Wall Street Journal: Doing all it can to contain the 9/11 Truth Movement

This article is important not because it is so well thought out, but because it is found in the Wall Street Journal, a very respected and widely circulated newspaper.  It is owned by Ruppert Murdoch, the owner of Fox.  Ruppert is apparently doing all he can to contain the growing 9/11 Truth Movement.  As usual, there is no attempt to prove in any way that the evidence provided by the Truthers is unreliable or false.  Instead, just insults are hurled against them.  Hopefully the readers of the WSJ will begin to see how empty these attacks are. 

The Wall Street Journal

SEPTEMBER 28, 2010

What Ahmadinejad Knows

Iran's president appeals to 9/11 Truthers.

Let's put a few facts on the table.

• The recent floods in Pakistan are acts neither of God nor of nature. Rather, they are the result of a secret U.S. military project called HAARP, based out of Fairbanks, Alaska, which controls the weather by sending electromagnetic waves into the upper atmosphere. HAARP may also be responsible for the recent spate of tsunamis and earthquakes.

• Not only did the U.S. invade Iraq for its oil, but also to harvest the organs of dead Iraqis, in which it does a thriving trade.

• Faisal Shahzad was not the perpetrator of the May 1 Times Square bombing, notwithstanding his own guilty plea. Rather, the bombing was orchestrated by an American think tank, though its exact identity has yet to be established.

• Oh, and 9/11 was an inside job. Just ask Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The U.S. and its European allies were quick to walk out on the Iranian president after he mounted the podium at the U.N. last week to air his three "theories" on the attacks, each a conspiratorial shade of the other. But somebody should give him his due: He is a provocateur with a purpose. Like any expert manipulator, he knew exactly what he was doing when he pushed those most sensitive of buttons.

He knew, for


instance, that the Obama administration and its allies are desperate to resume negotiations over Iran's nuclear programs. What better way to set the diplomatic mood than to spit in their eye when, as he sees it, they are already coming to him on bended knee?

He also knew that the more outrageous his remarks, the more grateful the West would be for whatever crumbs of reasonableness Iran might scatter on the table. This is what foreign ministers are for.

Associated Press

Iran's president appeals to 9/11 Truthers.


Finally, he knew that the Muslim world would be paying attention to his speech. That's a world in which his view of 9/11 isn't on the fringe but in the mainstream. Crackpots the world over—some of whom are reading this column now—want a voice. Ahmadinejad's speech was a bid to become theirs.

This is the ideological component of Ahmadinejad's grand strategy: To overcome the limitations imposed on Iran by its culture, geography, religion and sect, he seeks to become the champion of radical anti-Americans everywhere. That's why so much of his speech last week was devoted to denouncing capitalism, the hardy perennial of the anti-American playbook. But that playbook needs an update, which is where 9/11 "Truth" fits in.


Could it work? Like any politician, Ahmadinejad knows his demographic. The University of Maryland's World Public Opinion surveys have found that just 2% of Pakistanis believe al Qaeda perpetrated the attacks, whereas 27% believe it was the U.S. government. (Most respondents say they don't know.)

Among Egyptians, 43% say Israel is the culprit, while another 12% blame the U.S. Just 16% of Egyptians think al Qaeda did it. In Turkey, opinion is evenly split: 39% blame al Qaeda, another 39% blame the U.S. or Israel. Even in Europe, Ahmadinejad has his corner. Fifteen percent of Italians and 23% of Germans finger the U.S. for the attacks.

Deeper than the polling data are the circumstances from which they arise. There's always the temptation to argue that the problem is lack of education, which on the margins might be true. But the conspiracy theories cited earlier are retailed throughout the Muslim world by its most literate classes, journalists in particular. Irrationalism is not solely, or even mainly, the province of the illiterate.

Nor is it especially persuasive to suggest that the Muslim world needs more abundant proofs of American goodwill: The HAARP fantasy, for example, is being peddled at precisely the moment when Pakistanis are being fed and airlifted to safety by U.S. Marine helicopters operating off the USS Peleliu.

What Ahmadinejad knows is that there will always be a political place for what Michel Foucault called "the sovereign enterprise of Unreason." This is an enterprise whose domain encompasses the politics of identity, of religious zeal, of race or class or national resentment, of victimization, of cheek and self-assertion. It is the politics that uses conspiracy theory not just because it sells, which it surely does, or because it manipulates and controls, which it does also, but because it offends. It is politics as a revolt against empiricism, logic, utility, pragmatism. It is the proverbial rage against the machine.

Chances are you know people to whom this kind of politics appeals in some way, large or small. They are Ahmadinejad's constituency. They may be irrational; he isn't crazy.

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9/11 was an inside job... is that All they have?

...just ask Ahmanjeed.

they blow on about Haarp, the trade in dead iraqis organs???

No mention of explosives, thermite, freefall....

They certainly are in defensive mode now....

How weak.

Unfortunately this type of peer pressure works on most, I have seen it in forums where 9/11 is discussed. When cornered by facts they simply say "tin foil hatter' or similar, then the onslaught of insults flow, just like the alpha wolf taking a bite once the pack has made the kill, or the remainer of the street gang putting the boot in once thier victim is on the ground and in the foetal position...

The remiander will follow the dominant, we need a way of cornering these doninant into silence, making them feel stupid by anticipating their reactions making them feel predictable, nobody likes to be predictable.

