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This seems to be the beginning of a major mission to paint the 9/11 truth movement as dangerous.  Read David Ray Griffin's new book, "Cognitive Infiltration" for an update on the thinking in the Obama administration (his appointee Cass Sunstein particularly) of how the growing "menace" can be contained.  It would not be surprising if there is soon a 9/11 truther, or group, framed in some kind of violent crime, after which almost any method of containing the truth movement will seem acceptable to most Americans.


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Menace of 9/11 myths

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Let's be kind. Let's say it was a coincidence that, at about the same time the Iranian madman was at the UN spewing his nonsense that 9/11 was an "inside job," the Pakistani terror mom was in a downtown courtroom claiming Israelis destroyed the Twin Towers.

Now let's be honest. The only coincidence was the timing. The similar content of the two claims illustrates a growing menace in the Muslim world.

The myth-making about 9/11 is spreading, and so is the danger. Nine years after the mass murder by Islamic terrorists, conspiracy theories are deflecting Muslim guilt and inflaming a new generation of jihadists, many of them living in the West.

It is comforting for Americans to dismiss the "truthers" as crackpots since they are the same kind of people who celebrated as the towers and the Pentagon were burning. But the increasing boldness of the wild claims is an alarming indication of how widely accepted they are among mainstream Mideast audiences. We ignore this new phenomenon at our peril.

While Westerners

who buy the claims tend to mutter to themselves on the subway and swear the CIA scrambles their television, the scary stuff coming from the Muslim world cannot go unchallenged.

"Some segments within the US government orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining American economy and to save the Zionist regime," Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in his Thursday UN speech.

The same day, about three miles south, a veiled Aafia Siddiqui, sentenced to 86 years for trying to kill Americans in Afghanistan and who also plotted New York attacks, charged Israel was connected to 9/11. "I'm not anti-Israel, but, yes, I have said they masterminded 9/11 and I have proof of that," said the MIT-educated Pakistani.

Whatever their mental state, their message must be taken seriously. To many Muslims, the belief that Islamists are being blamed for an atrocity carried out by Americans or Israelis fits into a larger theory that the West is oppressing Islam.

As I have written, firm opposition by New Yorkers to the Ground Zero mosque is another piece of "evidence" to believers. In short, anything and everything we say and do is proof Islam is under attack.

Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, identifies the wide acceptance of the victimization narrative as a major factor fueling terrorism. As he writes in his memoir, "A Journey," actual terrorists "are small in number, but their narrative . . . has a far bigger hold."

He says Muslim political leadership often "feels impelled to go along with this narrative for fear of losing support."

Or their heads.

Blair sees President Obama's outreach to the Muslim world as ambiguous at best. Writing of Obama's Cairo speech last year, he says, "It was in part an apology, and taken as such. The implicit message was: We have been disrespectful and arrogant."

However, he adds: "The trouble is, respectful of what, exactly?" Respect for Islam "should not mean respectful of the underlying narrative."

He suggests Obama has work to do. "It is the narrative that has to be assailed," he argues. "It should not be respected. It should be confronted, disagreed with, argued against on grounds of politics, security and religion."

As Obama nears the halfway mark of his term, it is obvious his soft engagement with Iran has failed and his bended-knee plea to Arab governments has yielded little help in the fight against al Qaeda and the Taliban.

The result is a growing terror threat at home and abroad. Just in time, Blair has offered a better path forward. The question now is whether Obama will rise above his personal pride and misguided ideology to embrace it.

I hope he does, but fear he won't.

This is insulting to anyone with half a brain

Goodwin just rambles and rambles without any clear message other than Obama should get tough with Arabs.
The growing terror threat at home is code for a growing awakening which threatens to spread.
Let' see "some segments within the U.S Government orchestrated the attacks" and "israel was connected to 911" yeah that sounds about right. What is most insulting however is "
"truthers" as crackpots since they are the same kind of people who celebrated as the towers and the Pentagon.

What a jerk!


"they [truthers] are the same kind of people who celebrated as the towers were burning."

I hope Bob Maclvane writes to the Post to remind them that he wasn't celebrating and that the most notable people celebrating that day were the dancing Israelis.

Actually the only people ever really celebrating

were this ones:

"They were like happy, you know… They didn’t look shocked to me. I thought it was very strange.”

