Talk Radio Host Claims Dick Cheney Was Responsible For 9/11

by Jon Bershad | 3:40 pm, September 27th, 2010

Imagine, if you will, a talk radio host spewing anger and hate. Now, was the host in your imagination a conservative? Well, that’s an unfair stereotype because, last Friday, Mike Malloy proved liberals can do it just as well as a hundred righties by going on a rant which culminated in him directing Liz Cheney to plan her father’s funeral. Hooray, equality! We’re all crazy!

Malloy was discussing the younger Cheney’s reactions to the infamous “absorb a terrorist attack” quote in Bob Woodward’s new book. Cheney had some harsh words for President Obama but Malloy had some harsher words for the woman’s father. Here’s a transcription from Newsbusters:

“Her father and her father’s puppet George at the very least allowed, at the very worst engineered the worst attack on this country since the War of 1812, and she has the audacity to make this kind of a statement. “Americans expect our President to do everything possible to defend the nation from attack.” Where was your father after he deliberately authorized a stand-down, on a day and a time when he knew there was going to be an effort made to attack this country? I don’t know why I give this psychopathic misdirected woman, you ought to be there planning your father’s funeral, Liz, because I’m sure all the nation’s bigwigs, especially the Republicans are going to fall all over themselves to worship in front of his coffin. That’s what you ought to be doing instead of making your filthy, insane, gratuitous statements about what the American people expects their president or an administration to do to protect us from terrorist attack. Shame on you, Liz Cheney. Go plan your father’s funeral. Just do that. Do at least one thing in your useless life that will have some meaning. Go plan his funeral.”

Ah, not only do we get Truther implications, but also the old “wishing death upon your enemy” chestnut, a political discourse stalwart right up there with comparing your opponent to Hitler and misusing the word “Socialist.” People spend so much time complaining about the politically slanted material going out on Fox News and MSNBC that they forget that much of the really fun stuff is over on talk radio, be it conservative or liberal.

And, of course, by “really fun stuff,” I mean “stuff that makes me glad I have such a large music library on my iPod.”

Malloy has been on board for quite some time now...

Malloy is by no means the EXTREME to the communists for that angle...

Anyway, I met Malloy in NYC in 04' as he was part of AirAmericaRadio [that as it turns out was more accurately named AirIsraelRadio] and I have been PERSONALLY, quietly and continuously feeding him 9/11 stuff ever since. He now has a much better handle of what to do with all of it.

The BIG STORY... the merger of the left [the Dick Gregory types] and the right [Libertarianism-Ron Paul-We Are Changes] ...and it is a really, really good sign.

The 9/11 Truth genie is out of the bottle and will NEVER GO AWAY...sooooo,

We just have to handle it right, keep to the facts and evidence...[AND a few various theories regarding what happened at the Pentagon is best for now]...and...

Come to understand that eventually our biggest ally in our truth seeking about 9/11 will be the Muslim World.

[edit - LW]

Malloy is out there on our behalf...and he's not the only one...he's just the best one. Malloy is very special are we!

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

PS: Four of the five daytime shows on AirIsraelRadio had talent that came from my old comedy club...Catch A Rising Star in Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA. [edit - LW]

It's the evidence, stupid.

Malloy is special, indeed, and courageous.

But I wonder why he didn't back up his statements on Cheney with some of the highly incriminating evidence that we do have on the vice-president. If I was attacking a former VP with these very serious allegations in the national media, I would certainly plan to back it up immediately with the strongest evidence at my disposal. It's all about the evidence, Malloy, so next time you come out swinging (and I pray that you do Brother), don't forget to mention some of the Cheney 9/11 "coincidences":

Mineta testimony on the "young man".
Cheney's conflicting whereabouts that fateful morning.
Cheney's part in PNAC and that great idea they had about a New Pearl Harbor
Cheney's energy consortium task force and the timing there
Halliburton tentacles
motive, opportunity, evidence, it's all there,.

It's the evidence Malloy, we've got them dead to rights on evidence. Everyone is now hearing about WTC7 and the controlled demos, let's remind people about Cheney's litany of criminal coincidences.

