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Good News Is Good News, However...

If the spokeswoman says that the WTC dust was permeated by thermite, a military grade explosive, that's simply an opportunity for debunkers to attack the claim since thermite is not military grade, nor hard to get. Unless I'm mistaken, Jones, et al doesn't say that the red/gray chips are thermite.

That would be an unworthy nitpick though


Jones and Harrit et al say the red/gray chips are nano-thermite on the red side, which is a high-grade material and can be explosive.

Knowing the actual details I think any rational person could understand the slight technical miscue by the woman, and if anyone thinks that is grounds to throw out the argument he would be playing a bad hand.

True, but...

I think it's important that this distinction is made clear by anyone. Don't get me wrong, I applaud this woman's efforts and the organization. In fact, I more than applaud it. I'm just too aware that any miscue is an opportunity to dismiss an entire argument.


I hear you. The anti-truth squads would hang their hats on that in a second, and call us all a few names, and the frightened little mice people will jump into the cesspool of disinformation and be part of its anti-truth campaign, but mostly they are just covering their little lemming egos, not wanting to get called names. They won't think about the well being of this country, they think about how embarrassing it would be to be called a Truther. I'm not going to apologize to anyone for my being of the Truth Community. We are the ones with our objectivity intact. Our integrity whole, and the courage to ignore the rhetoric. We have evidence. If they won't look at it, they have no leg to stand on. We should make that very clear in our conversations.

True. Let's get our facts correct. Always.

Very Good Report

The replay of Building 7 & the twin towers crumbling over and over is exactly what is needed. Now that emotions have calmed, people can scrutinize the situation and realize that the laws of physics contradict the official explanation.

George Galloway's "The Real Deal" & Richard Gage

a first rate what ?

"richard is an architect which is a bit like saying muhamed ali was a first rate" then i dont understand the next word or two
sounds like terps a korean- maybe a latin word or greek meaning boxer ? help


Terpsichorean means a professional dancer

means (i think)

just calling richard an architect doesnt do him justice (ie richard is an eminent architect who has worked on steel framed buildings, not just house renovations....pause for breath!)
so its a complement and a clever one too
thats my take- headache now!

This is a clever and fun video

"We won't get fooled again..."

I keep hoping

a before and after photo of the Mandarin Hotel fire would be included in a WTC 7 video as a comparison.

Great Video, Haunting song at the end.

This woman does far more good than bad with just the mention of thermite. Those who would nit-pik the situation are simply wrong! Even if the average viewer could just remember thermite we are way ahead of the game. It was military grade and it should not have been in the dust and without a doubt was used in the destruction of three skyscrapers that day. End of STORY! Any questions? What's more she looks professional and reasonable and intelligent and good on camera! Those who are worried about the debunkers.... they will never need a reason and will always spin even truth without hesitation. The real aim is to get the word out and wake people up. We already have enough Evidence, we know the Govt. is lying and we can prove it. We need millions more people to demand the truth...that my friends is our best and perhaps only chance.

Don't Be So Sensitive

If we're not aware of how the message can be conveyed most accurately and most professionally, we're simply opening the door for dismissal.

The point is

what kind of dismissal? A US governmentOfficial told CNN today that thermite is not an explosive it's just a military grade incendary? Oh yeah that makes more sense beause the hijackers must have stole it before they hijacked the planes just to make it look like an inside job.

The point is...

Thermite is NOT military grade.

it was my understanding that the nano thermite discovered

was military grade.

That's incorrect.

Both thermite and nanothermite can be 'military grade'.

However, in the case of nanothermite, the nature of the material discovered in the WTC is such that it could only have come from sophisticated weapons labs, presumably American. In this sense, it is comparable to 'military grade' anthrax.

and if interested in the original video

KTVK Channel 3 Phoenix...


(Original 2 minute clip)

Great to see the coverage there. They credit it as Yahoo News as well, not sure how that works out, but glad to see it in any event!