This article is predictable.

"Truther" sounds like

"Truther" sounds like "Birther". I am not a "Truther" I am a member of the 9/11 Truth Movement.
"Truther" is "their" term, not ours. Jrefers use the slang for "Truther"..."Troofer"....now, do you get the point?

I don't like "truther" either

but I've found myself using it and I always wince when it comes out.

"9/11 Conspiracy Analyst"

We call ourselves TRUTHERS for a reason.

It's quite liberating to embrace the name, wear it proudly.

As peacefulwarrior reminded us "We call ourselves Truthers for a reason."

Don't let anyone turn this beautiful word into a pejorative. Use it as a turnaround: "Damned straight I'm a truther, and here's what's true ... (insert evidence).

To be a 9/11 Truther is to be part of the only relevant political movement around.

"Truther" sounds like "Veggies"

both sound corny

I'm fine with TRUTH MOVEMENT

9/11 Conspiracy Analyst!

you're right: Truthers are like veggies

They're both good for you.

I'm telling you Joe, it's like akido, using the opponent's own momentum against him.

The term Truther is not going away; you can cringe at every hearing of it, or you can take it for a spin on the dancefloor.

I am a proud member of the international 9/11 truth movement,

I don't mind when people use the term "truther" with affection and or respect, but when folks hurl it at me as if it were an insult, I have been known to reply, " yes, I am a truther, why, are you a liar?" That usually shuts them up and if it doesn't WTC 7 or Ali Mohamed will pretty quick.

I am of the opinion that "birther" has generated as much ink and derision as it has as one way of trying to slow down the growth of the truth movement by way of muddying the waters and giving those in denial an easy out through reinforcing social stigma.

That said, while I would prefer that people understand that I studied international relations and economics in university and bring a very scientific and academic approach to my lifelong study of what we now call "State Crimes Against Democracy" and I prefer to refer to myself as an analyst of deep politics or a conspiracy analyst, I am quite happy to wear the badge of a truther and mix it up with all comers out in the street, peacefully of course.

As for the Jrefers, the less said about that pack of juvenile jackals the better. They only discredit themselves with their lame labels and blindingly intellectual dishonesty, so I would not worry about them at all (although opposition research is never a bad thing).

Call me a truther or anything you want, just don't call me late for the real investigation (when we finally get it). I want a front row seat!

Cheers, brothers and sisters, remember that names will never hurt us ...(some names may slow us down a bit, but that's another story)

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Spitting in the wind

This guy is spitting in the wind. The tide is turning. Who would have ever believed that 9-11 truth and the need for a new investigation of 9-11 would be preached from the pulpit of the UN. And the remaining 3/4ths of the world applauded Mr. A. for what he said. The genie is more out of the bottle than ever before, and articles like this that would seek to put it back in are fighting a lost battle. And yes, Mr. Murdoch, who travels in the highest circles of society, may indeed have had an inside line on the events of 9-11 as they unfolded.


Thanks for including the email address of the author. It's great when those who post these stories go the extra mile to provide contact info. I just sent him this email:

Mr. Stephens

I just read your analysis of Ahmadinejad's speech at the UN. How dare you call me a crackpot. Get real. There is a plethora of highly credible, extremely intelligent people who question the veracity of the government's version of 9/11.

I appreciate your take on the political spin of Ahmadinejad's remarks, and I might even agree on the political import and motivation behind those remarks. But that doesn't necessarily explain the reasoning behind his conclusions or skepticism, but merely the timing of his disclosure.

Might I suggest that you examine and include the opinions of those who have far more credibility than yourself regarding the problems with the official 9/11 narrative the next time you are so inclined to dismiss those of us with genuine concerns about the rationale for endless global war and the US posture toward "terrorism" -- real, imagined or contrived.

You might start with someone who's prose once graced the pages of the WSJ.


So close to the forest that we can't see the...


Here is my view about the timing of "Truthiness"...

NOBODY was asking for the TRUTH before the 9/11Truth Movement came into being by ASKING about the most incredible LIES ever perpetrated upon the USofA and the World. Lies which were spun by the most LYING, DECEITFUL, CRIMINAL, MANIPULATIVE and CONTROLLING Administration that has ever occupied the White House.

Remember the "Stenographers for the White House?"

Now, there are so many elements within our society that are demanding truthful answers that its amazing.

CREDS to Mike Malloy: Mike has been using "Truthseekers" on his radio broadcasts for years and certainly set the stage for what's happening right now...but not as a movement.

So, when someone else tries to take the credit for being the first "truthers"...NYET...its was the early and succeeding 9/11 Truthers who will forever hold that distinction...and THAT'S THE TRUTH!

Other than fathering and raising my kids, being a TRUTHER is the proudest accomplishment in my entire life.

I'm a TRUTHER and I'm stickin with it!

And when I die, the daisies that I push up will spell the words TRUTH SEEKER on their petals.

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

Geeze Brett

even i didn't know about the organ sales. I thought only china did that, I guess you can lean something new everyday. Wow only 2% of Pakistani's believe Osama did 911, now how would they know that? They must be well informed and close to the source I would say. Sounds like that country is wide awake eh? Must be you have to get up early in the morning to avoid those drone attacks. Hey don't forget to say hello to boys down at the agency for us.