly onto its own footprint. (Molten metal
was observed under the WTC7 rubble as well.)

While many pieces of evidence may support a hypothesis it logically takes
only one soundly established contradictory piece of evidence to require the
abandonment of a hypothesis. In the list above, we have not one but several
pieces of evidence which contradict the mini-nukes-at-WTC-Towers

Proponents of the “mini-nuke” theory are invited to organize their data
and write up a serious evidence-oriented paper, to submit to the
Journal of 9/11 Studies as a reply to this Letter. That reply will be

Thanks Victronix

It's about time I got a straight answer to a simple question. And no I am not whining Chris. I am simply asking a question and needed an answer to it. I still don't like the voting system. It is a popularity contest and is very distractive to me. It's time for you to grow up Chris.

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You could be right blubonnet

When it comes to 9/11 I always try to keep an open mind. I also believe in freedom of speech. As far as 9/11 goes none of us know all the answers. If we did it would be all over by now. There was a time when people thought the world was flat. Now everyone knows that the Earth is round. It all depends on the level of information. I also listen to Tarpley and Icke. I guess I should get quite a bit of no votes for saying that but I always say what is on my mind.

These Types Of Presentations Before NYC City Council Needed

NYC government needs to be continuously reminded of our existence.

If such governments can prosecute persons for decades-old smaller crimes, they can be forced to act under public pressure to investigate the WTC destructions..

Thanks Harold

Your Tenacity will pay off.


One picture is worth a thousand words and one video is worth a thousand pictures.

Having WTC 7 on a loop for 6 minutes drove the point home. There is no way they can continue their denial. The brain will respond eventually. Repetition works.

It worked great at the AIA conventions. It will work anywhere.

These photos of the "tidy" rubble pile make a POWERFUL...

exclamation point after the video of the WTC7 IMPLOSION.

.....and it collapsed into this...?!?!

The "tidy" pile seals the deal.

I had never seen those particular photos before. TomT found them somewhere.

TomT, where did you get these?

Here is another:

Photos –

"A falling object CAN NOT increase in speed when it strikes objects." is a rudiment which traps NIST when it admits 100 feet of free fall acceleration of Building 7.

Three Seconds of acceleration ‘example’ graphic -

Here are some of the websites from which the photos came.

Jim Hoffman has a hell of a site...
...with photos which you can enlarge.

Animated Flash of the NIST computer graphic (halfway down the webpage)

This website had a lot of graphics of the NIST computer animation.

This website had some GIFs animated and pics.

This website has a variety of cool pics collected by Texas activists.

This website had a photo of Building 7 during construction.

WTC7 Construction Animation-

This building was designed to stand until the end of time.

The scale of Building 7

The scale of Building 7 is really something...

...and after it came down... (and what a heck of a "its own footprint"!!!) Incredible skill to obtain a consolidated rubble pile. (Click twice to enlarge photo)
A person has to be pretty brainwashed to believe that this HUGE building came down accidently and neatly into a massive consolidated pile of rubble all by some never-before-in-history small office fire induced collapse anomaly.


LOVE THIS.......just sent it out to some engineers I know....I want to feed their cognitive dissonance...hee hee. Not that they will ever admit that NIST could be wrong....

Great work Gainesville!!

You guys work hard!

Were there any...

Were there any reactions from individuals on the commission worth noting? Did they gawk? roll their eyes, write anything down, ask any you questions or make any comments on the record? awesome job..


Excellent initiative

And I'm wondering the same thing as dtg86. What was the reaction? If they simply granted you a few minutes at the mic because they have to and then dismissed your presentation without comment, then I'd call that patronizing and condescending. What exactly was the occasion for this meeting? A public forum where anyone can go and speak? Has there been any follow up? It would be interesting to know if they read the packets.

This sort of thing should be happening in every city across the country. And it shouldn't cease until we get a new investigation.

Thanks for the good work.

luckily Larry Silverstein did pull the firefighters out....
otherwise there would have been more "terrible loss of life"....course he did call up his insurance company to make sure it was ok first.....
anyone who says Larry Silverstein was involved in some sort of CD demolition conspiracy is just a racist.....