The Truth About Terrorism - James Corbett

The Truth About Terrorism - James Corbett

*hat tip to Lullaby Academy for bringing this to our attention.

someone please send copies to:

Keith Oberman
Rachel Maddow
Amy Goodman

To show how it's really done!

Great work JC- you're a hero ! Thanks!

James Corbett on Project Censored Sept 26th

"Axlerod Targeted by Muslims.."

Here's today's attempt at state-sponsored fearmongering. This is more bullshit concocted to scare the public into embracing the WOT and official 9/11 lie. David Axlerod is White House Senior Advisor and part of Obama's inner circle (Obama's Karl Rove).

David Axlerod, Hillary Clinton and the entire Military-Industrial-Media-Terror complex are ramping up their message because they fear truth. They are starting to double down.