You done good, Malloy, and now that the world is listening, you can go back and put some bite in your bark.

Dick Cheney Take Down

This video might as well have been called Dick Cheney Take Down

Mr. Hordon - speaking of talk shows . . .

I've been listening repeatedly to your interview with Bonnie Faulkner on Guns & Butter in 2007—and I have others waiting.

Along with the very generous response you gave to my recent inquiry about scrambling protocols, I have a much better grasp of this problem now.

Anyone still confused about the inter-relation between the "hijack" protocol and the "emergency" protocol, or about that June 1, 2001 order that changed the protocols (but didn't really), I highly recommend these interviews for some crucial background info.

Thanks very much!

You are more than welcome...and now I'm hot on...

...the trail of the "alleged" Peace Movements which are explained very well under the Cindy Sheehan blog and responses above.

Its a tough go in informing them that they are not only a total failure over the last fourty years, but indeed, because they have been so deeply infiltrated, the Peace Community is morphed into being another Pro-War Community.

The cointelpros are still inside and working that same old-same old tactics and telling others to dismiss the 9/11 Truth Movement.

However, the "people of peace", those who have been told to dismiss us from above, actually DO react to facts. And those who don't at this stage must be considered to be the cointelpro ops because they continue to support FAILED TACTICS.

Its THOSE people who have to be culled OUT of the Peace Community and then the "peace sneakers" [as I call the marchers etc.] will be able to deal with the facts and evidnce that we have collected.

Once that happens, then the reclamaition-reformation-reeducation of the old style peace Communities will have begun.

The 9/11TM has learned how to deal with cointelpro by acknowledging that they are amongst us, BUT, we still do what we think needs to be done...respectfully, civilliy and with an educational-informational tactic.

Here is the rule for dealing with cointelpro:

If what is being suggested goes COUNTER to your own INTELLIGENCE, savvy and objectives or goals, then do not do it! And do not waste any time trying to ID anyone as cointelpro...its both a waste of time AND a devisive activity that cointelpro WANT you to dispense and enact respectively.

This is something that the Peace Community will need to get their arms around if they wish to modernize.

Finally, just like a new investgation into the events on 9/11 will most likely come from abroad, most likely the modernization of the US based Peace Communities will also come from pressure from around the world.

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

It's true-about Mike Malloy.

I am a podcast subscriber to his show for years, and I guess you could call me a "fan". It has been a slow process but he is definitely growing in his understanding of 9/11 and although he does use passionate language and occasionally goes bongo over some issues, I am glad it is happening. He understands about JFK but is pretty weak-kneed about the Murrah Building--keeps mentioning McVeigh, but that will change too as he connects the dots. That's the process we are all going through, so I like to give him a break as a "truther" just making his way along the same path we are all on.

And we all need to stop using this left-right nonsense--it's at the heart of their divide and conquer strategy.

One human family-seeking truth.

Nothing New for Mallow's Listeners

He's been talking like this for years.
I wish other Left, Right, Center talk show hosts would speak out as well.

I do love it that we are everywhere and our numbers are rapidly growing as we use
every legal, peaceful tool available to get the TRUTH out.

Like all of us, Malloy has learned murder has been

committed in other people name.

What rational human being would NOT be angry, knowing justice is absent in America.

and a billion Muslims have been told, over and over again

during the last 9 years, that THEIR culture was part of 9/11 and it is because it is a demonic and defective culture and religion.
They need to know, and they are beginning to know, that 9/11 was a lie, and it wasn't THEIR culture that brought on this nightmare.

Malloy Rocks!

I listen to him almost every night online. He's awesome!

I just love Mike

I also noticed that he lost his job at Air America right after he interviewed Tarpley, David Ray Griffin etc. All 9/11 truthers. For some strange reason Air America shuns the truth about 9/11. I wonder why?

Well, Air America went under anyway.

But not before some important truths were broadcast over their network!

Does anyone know how

big Malloys listening audience is?

Wondering the same thing...

I've been looking but I can't find it. Arbitron does Radio Ratings.

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