Interview with a "Well Respected Man".

I found this video of an interview with Noam Chomsky from over a year ago.


Anyone still thinking Noam Chomsky is not a fraud?

This Interview is from April 24, 2009

Makes me want to puke.

Anyone still thinking Noam Chomsky is not a fraud?

Makes me want to puke.

This truly sickens me.................

To think I have spent so much time and energy reading and watching Chomsky in the past.
He simply cannot be so stupid to not realize that the official story is a lie, having seen American leaders lie about so much else in the past.
What is his agenda?
He will go down in history not as the brilliant and painfully honest person we all thought he was, but a person who, though brilliant, lied like all the others.

and here is the thing:

Here we are conflicting with a very, very intelligent person, who has been brave and honest, it seems, all these years about foreign policy and schemes of the elites.
So, are we right, or is he? It could be a good question, especially if the 9/11 truth movement was made up of people with strong agendas or anger or generally go from one conspiracy theory to another.

But those I have met, and many in leadership in 9/11, are very modest, careful, astute, logical types of people, many of whom have never been activists before.
They are, many of them, accomplished professionals and people who have great respect from others, a lot of them having been in careers and occupations related to the information of 9/11.

We could name the hundreds and hundreds of people who have studied the official story of 9/11 and are convinced it is a lie.

But better yet, go to the science. It is irrefutable. This is particularly true in studying the collapses at the WTC. There simply is no argument.

And so, we must, MUST, conclude that Noam is either ignorant, or lying. And ignorant just doesn't fit, particularly since he has spent his life being skeptical of government stories.
Much more likely is that he is lying.
And he is lying for what reason?
He is lying, possibly, to coverup the lies because he is protecting somebody, or some persons.
I doubt he is getting paid off, or threatened. At his age? I don't think so.

How horribly disappointing some people can be.............people who have stood out as different and so much more reliable. And to think now we see him lying.

It is devastating to me.

The Interview is from April 24, 2009

I just chanced upon it.

He is a con man.

The guy is a bad joke.

This really demeans his intelligence or it shows that he is working for the dark side.

He demeans OUR intellegence


As those who follow my work know...

I do not agree with Noam Chomsky's assessment of 9/11.

However, there is a cultish element within what is called the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Those individuals who act as though you must believe this or that, and accuse you of being this or that if you don't. That is cult-like behavior, and a detriment to everything we supposedly stand for.

I have differences of opinion on certain things with my real friends involved with the cause of 9/11 Justice, but we don't accuse each other of anything, and we work together well.

Who would want to associate with people who act cultish? No one.

This Should be Front-Paged

This is really an important statement by Chomsky. Everybody should listen. Please front-page this!

A plant?

I hate to infer that anyone is a shill but you run out of explanations for this guy. My guess is that he must be favored among large and rich MIT donors whose gifts come with certain conditions he be where he is today. I mean what else can you say about him other than he is a tool and not in the crazy sense, in the literal sense. A useful intellectual so to speak. I mean what else can be concluded? just my guess.

peace everyone.


Just a fool

I would say he is not a plant, and you really should have substantial proof to make a claim that anyone is a plant.

I expect he is like most people, very willing to believe the lies, because the truth is so ugly and devastating to one's world view. It is much easier to rationalize that someone else is deluded than we ourselves are deluded.

For myself, it comes down to scientific proof one way or another before I am confident I am not deluding myself. Without scientific proof, I don't know how people decide otherwise. It must be some variation of intuition, or inside knowledge about how government or the airline industry operates.

Smells like desperation to me

CNN admits that one third of Americans know 9/11 was a false flag (they don't dare report that another third strongly suspect it was) and Paula Zahn plays the anti-semite trump card (seems to be losing its lethality) and now St. Noam of the Left declares the growing global 9/11 truth movement a cult.

All we can do is smile and keep educating the public about everything to do with 9/11.

We are reaching the tipping point, brothers and sisters, let's turn up the truth even more.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

I'm so tired

and curse Professor Chumpsky, he was such a stupid git!

I'm with you...I could care less for this has been!

Regards John

Please see this interview

Please see this interview from June 2003. It begins with paragraphs on how Chomsky omits from
his "structural analysis" the most crucial and pernicious parts and players in the structure.
He maintains the fairy-tale that feeds M.I.T. and so much else.
If his refusal to analyze conspiracies is really sincere, his position is that of a cultist (and coward),
for his position depends on myths that can be disproven by the most obvious science.
Here's the interview that Bob Feldman did more than seven years ago--

Thanks to everyone for seeing clearly.