When the men detained, one of them will be found with pictures of the group standing with the burning wreckage of the WTC in the background. [Forward, 3/15/2002] At least some of the pictures were taken while standing on top of the van. [New York Times, 10/8/2001] The lawyer for the five men will later note that one photograph developed by the FBI shows one of the men, Sivan Kurzberg, holding a lighted lighter in the foreground, with the burning WTC in the background. [New York Times, 11/21/2001]

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Using Tony Blair

as a spokesperson is probably not the wisest move for them as he is widly known to have lied in order to enter the iraq war. saying Obamas soft touch on Iran however will stir up the neo cons somewhat, this hit piece is only making the agenda of the MSM more prevailent, and it is even more obvious to many that they are in dfensive mode...

keep up the good work guys but be careful. be respectful. I am guilty of being too 'up front' with those I debate and after reading this hit piece i can see how that could work against me.

Just remember, freedom of speech!


be safe.

Yes. I am generally not a paranoid person...........

...........but I can see that "they" are making some moves that could mean some action against the 9/11 truth movement soon.
I have seen an increase in the awakening internationally to the evidence that 9/11 was an inside job. And it seemed at the ninth anniversary at ground zero that more and more people are understanding the truther message.
I'm sure this doesn't go unnoticed. They HAVE to do something. But they are caught in a bind, because if they do anything at all publicly, our message will seep out even more. So I think we will continue to see censorship of the subject in the press, but some scheming to destroy the movement, possibly from within, using "cognitive infiltration"............spies.
David Ray Griffin's new book is all about Obama's appointee's plan for this...............Cass Sunstein.
Trouble is, its illegal..................but if they can frame some truthers as being the perpetrators in some horrible violent crime, the American people can be conned into accepting their using just about anything to crush the truther movement.
Look out. I think something like this could happen.

Being aware is not being paranoid,

there is a long and well documented history of cointelpro operations, thus it is not paranoia but informed wisdom that makes us extra cautious around anyone who advocates anything illegal or otherwise unwise (especially anything even remotely violent).

Current spikes in gold and put options (due 10.10 - 10.16) indicate an increased risk of a false flag operation.

We are getting close to the tipping point, brothers and sisters, no time to let up.

Be friendly, travel with a smile and take the truth wherever you go.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

It's not as if they haven't tried it already

' if they can frame some truthers as being the perpetrators in some horrible violent crime,'

Remember that incident at the Pentagon earlier this year (or possibly late '09)? A violent assault on Pentagon personal that they reported was the work of a 9/11 truther. But damned if anyone in this movement had ever heard the name.

That they've tried it before, of course, just drives home pfgetty's points even more.

Not this Tony Blair!

yep, thats the guy.

popular isn't he.....

Is It Becoming More Clear Now...

...about the importance of NOT being confrontational...

...of being civil and fact and evidence based...

...that speaking of and believing the World Peace is the best way to go...

[edit - LW]

...that things are getting pretty damned good...

...that the Muslim World will become our biggest asset to seeking the TRUTH behind 9/11...

See it all YET?

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

Yes.............the Muslim world, curiously enough, just MAY ...

.......become our biggest asset.

But I have seen that with my Muslim friends here in town that they are generally very fearful of openly supporting 9/11 truth, as they are already often hated for their very existence, and so many people are already suspicious of anything they do. They have to watch that they don't do anything to make it even worse for themselves.

But that is here in the US. Hopefully all Muslims everywhere will work to seek the truth and spread the knowledge that they learn and help us to get people everywhere to understand that the official story of 9/11 is a lie.

same here

All my friends and acquaintances from the Middle East are afraid to say anything. Even if they are citizens here, they know and act as if they and their families are guests in this country. Not all of them see 9/11 clearly, but coming from the oppression many of them have seen, they are not closed to the possibilities about 9/11. They are in a tough place and we always need to remember that. Also, the Muslim world has its own stuff to work out, of which 9/11 is only a small part. If Muslim countries and America could get their acts together simultaneously, then something truly amazing could 100 years of peace rather than 100 years of war.

Nothing like irrational desperation

to come up with nonsense like the above editorial.

I have not yet met a truther who celebrated the crimes of 9/11/01, but I do know one or two so-called lefties who think I'm a racist because I "believe that Muslims are too stupid and backward to have pulled off 9/11" (anyone else ever get fed this line of utter nonsense?).

The front lines of the cover-up are starting to get a bit twitchy, so it is time for them to reinforce "the narrative" in one way or another.

Be alert, brothers and sisters, and educate at least one person about the 9/11 false flag every day.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

'irrational,' 'nonsense'...

'irrational,' 'nonsense'...

Sounds like just another day at the New York Post.

Murdoch's New York Post is apparently the new Der Stürmer

Hitler's favorite tabloid.

Things are getting stranger by the day. Who's next? WSJ, NYT?