German "Focus Money" with 8 page main story on 9/11 truth

On 2010-09-08 Focus Money, an weekly mainly economic magazine, did a special take on 9/11 truth-

Now it's on their website:

And as .pdf, hosted by the author himself:

This is a major breaktrough, as Focus Money is the second in the market for ecomomic magazines by numbers, edition about 140.000, views probably 50% more.

This is the second time Focus Money printed an article about 9/11 truth, after a 5-page article back in January. The old one was titled "We don't believe you"
Oliver Janich claims, it took him 5 years to convince his chief editor to run such a story, he got him convinced only after he was watching 9/11 Mysteries on tv.

Yes, this is BIG. Thanks Sitting Bull

Babel Fish Electronic Translation:

0 · of Focus MONEY editor of olive Janich
Who or which is really behind the attacks from 11 September? In the Internet a truth movement made itself on the search for the facts
Politics economics management

On 11 September 2001, in the morning at 6 o'clock, is still the world correct. George W. Bush puts on Shorts, touches an old T-shirt over and slips into its run shoes. At 6.30 o'clock it goes in the half light of the coming up sun with a friendly reporter and its bodyguard of the Secret service on a Jogging route around a close convenient golf course. At the same time the coworkers of the air defense Norad take up the service, which holds the military exercise already since beginning of the week „Northern Vigilant “, which simulates a terror attack on America with kidnapped passenger planes. After showering at 8 o'clock keeps loud to telegraph Bush „“from 16.12.2001 a short Briefing, in which from a increased terror risk the speech is. The autocolumn with George Bush makes itself subsequently, on the way to the Emma Baker primary school in Sarasota/Florida. At flight 11 refuses and scolded 8.13 o'clock an instruction of flight control the transponder off, which sends signals for air traffic control. According to press agency AP from 12 August 2002 the responsible manager of the air traffic control, Glenn Michael regard, and its coworker the incident as possible kidnapping.

Nevertheless according to official representation in the following one and a half hours up to the Crash in the Pentagon at 9.37 o'clock will not succeed, only one of the four kidnapped airplanes to intercept. Loud „Sunday telegraph “of 14.9.2001 were set the defense forces within minutes on Defcon 3, for two warning stages before war. Also without this alarm that is interception of airplanes, which get off the way or do not answer, pure routine and seems for instance to 100-mal in the year. „The Calgary Herald “writes on 13 October 2001 that in the year 2000 129 fliers were intercepted by Norad. The AP-message from 12 August 2002, mentioned above, reports also that 2001 up to the attacks 67 fliers were intercepted - within a few minutes after the contact had broken off. The missing interception maneuvers are not the only strangenesses on this day. FOCUS MONEY shows a selection at indications, which contradict the official representation according to press reports.

Missing defense readiness. Already in the first minutes of the event the first contradictorynesses emerges. At 8.43 o'clock experiences Norad of kidnapping of flight 175, at 8.46 o'clock crasht flight 11 into the north tower of the World Trade Center. Within minutes the pictures go approximately around the world. According to most official representations George Bush is not informed. He will say in December 2001 however on a meeting before public and cameras: „I saw, how an airplane met the first tower. The television was obviously on. I flew in former times and said: Which for a terrible pilot. “It is well-known that the president sedan is equipped also high-prepared technology, but at this time gave it definitely no television pictures of the first Crash. An appropriate publication of the white house disappeared in the meantime from the web page, but the video is still on YouTube to see (keyword: „George Bush that´s one terrible pilot “).


the lid will be blown first in Europe

only later in the land of freedumb will this be widely accepted...

I agree..............this is BIG BIG BIG

When the people who have big money and care about money get onto something, shit happens.

I have felt for a long time that the first breakthroughs in the media will happen overseas.

Europe is ahead of us in many ways. They are no longer followers. They may not care that our big boys are keeping 9/11 censored. They may not care if the NSA and CIA and FBI and the Mossad want to keep it all under wraps. They no longer live and breathe trying to make us happy.

And that is good. Because we are diseased politically. And maybe the truth will seep out from European capitals, right over to our own sorry media.

interesting racehate/thoughtcrime finger pointing on CNN

did anyone else watch the footage where CNN tells us about how racist and hateful we are if we even think Israelis had anything to do with 9/11?
I think they are panicking. This is like yelling "Kids...don't ever look in that room. Don't go there....remember we told you if you did you'd be bad...."
What kid wouldn't look? This is getting's over for them now....they are just treading water.

It works for Rock n Roll....

Yes if they say don't look or listen most often people do:)

Regarding Israel we do not know, but I agree suggesting their involvement is not racist although it does give the presstitutes a opportunity to attack us as anti-Semites and it has been an effective strategy over many years.

Regards John

good point

no use giving them the grounds to discredit a huge body of research....much of which does not even mention to stay away from politics. Especially since we have so much solid research backing us on the ground already.


They really are getting worried about 911 truth.
And so they link the whole thing to racism.
I like it that the one reporter kept saying that if the government allows these holes to remain in the explanations of why we are in the Middle East in wars, the American people will fill the gaps with misinformation. She may be wrong about the misinformation, but she is spot on about nobody telling us the truth about why we are there.

It is a shame they stoop so low to make this a racist, antisemitic issue.
They KNOW they can't look at the real facts.
They all kept saying, how can these truthers make up all this stuff and avoid looking at the facts?? The one fact they show? A quote from bin Laden, given to us by our government.

I guess as long as people think that official government agencies don't lie, they can not be persuaded that there is another way of looking at 9/11.

"And so they link the whole thing to racism."

This is why 911blogger is cautious.

It is such a fine line we have to tread.................

We want the evidence and information and we need to follow up on leads about who and where and when.
But this often leads to Israel.
And so, what do we do? Do we avoid all topics that are related to Israel or Mossad involvement?
It is tough.
We need to make sure that we are not trying to implicate any ethnic group, but still go after what we find out and look for me leads.

I guess no matter what we do, they will turn it into something distasteful.
But when I heard on CNN that one third of all Americans now believe that 9/11 involved our government, I realized we are doing something right.

On the whole, I agree we must be cautious, and if anything we say relates to Israel, we must be very, very sure of our facts and figures.

Very thorough

I read the Babel Translation. It might be difficult for someone who has not already researched 9/11 - but for the readers of this blog, we can see how thorough and hard-hitting this article is. I am greatly heartened by my brothers and sisters in Germany who have made this happen. I am also heartened by my brothers and sisters in Japan, Australia, England, France and all over the world - as well as all of you - my fellow Americans.

I am also heartened by the Muslim Jewish Alliance and all of the many and growing branches of the Truth movement.

"The Mills of God grind exceedingly slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine." (Some anonymous brilliant, prescient philosopher from Ancient Greece.

Go Germany!

This is great! Go Germany. Remember the feelings of international solidarity from immediately after the attacks, and don't worry about some conflict from 70 years ago.

Schadenfreude is Welcome

Go ahead Germany. If you want to indulge in a little schadenfreude at the expense of the US, we won't complain, as long as truth ultimately prevails. :)


"schadenfreude" harming joy? Sadism?

pulling out

Is there any sign that German groups uses this information to urge pulling their troops out of Afghanistan?