Memo to Journalists: Stop Mocking The Campaign For 9/11 Truth And Accountability

I missed this bit of excellent writing a week ago, but it is definitely worth reading.  I wish all journalists would take a look at it.  Great points here.


September 20, 2010 at 18:52:14     

Memo to Journalists: Stop Mocking The Campaign For 9/11 Truth And Accountability

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Memo to Journalists: Stop Mocking The Campaign For 9/11 Truth And Accountability.



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Most of my heroes are journalists. I.F. Stone, George Orwell, and Hunter S. Thompson are among them. So, on one level, it is sad to see journalists like Robert Parry, Alexander Cockburn, and others embarrass themselves day after day by dodging the scientific facts that underlie the global public campaign to shed light on the official 9/11 lie. What's even more shameful is that the journalists who pay at least some attention to the growing phenomenon of 9/11 truth arrogantly mock the courageous truth-tellers who are part of the campaign as "conspiracy nuts" and "kooks."

On another level, however, I could care less that they continue to dismiss the obvious facts which point to a controlled demolition of all three buildings that collapsed on that day because the facts stands on their own regardless of anyone's recognition of them. The footage of Building 7 falling without zero resistance from below, and despite not getting hit with a plane, can't be erased from history. Likewise, the hypothesis that explosives caused the collapse of the three World Trade Towers by physicist Steven Jones, and the discovery of nano-thermite, which is a rare military explosive, in the WTC dust by Danish chemist Niels Harrit and a team of international scientists in Denmark, must be taken into serious consideration by anyone who cares about this world. Also, the numerous testimonies of eyewitnesses, including experienced firefighters, saying that they heard loud explosions that were distinct from the sound of a plane hitting a building, can't be shuffled away into the background of nothingness. These are facts that must be faced. They assemble a bridge to a saner, and happier reality that must be crossed.

I don't know what's behind the mental blindness that many Western journalists suffer from. Is it cowardice? Is it stupidity? Is it a false sense of superiority? Is it because they are too brainwashed to accept what are otherwise plain, and dry facts? Whatever is the cause for their mental limitations, I am sure that journalists of all political stripes will eventually break free from their government induced delusions, come around to the conclusion that 9/11 was indeed an inside job, and contribute their talents to the mighty cause of justice. I just hope that change within them takes place sooner rather than later because the number of victims in the wars that were launched after 9/11 increases every day. And every death is a tragedy because it could have been prevented if the lie was exposed earlier by journalists.

A big reason why many people in the West still believe in the 9/11 lie is because we haven't suffered the horrific effects of the lie, unlike the people in the Muslim world, especially in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. We don't experience violence and mayhem daily. We are sheltered in our homes, and sheltered by the corporate, and alternative media from the deadly effects of the lie. We are pampered babies, sucking on the media/government tit. But the Iraqi people are different because they know different. They see the face of terror everyday, and it's not the wrinkly face of Osama Bin Laden; it's the innocent-looking face of a young kid from Idaho, or Alaska.

And I am not exaggerating when I say that they bear witness to terror every single day. On Sunday, September 19, 2010, the lives of another fifty-six people were wasted in Iraq. Their deaths can be directly traced to the big lie that the Bush administration told the world in the morning of September 11. If stopping the murder of innocent human beings is important to you, so should the truth.

The truth was important to the late Bill Christison, a 28-year CIA analyst, and former director of the CIA's Office of Regional and Political Analysis. In August 2006, he wrote an article called "Stop Belittling the Theories About September 11," stating the reasons why he stopped believing in the official story. Christison:

"Let-s address the real issues here. Why is it important that we not let the so-called conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 be drowned out? After spending the better part of the last five years treating these theories with utmost skepticism, I have devoted serious time to actually studying them in recent months, and have also carefully watched several videos that are available on the subject. I have come to believe that significant parts of the 9/11 theories are true, and that therefore significant parts of the -official story- put out by the U.S. government and the 9/11 Commission are false. I now think there is persuasive evidence that the events of September did not unfold as the Bush administration and the 9/11 Commission would have us believe."

