Dick Gregory : Opening remarks at "How The World Changed After 9/11" - (First Half Only)

I see Schoenman

sitting there waiting to speak. I´d sure like to hear that one also.

I'll ditto that!

Always good to hear from Ralph Schoenman. Maybe it'll be on his radio program. See http://www.takingaimradio.com/shows/audio.html .

Thanks for the link to Taking Aim


Another link

Sometimes it takes a few weeks for his and Mya's shows to show up there. You can always find the most recent at http://archive.wbai.org/ and scrolling to Taking Aim's time and date, Tuesdays at 5 pm. Also, I just realized that by clicking on the "All" link there you can get to downloads for what looks like the last 90 days. I usually download from the wbai archive page because they are more current and I think they may be a little higher quality audio than the takingaim page. (Not sure about that.)

You gotta love this guy!

He gave a speech I was at in 1975 and tried to open our eyes back then, I missed most of what he was really talking about but I never really forgot his words. The point he makes about 911 and how the planning included the numbers not the date etc was brilliantly observed and I shudder to think of the evil bastards we are really up against.