Conspiracies! A letter to the editor.

This is an editorial found in a Texas Newspaper.  This is the kind of letters we should all be writing to our local media outlets.  Good job, Larry!

Mason County News


Dear Editors,

Saturday is the 9th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

Thirty-nine years before the 9/11 attacks a top secret military plan called Operation Northwoods was proposed by the U.S. military Joint Chiefs of Staff. This was in 1962. The details of the plan were released to the public 35 years later in 1997 by the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Review Board. I doubt that one person out of a thousand has heard of this operation because the Review Board release was censored by major news corporations. It was kept totally secret for so long because it revealed how top military leaders were planning to have innocent civilians including U.S. citizens murdered in order to wage a war with Cuba.

Operation Northwoods was an elaborate plan which, if implemented, would allow U.S. military leaders and CIA operatives to conduct covert false flag terrorist attacks on American ships and planes in Cuban waters and surrounding airspace. These attacks would be blamed on Cuba with the help of the corporate news media. It is obvious that some, perhaps many, American lives would be sacrificed in these attacks. The attacks would then be used to garner international backing for a war with Cuba.

The plan was submitted to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara by the Joint Chiefs of Staff headed by General Lyman Lemnitzer. President John F. Kennedy was not willing to carry out a plan that involved deception and murder of U.S. citizens. He removed General Lemnitzer as head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Kennedy also fired CIA Director Allen Dulles, along with other top CIA officials.

The following year JFK was assassinated. The generals never got their war with Cuba, but with war-friendly LBJ in power, they were able to convince the news media that U.S. destroyer Maddox had been attacked by North Vietnamese torpedo boats on Aug 4, 1964. The attacks never happened but this did not prevent LBJ from using the Gulf of Tonkin hoax as an excuse to escalate the Vietnam war which then lasted 12 more years, killing 58,000 U.S. soldiers.

Who benefited from the war? Huge fortunes were made by weapons manufacturers, war equipment suppliers and war service corporations. Big banks profited enormously while financing the war effort. The long war vastly expanded U.S. military bases worldwide. Military leaders were rewarded with fast-track wartime promotions.

Who paid for the war? Taxpayers like you and me.

Public paranoia brought on by the 9/11 attacks enabled military and political leaders to wage war against Afghanistan and Iraq even though no convincing proof of who planned and executed the attacks was ever revealed to the public. The government provided no concrete proof that would stand up in a court of law. The 911 Commission consisted of members hand-picked by the Bush administration. The Bush Administration specified that the Commission’s primary goal was not to prove who was to blame but instead to determine what steps needed to be taken to avoid future attacks. Many think the 911 Commission was a whitewash patterned after the Warren Commission.

There are so many important questions that the 911 Commission ignored or refused to answer. How many more years will pass before we learn the truth about what happened on that day?

Details of Operation Northwoods plan can be found online at

Larry Payne




Additional reference:


Yes, Outstanding Job

Important part of our "grass roots" activism.

Excellent letter which anyone can recopy

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
thank you very much for this letter. Pity I had not seen it before the 11th because I am sure a translated copy would have had a chance to be published in "LIBERATION" a French national news paper. Made a copy anyway and will see later how I can still try and have it published here in France.



Excellent Letter to Editor - Great part of Texas

Mason county is dynamic country, an epitome of Texas. I have been in Mason with my metal detectors and "gold pan". The old Fort and surrounding area has a lot of history.

Very well constructed letter!

This shows some real insight into the game we must play to move forward.

Presents the case with out any sniff of "conspiracy theory" and presents the evidence of a conspiracy.

Kind regards John

Supreme Allied Commander

There's one sentence in the Wikipedia entry which is rarely mentioned, but very significant (emphasis mine):

"Following presentation of the Northwoods plan, Kennedy removed Lemnitzer as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, although he became Supreme Allied Commander of NATO in January 1963."

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This is an excelent letter by the way I am glad you were able to get it published.

Thank you Larry Payne.

A well written and effective letter. I'll cut and paste some of this to draft my own letter to the editor. The more of this kind of exposure the better. It sheds a sane and sensible light on the 9/11 Truth Movement.