It is easy to misinterpret people's fanaticism in the campaign for 9/11 truth and accountability as disturbing "cult" behavior that stems from backward, conspiratorial views about the world. It is much harder to give them credit.

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If the 9/11 truth movement was a cult, then why would a veteran CIA analyst like Bill Christison join such a movement? He was completely sure that what he was told by his government was untrue. Was he also deluded? That's what the uncritical person would say. But such outdated stereotypes got old quick. Only cowards, and liars still repeat them.

No doubt there are wacky conspiracy theories out there, but a truthful and courageous reporter can use his critical mind to separate real, and explainable theories, from unreal, and looney theories. All it takes is a little effort, and some humility to admit one's prior failure to see what what was obvious to others.

I woke up in 2004, when the lies about WMDs were getting mainstream attention, so what ultimately convinced me that the Bush administration told a total lie about the 9/11 attacks was its pattern of lying, and concealment, as well as its use of false intelligence to sell the Iraq War.

British author John le Carré touched on the national insanity in America two months before the war started, writing in an article called "The United States of America has gone mad":

"How Bush and his junta succeeded in deflecting America's anger from bin Laden to Saddam Hussein is one of the great public relations conjuring tricks of history. But they swung it. A recent poll tells us that one in two Americans now believe Saddam was responsible for the attack on the World Trade Centre. But the American public is not merely being misled. It is being browbeaten and kept in a state of ignorance and fear."

Nothing has changed in the mainstream discourse in seven years. The American media is contaminated with stupidity, and traitorous spies, and it's tough to tell one from the other. Investigative journalist Robert Parry recently trashed the campaign for 9/11 truth and accountability, saying:

"The "truthers" even recycled many of the Right's sophistry techniques, such as using long lists of supposed evidence to overcome the lack of any real evidence. These sleight-of-hand techniques obscured the glaring fact that not a single witness has emerged to describe the alleged "inside job," either the supposed "controlled demolition" of the Twin Towers or the alleged "missile" attack on the Pentagon."

Parry conveniently omits the collapse of building 7 in his attack, but it is normal for people to be ignorance about building 7 after all these years, so I'll let that pass. I'll only ask: Doesn't he have the curiosity to watch the tape of a building that collapsed into dust on the most important day in our lifetime?

What bothers me most is that Parry naively assumes that a government insider will just come out one day on his own accord , and spill the beans to the world about the 9/11 cover-up. Is he stuck in third grade? Is he a child? Surely he knows that Congress can keep secrets, large secrets, and that it can also be held in check through the suppression of information.

It is rare for individuals who are even partially involved in a criminal conspiracy to have a change of heart, and suddenly work for the force of good. Such individuals are not motivated by their conscience to speak out in public, they have to protect themselves and their families' well-being, and speaking out is a dangerous thing. What will pull insiders/government witnesses to the light, what will make them step forward and reveal their knowledge, is if a new criminal commission plays to their self-interest, and makes legal guarantees to them that they won't be convicted for their involvement in any crime that was committed by the government. Also, there are very few, high-level individuals who can fully describe how the 9/11 attacks were prepared and executed behind the scenes, and they will never face the public unless they are forced to.

We decide on what kind of justice we want. I think low-level conspirators should be let off the hook if that will ensure confidence in them to step forward and help the public understand the truth. Ending the illegal wars and ending the mass carnage is what is important and necessary, not the execution every single individual who was involved in some way in the attacks. I believe the death penalty should be reserved for the highest criminals and conspirators, which means that a lot of people will go unpunished. And so it must be. Nothing in this world can be achieved without compromise, not even justice. So we must set our priorities straight. What is important is peace in the Middle East.

This age of government terror, and reckless extremism will only end if we are honest enough to be open to all the facts, smart enough to see what can be done about them, practical enough to achieve what must be done, and willing to compromise in the interest of a just, and peaceful world.

"The towers are gone now, reduced to bloody rubble, along with all hopes for Peace in Our Time, in the United States or any other country. Make no mistake about it: We are At War now--with somebody--and we will stay At War with that mysterious Enemy for the rest of our lives." - Hunter S. Thompson, September 12, 2001.